The ‘Restricted Nation’ designation is assigned to governments that sanction anti-Christian laws that lead Christians to be harassed, tortured, stopped from practicing their religion, where Religious Freedom is limited or  does not exist

A leading UK Christian Magazine article was published on 7th February 2022, entitled ‘What China is doing to its Christians is no game’. This referenced the lead up to the Olympic Games. Also referred to Christians in China coming under ever increasing scrutiny and persecution.

At the commencement of the Olympic games held in Beijing it was said that the International Community need to keep the pressure on China as to human rights abuses taking place under the Chinese Communist Govt

That industrial scale human rights abuses that may be called ‘genocide’ . Chinese Christians struggling to survive as global attention was on the Olympic Games. The Chinese Authorities warned church ministers to behave, to be quiet, remain invisible in the public domain

Church Pastors suspected of conducting church activities can be forced to ‘tea meetings’, sounds friendly and nice, but is far from it. Tea Meetings are held with local officials these meetings include threats, interrogations, its no tea party with your mates.

This is a new strategy for managing, intimidating Christians. The CCP are finding Christianity an ongoing threat as Christianity has significantly grown on the last 50 years in China. Christians were holding gatherings, worshipping in commercial buildings, they were ordered to shut down so to attain invisibility small groups of Christian gather for prayer in peoples homes which are called ‘Church Houses’. 80% of churches have been pressured into meeting in smaller groups.

The new strategy used  by the CCP to further persecute Christians is more sophisticated its namely a subtle twin strategy called ‘suffocating and subverting’. Suffocation comes via the tightening of restrictions for Christian fellowshipping together. Christian chatlines, Bible Apps, Bible resources are banned.  Hence digital prosecution involving surveillance, censorship, disinformation is linked to China’s Social Credit System. Young people are banned from attending churches, communications are monitored. Under the Chinese Social Credit System, whereby data including DNA enables the authorities to monitor all aspects of life, judge citizens behaviour, reward and punish accordingly. Whether one is compliant or not, this is still total control of peoples lives by the CCP.

Non-compliancy equals ‘bad behaviour’, therefore is punished. This could affect access to employment, education and health, consumer credit ratings, freedom of movement, tax breaks.                         The CCP introduced an App that allows Chinese citizens to report anyone with ‘mistaken opinions’ online. (Nark them into the authorities). It is compulsory to install facial recognition technology in state sanctioned churches.

May 2021 the CCP established new laws that require religious leaders to ‘lobe the motherland, to support the leadership of the Communist Party’ and the ‘Socialist’ system. Many, many churches have been demolished and numerous church pastors arrested. Churches in Shandong Province and elsewhere forced to display govt poster with Bible versus to illustrate the 12 Socialist principles.

There are reports of the official re-writing of biblical texts to better bit the communist ideology. On the Olympic Global stage the CCP will appear squeaky clean almost sanitised.

18th March 2022 ‘The Church Times-World News’ reported Chinese Christians face growing persecution, supressing Christian education, that this is one of the worst years for religious freedom in recent history.

The recent annual report state dozens of churches, religious leaders and Christian schools have been attacked, this has worsened since the new laws to supress freedom of religion online.                               The CCP demand management of religious schools make student ‘politically reliable’, that leaders must support CCP leadership or lose their position.

Under these new laws, many Christian schools have closed down, home based teaching of teenagers from Christian families have been arrested. This totally violates various International Agreements for safeguarding Religious freedom. This is brainwashing, indoctrinating, severely punishing of children in China’s State Education System. During this past 12months Christians, pastors and their families have been severely beaten, subjected to surveillance, imprisonment, persecutions

The question on some independent media lips is “Are Christians in China next in line for ‘re-education’ detention centres’? April 2021 Radio Free Asia reported that Chinese Authorities are detaining Christians in secretive mobile transformation facilities.

The Express-UK News reported 4th April ‘China Crackdown on Christians’. As they revealed terrifying ‘re-education’ camps in China. One of the largest charity organizations ‘Open Doors’ said scores of Christians have been sent to these re-education centres. It has been reported numerous times that those taken away to these centres’ camps.

Detainee’s are  taught to be loyal to the communist ideology instead of to religion. Most people targeted live in the Xinjiang region. Amnesty International have reported that the Chinese Authorities have quota’s they must meet under the new ‘religious freedom crackdown’ law. Those taken away will be taught to be loyal to the communist ideology instead of religion. Most that are targeted are from Xinjiang region and according to Nee a China expert with Amnesty International Chinese Authorities have quotas they must meet under the new religious freedom crackdowns. The CCCP continue to extend, increase their crackdowns on religions. Thousands of children have been left orphaned.

Re-education camps are like prisons, there are reports that estimate thousands of people being forced into these camps, being physically, mentally abused and death often occurs, These re-education camps are also disguised as namely ‘citizen study centres’ and anti-extremism centres’.

