Exactly who  are  ‘Indigenous Peoples’ well here’s a hint –

It’s an International Work Group for Indigenous Affairs emerged, headquartered in Copenhagen.1 Although exactly what counts as Indigenous is unclear, it seems like there is somewhere around a half billion worldwide. In the United States, although scores of Indigenous tribes and perhaps 10 million people existed when the Europeans came, the population dipped to the hundreds of thousands, but has increased once again into the millions, depending on whether and how those with mixed backgrounds are counted. Moreover, various strategies have emerged for their resilience and recovery. There was a Red Power movement in the United States at the same times as Black Power. Legal gambling casinos came to be thought of as the Natives financial revenge. There have been some restorative justice processes. Respect for using the prior Indigenous lands became routine, though little has been given back.

Recognition is emerging that the values and knowledge of the Indigenous may be a key to the future well-being of the world. Goodness knows, that may be the collective key to their resurgence. So many of our social psychiatric problems lend themselves to Indigenous expertise: sustainability of the land; cooperation for collective well-being; their value of transgender identification and vision; and therapeutic use of sweat lodges and the permissible religious ceremonial use of the psychedelic peyote.

There is even an increase in Indigenous psychiatrists and those who serve in our federal government.

The Indigenous could be thought of as the original discoverers of our world; they can also become its saviors.

Another article in my research reported by New Yorker Magazine ‘Identity evolves and social categories shrink or expand, become stiffer and sometimes more elastic, more specific or more abstract. There are shifts as there are tussles over language, new groups take on new labels and new languages.. I guess like the LGBTQ  +++ pronouns and ideological identities. And the teaching of science where physics has become abstract.. just subtract physics, And why not just subtract heterosexuality too… it’s a crazy world.

Eeem I have to wonder when is the school curriculum going to teach the history of ‘Indigenous Peoples’. Hey people, try find the term ‘Indigenous Peoples’ in the Te Tiriti o Waitangi. I tried to find Partnership and Principles in the original Maori Version of the Treaty- eem must have gone abstract.. perhaps they used invisible writing.. bugger can’t find that either.

Eeem when is the Minister of Education going to enter into the school curriculum how the Tanzanian Politician became so much a part of NZ’s very, very ,very recent history? Or once again do we leave it up to the Ministry Of Truth, the real truth tellers not those that publicize and promote legalized fiction. Mind you, it’s amazing how people have been sucked into and blown out in bubbles with this legalized fiction… it got so much worse when people became so imprisoned in their freedom restrictive pandemic bubbles that locked people down and isolated them.  Time to pop those bubbles if you haven’t already and set yourself free.


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