NO internationally accepted definition of ‘indigenous’ people exists

THE UNITED NATIONS: According to the UN  rather than defining ‘Indigenous’ they would rather identify ‘Indigenous’. They base this on a number of Human Rights documents, the criterion of self-identification’

CENTRAL AUTHORITIES AND THEIR POWERS TO DETERMINE ‘INDIGENOUS’: For example those seeking Co-Governance and Partnerships. A Cultural Marxist Class System through the shaping of policies. Where one class of society is more privileged, have more recognition than the majority population 

THE DIVERSITY OF INDIGENOUS: Understanding the term “indigenous” Considering the diversity of indigenous peoples, an official definition of “indigenous” has not been adopted by any UN-system body. The system has developed a modern understanding of the term ‘Indigenous’ peoples, where there is a strong link to territories and natural resources, Cultural language and beliefs that form a minority population but a dominant group within society.

THE TERM ‘INDIGENOUS: In some countries preference may be made to tribes, first nations, ethnic groups, nomads etc., The term ;indigenous’ can be used for practical purposes and be interchangeable. ‘Indigenous’ is referred to in ‘sustainable knowledge’ and belief systems and refers to ‘natural resources’, a special relationship to the land. (A practice of management of natural resources). Identity Rights which Socialist Marxist authoritarian governments use so called ‘Indigenous’ peoples in a process of co-governance’. Institutionalized racism-Critical Race Theory, Identity Politics, A Two Tier Society. namely ‘Apartheid’. Only certain members of the so called ‘Indigenous group are favoured by the Authoritarian State (privileged member NOT ALL Iso called Indigenous)

Indigenous (adj.) Born in or originated in a place, native to a country, sprung from the land, literally ‘in born’ or born in a place. Old Latin-Indu-Within, in. Gignere is to ‘beget’, produce. Gene-to give birth, beget,

Gene– Offspring, child, person (Greek). Genus- Race, stock, kind, family, birth, descent. Genius- procreative divinity, inborn tutelary spirit, innate quality. Old Irish ‘rogenar’ – I was born. Welsh- to be born. Armenian ‘cnanim’ I bear, I am born.

‘En’  Indo- European root meaning ‘in’ existed from ‘interior;” Greek en “in,” eis “into,” endon “within;” Latin in “in, into,” intro “inward,” intra “inside, within;” Old Irish in, Welsh yn, Old Church Slavonic on-, Old English in “in, into,” inne “within, inside.”


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