Debate on extending the term in Parliament has been rejected twice already. The so called Independent Electoral Review has proposed a referendum on extending the term of Parliament from 3 to 4 yrs, two past referendums rejected this proposal so why another one. The previous polls in 1967 and 1990 were both defeated by more than 2/3rds. With the levels of distrust in this non transparent government why on earth should we give them another year to further plunder NZ?

This is the review stage, public consultation is open until 17th July 2023 and a final report goes to the government in November this year after the general election. How much clout do the people have as far as referendums are concerned in NZ if the people of NZ wanted to hold a referendum on this instead of the Government and the result concluded 2/3s opposed the extension of the parliamentary term  from 3 to 4 yrs. Citizens Initiated Referendums are Non Binding therefore it’s the govt that has the end decision making rights to make that decision not the people – citizens of NZ. Parliament could just not have a referendum and pass an amendment to the Electoral Act that requires 75% majority of the House. David Seymore quickly rubbished the whole electoral review. He said “It’s a waste of time and a major left wing beat up and does not solve a single problem that’s NZrs face.

The review in question recommend eliminating the ‘coat-tailing’ rule. Allowing a party that wins at lease one electorate seat to bring more MPs into the House, even if the party vote is below 5% threshold. ACT for instance in 2008  received just 3.65% of the party vote but took 5 seats on the back of winning the Epsom electorate. The eligible electoral voting public of New Zealand are not taken into consideration at all. The we have that very famous Left wing Build Back Budget of Grant Robertson with NZ Happiness Indicators introduced by Ardern to replace the prior GDP (Gross Domestic Product).  The Happiness Indicators one cannot even measure a  persons happiness so how can they possibly measure a countries happiness.

12th November 2022 RNZ reported PM Jacinda Ardern said that legislation will be drafted for making the voting age 16 years old. 6th June 2023 RNZ reported the Electoral Review recommends voting age lowered to 16, party threshold to 3.5%. An independent panel of experts are considering public submissions on the extended Parliamentary term of 3 to 4 years and lowering the age to vote to 16years. 58 public meeting have reported to have been held and more than 1700 submissions is now reported and a swathe of draft recommendations, they say to make electoral laws fairer.

The Draft Recommendations are:- (1) Lowering the voting age for general elections to 16, extending overseas voting rules (2) Extending the voting rights to all prisoners, not just those sentenced to 3 or 4years jail term (3) Holding a referendum on extending the Parliamentary Term from 3 to 4 years (4) lowering the party vote threshold from 5 to 3.5%, abolishing the ‘coat and tail rule’.(5) Restricting political donations to registered voters, rather than organization, capping them at $30,000 to each party and its candidates per electoral cycle whilst reducing the amount that can be anonymously donated. (6) Re-writing the Electoral Act to modernise its language  (7) Requiring the Electoral Commission to give effect the Treaty Of Waitangi and (8) MMP

The Panel chairwoman is Deborah Hart. The Independent Electoral Review was established by the Minister of Justice Andrew Little. Deborah Hart is a highly experienced Director Lawyer and CEO. The other members of the Review Panel are Maori Academic and Political Commentator Dr. Maria Bargh, electoral law experty Prof Andrew Geddis, law student Alice Mander former Chief Electoral Officer Robert Peden, lecturer and NZ Election Study co lead Dr Lara Greaves

NOTE: These are non-elected individuals that are key people whom are making proposals as to how NZ Elections are to be, that affect every New Zealander, man woman and child. The people never elected them in to direct our country in the way elections are held in NZ. Faafoi also announced in the House that consultation included other groups such as Maori Organizations, Youth Organization, Universities and the NZ Law Society. Thus calling this a broad public, cross party support. This did not fit the term “ Broad public consultation with the people of NZ, in fact this left out probably 4 ½ million people from even being consulted

(2)Lowering the voting age to 16 should cause many voting public concern. How young is too young? Green Party are definitely for it as is Labour however they masked this by requesting a Review Panel, not wanting the public to see this as their decision.

Just because 16year olds can leave school and obtain a drivers licence does that give them the right to be part of the electoral voting in our country? How much real world experience do they have, are they still hanging onto mum and dads coat tails?  Yes there maybe a very small amount of 16 year olds that maybe interested but is that enough to lower the voting age. If the Govt holds a referendum will this be binding on the govt or non binding.? Do the voting eligible citizens of NZ actually have a ‘end decision making right? For example a 16 yr old may understand the road code but does he or she understand how families, the elderly employers, employers are effected by govt policies. ??? Its important to protect the majority of the public in New Zealand, not promoting 16 year olds that have no idea what its like to survive in this day and age.

Young people, students are the political football, a NZ Government that focuses on gender and sexuality, that now talks about requiring students to have digital licenses to protect them from online dangers. The Government is the Only Source Of Truth’ indoctrination. The Govt want this ‘Govt Only Source Of Truth’ to be the young 16year old voters to be determiners where our country is heading. Those that are taught in school to be good Global Citizens not good New Zealand Citizens, these are NZ’s very own ‘Global Shapers’ that advocate for the WEF, because that’s what they, without realising the dangers of this, or even consciously knowing it, are being manipulated, brainwashed to do.

NZ Government ‘build back better’ the Klaus Schwab’s ‘Global Redesign’ Initiative-UN Agenda 2030 SDGs-169 Targets of rebuilding institutions, education. The Global Governance. The Action Campaign for Education for ALL the Worlds children (June 23rd 2010) . Global Education Monitoring Report 2020- Choice for children and Inclusion.

Instead of lowering the voting age of 16years old shouldn’t the govt be seriously looking at the significant rise in youth crime. EG Two teenagers slitting a drivers throat murdering him in Westhaven whilst horrified people looked on in shock. Big increases in Youth Crime. Yet the stats will tell you Youth Crime has dropped. Scoop NZ reported 20th March 2023 ‘Labours lack of leadership ‘crime rate surge’  More NZrs are victims of crime, police spokesman said (Mark Mitchell). Victimization increased from 2017 – 241,000 to 2022 to over 350,000 victims a 46% increase.

Serious Assaults causing injury sky rocking from 9,800 in 2017 to 23,000 in 2021. 140% increase.  The increasing in ram-raids 886 incidents in 2022, one every 10 hrs. 551% increase since 2018. All Labour has done is decrease the prison population by 30%, repealing the 3 strikes law designed to deter repeat offenders. As the country had his 4th Police Minister in 12 months. And Labour, Greens support the lowering of the voting age. National oppose it at this stage and Act opposes it at National Level BUT would let MPs vote how they want on local government voting. Winston Peters had his say on One News saying the recommended electoral changes are disastrous (6/6/2023). Will lead to instability. Peters said “HAVE YOU BEEN IN THE CRIMINAL COURT LATELY?” Young minds are not fully developed

It’s been reported there is evidence that suggests young brains are still undergoing development well into a persons 20’s, not fully mature until 25yrs, not 18years old as it would apply. Neurological development is not directly proportionate to cognitive maturity, this is very complicated. But what will come next, will it be that old farts can’t vote. But then majority of us have been through massive amount of experiences, knowledge, life skills, and know about how to survive even in times of crisis we are well past hanging onto parents coat tails.   LOL So I suggest us older people have special favoured votes, and we don’t have 16 year olds voting in general elections at all. We’ll call it ‘The Great Reset’ and ‘Back to Normal’ LOL



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