A Review and gathering my personal thoughts opinions on David Seymour’s book and beyond..

ACT Party Leader David Seymour Author of ‘Own Your Own Future’ A Liberal Vision for New Zealand 2017. Published by the ACT Party

Page 30 ‘Smart Growth’ and ‘New Urbanization’ also ‘Urban Containment’, he described these as the most destructive policies of the generations. Saying “We have managed to create an adsorb situation where New Zealand, a country that is 0.8% developed by area , has a shortage of urban land. The most obvious is Auckland Metropolitan Urban Limit. Auckland region is 1.2 million acres and is forecast to have one million more people  in the next 30 years. Even if they lived an  ¼ acre sections with 2.5 people per house it would still only require 10% of the regions land. The so called ‘land shortage’ is as artificial as an invisible line on a map” Seymour wrote.

Reading Seymour’s book I felt the need to further research what he had described as being the most destructive policy of the generations. This ‘Smart Growth’ the ‘New Urbanization and the ‘Urban Containment’. The ‘New Urbanization’ is  described as being ‘critical’ to localize  the Global Agenda 2030 so called Global development Goals (SDGs). Global Agenda 2030 The Decade of Action 2019-2030 Leave No-One Behind, Every-one, Everywhere, At Every Age.  Hence leave no-one behind, here we have the Marxist Political Inclusion (the Belonging). The Diversity Inclusion which is CRT (Critical Race Theory) other examples can be used ‘Climate Alarmism vs Climate Skeptics and Gender Ideology vs Sexual Biology. (All are Oppressed vs Oppression- Victimhood). DEI – Diversity Equity and Inclusion Iniatives have advanced worldwide in Businesses, NGO’s, Corporations, Universities, Schools, Local and Central Government and even in the military. NZ Defense Force won an award at the Hague for being the most Diversity, Inclusive Military in the World.

DEI Diversity Equity Inclusion,  CRT Critical Race Theory, Critical Theory have become deeply embedded into the UN Global Goals. If anyone, group refuses to go along with the narrative, then they become outlawed, cancelled out, humiliated, told they are racist, white supremacist. The older style Marxism has redesigned itself into something that appears to be warm and fuzzy with good intention but just under the surface there is something much darker and sinister. The Posy Parker Event in Auckland was a good example of this where a older woman was severely hurt, trans implemented a mob attack on innocent peoples. Complaining to nearby police officers who saw what was happening, and the attack on me when demanding I want several of them charged they responded “Oh, you must understand they are passionate about what they believe in” I replied “and so are murderers and rapists” One of the police officers wore a rainbow bracelet. They did nothing, they watched on as the mob became more aggressive. That is a great example of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.. Mob Rule Cancel Culture, cancel everyone else out so they have control, rule the nest so to speak.  So for Auckland Council and their Drag Queens in Libraries again Diversity Equity and Inclusion. If you protest, you speak up publicly the police will cancel you out, and you will become target number one. (All part of the Global Agenda the Decade of Action to leave no-one behind hence to critically accelerate the much ‘Smarter City Growth’.

Seymour in his 2017 book mentions ‘Unban Containment’ this promotes the intensity of those pack and stack so called homes in urban/city areas. The reason, allegation they use is that there is a shortage of land, obviously that’s not true from Seymour’s description of land in the Auckland Region. At a UN Conference on Housing and Sustainable Development in Ecuador 20th October 2016  they introduced ‘Human Habit 3-Human Settlements’ in Cities across the world. This was endorsed in the UN General Assembly on 23rd December 2026 UN Habitat 3 For Human Settlements Globally. The Urban Containment Policy focuses on public infrastructure investment, land use and development regulations. Limiting the sprawl of the now already new smart city growth. This is the infill of infrastructure that has already been built. The Social political structure of no cars, electric vehicles, e scooters, walking and cycling. Auckland Council 10 year plan more cycleways, more electric buses and central government 10,000 electric car charging stations across New Zealand. (Partnership with BlackRock largest Asset manager in the world influential member of WEF) This includes controlling of peoples lives by sensors to monitor many things and all peoples. Human being becoming lab rats

Smart City Surveillance Systems monitor cities through tragically placed sensors in and around the urban/city landscape, which collect data in regards to different various factors. This is mass surveillance of an ever increasing population in a Urbanized Containment Area. Auckland Council documented their Vision as being the largest smartest living city in the world, (Auckland Council Conversations). A Smart City with Smart Sensors. E Scooters are not so smart and not so safe either:- SpinOff News 8/3/2o24 reported that a substantial number of pedestrians were stressed and are being caused anxieties through E Scooters on pathways. ACC reported that between 2018-2022 there were 10,000 ACC E Scooter Claims  for injuries worth $30 million .

