Byron C Clark’s recently authored book titled FEAR ‘The NZ Hostile Underworld of Extremists’. Content includes names we probably all know -Groundswell- Howl of The Protest-Brice Mckenzie, The Agriculture Action Group, Vinny Eastwood, Lee Williams, Brian and Hannah Tamaki, Counterspin, Voices For Freedom, Carol Sakey other individuals and Freedoms Groups. All labeled as New Zealand’s hostile underworld extremists’. And that’s not the end of it, he also gives seminars at Massey University on Misinformation, Disinformation referring to ‘Alt-right’ in NZ society. Clark’s seminars focus on university students and staff. Clark has been a writer for Fightback (Socialist Marxist publication, Overland and David Farriers Webworm. He describes his activism as forms of video with humorous  and educational content’. The Massey University seminar theme ‘Who-why and where to from now?’ Clarks seminars are organized by Roger McEwan of Massey University.

Byron Clark’s Massey University ‘CARE ACTIVIST IN RESIDENT’ Anti-Racism Intervention with Byron Clark, 18th-22nd October 2021 covering Digital Hate in Aotearoa’, livestreaming countering online Hate and Misinformation., holding workshops, social media platforms, utilizing institutions and discussion on radicalization and de-radicalization. RNZ interview Byron Clark 4/2/2023 a discussion on Clark’s book ‘FEAR’. Clark said he had been criticized as being Far Left, he said “he does no reject the label”. Hence self – admittance he is ‘Far Left”. Stuff News article ‘Alt-right and conspiracy has grown out of the shadows (15/5/2022) again refers to Roger McEwan Massey Senior lecturer. Roger McEwan interviews Byron Clark on the ‘occupation of Parliaments grounds’ referring to Voices of Freedom, Freedom & Rights Coalition, Counterspin as pushing radical action, he said.

Newshub 27/08/2022 t ‘Anti-Governments activity, protests not going away anytime soon’ reports disinformation researcher Byron Clark, saying “ Kiwi’s should get used to this over the next 12 months lead up to 2023 election”, he refers to Outdoors Party, Freedom and Rights Coalition of New Nation and Vision NZ. Clark also referred to the arrests of Counterspin Hannah Spierer and Kelvyn Alp. In another article Byron Clark stated that “Counterspin would use their arrest to fuel conspiracy theory ideas such as ‘cracking down of critical voices of critical journalists’. A worlds view of government becoming tyrannical. I personally undertook my research on this ‘ Freedom of the Press Foundation report ‘journalist arrests increased from 2019 by 1,200%. A record number of journalists have been jailed worldwide by authoritarian government in 2020 as govts cracked down on coverage of CVD19, as they tried to suppress information causing political unrest 15/12/2020)

BYRON CLARK’S BOOK REVIEW ‘FEAR’: 2nd March 2023 by Dr. Chris Wilson Program Director, Master of Conflict and Terrorism Studies Auckland University- There is need for clearer definitions of key terms, the need for much more evidence for the claims made by Byron Clark. He never defines terms, uses them interchangeably. Byron Clark’s book ‘FEAR’ offers no definition of ‘Extremism’, has used the word ‘Extremism to promote his book  and the word ‘Extremism’ not only promotes the book but is within the content of the book itself. Inclusion of the names mentioned in the book is puzzling and unconvincing, most have not legitimized violence. Those opposing vaccinations or spreading disinformation does NOT qualify a group being called ‘Far Right’ because many on the ‘Left’ and ‘In Between’ do that. There is a lack of definition and conflation of different groups, ideologies, goals and evidence. The books ‘FAILS’ to show the ‘Extremist’ movement is even present in New Zealand or even important. It ‘FAILS’ to provide a compelling case that is namely ‘Far right, Alt-right or ‘Extremist’…There is NO  base of evidence.

VOICES FOR FREEDOM: The group has not expressed  any of the views Clark has listed and none are provided in the chapter of the book that refers to them. Chris Wilson said “Whatever one thinks of the groups opposition to vaccination, lockdowns and other measures to control the spread of COVID19 this does NOT make them ‘Far Right’, they do NOT seek violence”. As for the ‘Outdoors Party’ Wilson said “there is even less evidence provided in the chapters that relate this”

GROUNDSWELL: The apparent presence in NZ of a racist Rhodesian pride movement provides no data or evidence to the claims made. The back cover of Byron Clark’s book states ‘New Zealand has one of the highest concentration of Alt-right groups compared to other nations. “This is a great marketing tool, because it will understandably shock browsers in bookstores and be repeated as a fact at parties around the country. But NO EVIDENCE IS PROVIDED FOR THE CLAIM.CHRIS WILSON ADDED: When writing about these groups care needs to be taken as to how they are described, not to exaggerate their size, intentions, organizational links. .. Book Review ‘Valuable but FLAWED’ (My personal perspective is that obviously Byron Clark is narcissistic, an obsessive liar and is busy following the money)

Politicizing, sexualizing our children in the classroom and more..’Misinformation and Disinformation’ being taught in schools, funded by Stats NZ. (Govt) . Namely Byron Clark’s and Ardern’s ‘Only Source Of Truth’ –( Carol Sakey).

Chris Hipkins announces the removal of Media Studies in High Schools in 2023. The dropping of Level 1 ‘Media Studies (NCEA). This is being called a big mistake by the Association of Media Educators saying that High School Media Studies advances critical thinking and foundational media literacy. How media texts are constructed and disseminated, different view points that shape reading and texts.  Fewer media study courses will reduce the number of qualified teachers of Media Studies in schools, the pathway to Media Studies will disappear. However Chris Hopkins talked about his concerns, the danger of people falling for COVID19 misinformation (4/3/2021). NOTE: The Government National library holds Byron Clark’s book ‘FEAR’.

NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF MEDIA EDUCATORS “ I find it hard to believe that Chris Hipkins, as minister of health & COVIS Response Minister can warn how everyone must avoid misinformation with regard to dealing with COVID, but then as Education Minister removes the Media Studies that equips students with the skills to avoid misinformation- there is a dissonance happening here” Judith Collins states “The problem with secondary schools now is there is too much photography and too much media and other ‘Woke’ subjects”. (More dumbing down of education, stopping the young from using their own thought processes”- Carol Sakey)

SCHOOL STUDENTS TAUGHT ABOUT CONSPIRACY THEORIES, FAKE NEWS, MISINFORMATION: Urgent calls for schools to change their curriculum, to teach students how to identify conspiracy theories, fake news’ News article refers to ‘Tohatoha’, a group that is funded by Stats NZ (Govt) that teaches school students and librarians to spot fake news and conspiracy theory.

Tohatoha runs a 10 week programme for 24 schools per term Mandy Henk is the CEO of ‘Toharoha’, that. Jan Tinetti Labour’s Education Minister stated she is working on further continuous funding for ‘Tohatoha’ so the school Disinformation, Misinformation, Fake News, Conspiracy Theory programs can be continuous and consistent.

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