David Seymour ACT Party leader tippy toeing around the most important information within the content of his book

David Seymour authored a book in 2017 it was published by the ACT Party as he highlights on page 30 of his book ‘the most destructive policies of the generations’.  He describes this as  “we have managed to create an absurd situation in New Zealand. Sadly I say it is clearly evident that what we see now as absurd destructive policies of the generations is the Global Decade of Action implemented by the UN and UN Nation States accompanied by the World Economic Forum implemented locally in New Zealand. Auckland Council vision to be the largest smart livable city worldwide. Mass migration (Climate migration) through Auckland Council collaboration with the Global Mayors Migration taskforce (C40)

Seymour further states that “we have managed to create an absurd situation where NZ  has a 0.8% developed  area, now has a shortage of urban land. The most obvious example of this is Auckland Metropolitan area which is said to increase to another one million in the next 30 years. Auckland region is 1.2 million acres and even if each house has a 2.5 people living in it and each house was on a ¼ acre section then on 10% of the land development would be used up. He stated that “the land shortage is artificial, its like an invisible line on a map”

The Urban/City UN Human Habitat 3 Settlements globally are the every increasing critical weapon to advance the so called Smart Growth Environment. The Urban Containment. Build Up with intensity and diversity all inclusive, an inclusive mass surveillance system to monitor all citizens.

SDG 11 Global Agenda 2030 Make Cities Inclusive,  transformative high impact cities (Human Settlements). Less open spaces, worsening segregation all dependent on Social, Environmental Governance. Controlling peoples lives. Global Agenda 2030 Indigenous Peoples (Maori). A strong engagement with Indigenous Peoples (UN RES/70/1) mentions Indigenous Peoples six times. The Decade of Indigenous People (UN) with funding opportunities, Un country decision making, partnerships with local governments (Councils)

The Indigenous Peoples Approach is DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) Enriching Hapu/Iwi through using CRT Critical Race Theory. An ideology of totalitarianism, tyranny. Oppressed vs Oppressed and victimhood.  Attack, dismantle westernization, whiteness, Christianity, family, traditions (Tribal Feudalism) Cultural Political Marxism. . Its clear to see the resemblance of this ideological tyranny of human rights in the era of Chair Mao Ze Dong, in Communism and Nazism.

Mana Whenua participation at all levels of Local Government (Auckland Council) and other Councils in NZ.

Auckland Council Cultural Marxist, Critical Race Theory, Identity Politics DEI (Diversity Equity Inclusion) Initiatives. Political Marxist ideology. Smart Growth includes Diversity nationwide. Smart Cities, initially hailed as the epitome of technological advancement, may hold a darker truth. Are we unwittingly surrendering our rights, becoming prisoners in a digital realm controlled by councils and the World Economic Forum (WEF)? The stark reality is that ALL COUNCILS are deeply entrenched in the Smart City program (A reference made to a Counterspin Episode)

Auckland City a C40 City collaboration with the Global Mayors Migration Council. As we see mass migration causing havoc in Europe, Ireland, England and now Australia is talking about this in the Senate. New Zealand huge increase in approvals for residential, visitor, work, residence visa’s. Migration officers leave their employment because they were ordered to ignore criminal convictions, do not further investigate, turn a blind eye and ignore, accept as many of these migrant visa’s as quickly as possible. When Migration officers complained, nothing happened, so they left their jobs and then reported this to RNZ, so the public would know what is happening. (3/9/2023 RNZ Behind the scenes get as many approvals through as quickly as possible) 1Stats NZ provisional estimate 34,000 migrants, some estimates are larger, however Stats NZ is only provisional stat estimates. RNZ reports that Auckland population growth may  increase to 2 million by 2030 (31/3/2021). However we are now at the largest annual increase since the 1960’s.

This is yet another Truth Bomb that Local- Central Government will not make into a public debate.

Aucklanders will pay big time for a very long time. Local – Central Government of course will not publicly debate this to the citizens of NZ, as we are living in what you call a ‘Cancel Culture’. New Zealanders discussing this in public will be cancelled out…after all this is another one of those ‘Truth Bombs’

All above are embedded in the most destructive policy of the NZ generation, but of course David Seymour has only dipped his tippy toe in the water and quickly withdraw it hoping it won’t be noticed.


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