UN have documented that Indigenous People (Coined phrase for Iwi/Hapu/Maori) are at the centre. Mana Whenua partnership, participation, decision making at all levels of Co Governance with Auckland Council. Namely ‘A Vision for Hapu/Iwi Outcomes where Indigenous Peoples have the ability to implement their right and interests. Iwi/Hapu Tribal Groups have Rights to Auckland Region (Auckland Council Conversation). The Iwi/Hapu that co govern Auckland Region with Auckland Council  are made up of 19 Iwi Tribal authorities which are part of the Iwi Authority over the Auckland Region. They must be consulted before Resource Consent is granted.

The coined term ‘Indigenous People’ first arrived in Auckland in 1971 when George Manuel of the Canadian Indian Brotherhood visited NZ and met with Maori politicians. Manuel then went on to the Australian Northern Territories where he met with aboriginal students at a University. Manuel then became the UN President of the World Indigenous Council. He was a key person who helped draft the 2007 UNDRIP. 1990 Moana Jackson had a seat at the UN as to helping to draft the UN Declaration for the Rights of Indigenous People.

The Global Agenda 2030 (UN) Indigenous Peoples engagement towards the global development goals (SDGs) (UN RES/70/1) mentions Indigenous Peoples six times, Three times in the political declaration and education. (Universal 2030 Education UNESCO and WHO). Indigenous Peoples (UN) refers to Funding opportunities the Decade of Indigenous People and Participation of Indigenous Peoples. DEI an Indigenous Approach to enrich Hapu/Iwi (Auckland Council) Iwi/Hapu knowledge, benefits, opportunities, employment and business. (Critical race Theory, Identity Politics). CRT – Critical Race Theory has helped to spawn totalitarian ideology, Marxism, communism and Nazism and is evident in the era of Mao Zedong. Oppressor vs Oppressed .

No we have the worldwide targeting, attacking of everything that represents westernization, the character assassination of whiteness, as white supremacist, racist this is called Cancel Culture, they want to cancel you out, make you look to blame and to feel the shame. Its happening worldwide even in our children’s schools.  The debunking of the truth where they tell children they can be any thing they want to be, any gender of approx.,  a 100 or more, they can even be a cat or dog if they want. Again this all boils down to this DEI, Critical Theory and a false reality. This has psychological effects on the child and the child’s parents, family causes this Oppressor vs Oppressed (Victimhood)

All the above as I have described is embedded in the Destructive Policy of Smart Growth, Urbanized Containment,  New Urbanization. David Seymour of course steers clear of the Global Agenda, the DEI Diversity Equity  Inclusion  and the CRT and CT Critical Race Theory, and Critical Theory all of which are extremely dangerous, cause huge breakdowns within society, but then again you will not hear any of the other authorities members of Auckland Council or the Mayor, not the new three party coalition talk about all I have described.  But in 2017 Seymour in his book just dipped his little toes into the water as he very quickly mentioned New Zealand most destructive Policy of the generations.

Smart Cities, initially hailed as the epitome of technological advancement, may hold a darker truth. Are we unwittingly surrendering our rights, becoming prisoners in a digital realm controlled by councils and the World Economic Forum (WEF)? The stark reality is that ALL COUNCILS are deeply entrenched in the Smart City program (A reference made to a Counterspin Episode)

Aucklanders will pay big time for a very long time. Local – Central Government of course will not publicly debate this to the citizens of NZ, as we are living in what you call a ‘Cancel Culture’. New Zealanders discussing this in public will be cancelled out…after all this is another one of those ‘Truth Bombs’



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