The Religious Affairs Regulation came into affect February 1st  demanding churches be officially registered and adheres to the rules set up by the CCP. Since this remit things have become much worse. Xinjiang Province is described as one of the most intensely monitored areas in the world. The CCP have codified far reaching state control over every aspect of religious practice. They have extended powers to authorities at all levels of the govt- to monitor, control, potentially punish religious practice

A revised law emphasises ‘national security’ goals curbing ‘infiltration & extremism’ which are used to suppress the right to religious freedom and religious beliefs.  The Guardian reported 13/9/2019 -Chinese Authorities are re-writing the biblical scriptures. A new state translation of the Bible, the text indoctrinated by the CCP. May 12th 2021 the Heritage Foundation reported ‘Religious persecution in China intensifies, brainwashing camps for Christians’. Christians being detained in secret ‘brainwashing’ camps

Under a false name Li Yuese a Chinese Christian detailed the conditions when he was forced into detention, a ‘transformation centre’ He was held captive for 10 months in a small windowless room, with no ventilation.  He said prisoner are kept in mobile facilities operated by the United Front Works Dept in collaboration with State Security Police. Officials used intimidation, threats, beatings to force detainee’s to renounce their faith, described as a brutal repression. After being there for a week it was said that “death starts to look better than staying there”. Li and other like be continue to be haunted by these horrific experiences. (He is just one of many thousands that have suffered at the hands of the CCP)

Under Xi Jinping’s policy of ‘Sinicization’ the CCP seek to conform religion to the political goals of the CCP. The CCP have reported that religious groups are deemed to disrupt public order, therefore they most be monitored and persecution must occur.

Of course Christians are not the only ones, those of other religions and ideologies are severely persecuted by the Chinese Communist State. Tibetan Buddhist are targeted through strict state surveillance, religious sites and mass evictions. There are hundreds of Tibetan political prisoners including the Panchen Lama, the Dalai Lama’s intended successor. Thousands of rural Tibetans have been transported to military style vocational learning centres, under a CCP forced labour transfer

Uyghur Muslims subjected to horrific  human abuses that are unimaginable. Its reported between 1.8 million & 3 million have been interned in hundreds of political ‘re-education camps in Xinjiang Province s 5. They face horrific brutalities, forced labour torture, rape, sexual abuse, forced sterilisations & forced abortions and often many die.

Falun Gong members are subjected to forced organ harvesting and extrajudicial imprisonment. Falun Gong members are reportedly subject to forced organ harvesting and extrajudicial imprisonment. 14th June 2021 UN official website report  ‘China: UN Human Rights experts alarmed by Organ Harvesting allegations that target minorities including Falun Gong practitioners, Uyghurs, Tibetans and Christians in detention in China..(The horror stories are too huge too mention)

There has been credible information of religious minorities forcibly subjected to blood tests, organ examinations without formal consent. These results reportedly registered in a data base of living organ sources that facilitate organ allocation.  One of many reports have stated that the most common organs removed from prisoners are heart, kidneys, livers, corneas and parts of liver. This form of trafficking with a medical nature involves health sector professionals – surgeons, anaesthetists, and other medical specialists.

Of course the UN were well aware of this, its been raised on a number of occasion previously. This was raised by the UN with the Chinese Govt in 2006 and 2007 and several more times.  he terrifying, horrific actions of the Chinese Communist Govt have been described as the forced assimilation of Xinjiang, or as an ethnocide, a cultural genocide or a genocide. The Chinese Communist Govt denies Human Rights Abuses.

The Chinese Communist State have permanent Veto Rights at the UN, sits as a permanent member of the UN Security Council, they get away with horrific atrocities against mankind, they literally get away with murder.  In December 2020 a case was brought to the International Criminal Court against China for Genocide, this was dismissed because the crimes alleged appeared to have been committed solely by nationals of China within the territory of China.  However, China is not a party to the ‘Statute’ meaning the International Criminal Court cannot investigate the Chinese Communist Party or any other official authority in China

Donald Trump as President of America he made ‘religious freedom; a focus, thus spearheading the ‘Ministerial to Advance Religious Freedom’, that bought global leaders together to advance ‘Religious Liberty’. To sanction individuals, entities for human rights abuses.  On Trumps Admins last day the Secretary of State- Mike Pompeo issued a genocide determination on the atrocities in Xinjian, China. The UK House of Parliament followed suit by documenting a motion calling the Human Rights Abuses in China as ‘Genocide’

The ACT party in NZ followed up also by introducing to Parliament a similar motion naming China’s horrific human rights abuses as genocide.  Ardern would not agree to the word ‘Genocide’ being included in the motion.  There was a refusal to debate the human rights abuses in China unless the word Genocide was removed from the motion. Although all other parties said the word ‘Genocide’ should remain in the motion, there was an agreement to remove it.  This in itself goes to prove there is no opposition party in parliament, all political parties bowed down to Ardern’s “If you leave the word ‘Genocide it, then we won’t debate it in the House”

5th May 2021Newshub reported that the word ‘genocide’ had been removed at the request of the Labour Party to ‘soften the  language’.  Nanaia Mahuta stated “there is clear evidence of severe human rights abuses, including restrictions of religious freedoms, mass surveillance, sterilizations”.                                 A New Zealand Uighur Solidarity Group said the removing of the word ‘genocide’ is a farce, that MP’s are acting callously.

Act Party MP Van Velden said “Act will continue to they themselves call this for what it is ‘genocide’, however the revised motion of the Final Order Paper reads as follows:-

‘That this House is gravely concerned about the possible severe human rights abuses taking place against Uighurs and other ethnic and religious minorities in Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. That it calls on the Government to work with the United Nations, International Partners to work with the united instruments of International Law, to bring these abuses to an end’.

NZ Govt came under scrutiny for its decision not to sign up to the Five Eyes statements criticising human rights abuses against China.  The NZ Uighur community released a letter to MP’s ahead of their Parliamentary debate “We understand that NZ is not a military super power or a trade superpower, but NZ is a moral super power that can influence the fate of twenty million Uighur people suffering back in China. (Wrong Ardern’s Government has no moral bone in its whole body).

Ardern appears to have NO Conscience therefore  no self blame, and  NO Shame..these are very dangerous characteristics.  NZ and China have ratified the UN Genocide Convention, defining genocide as any of several acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or part of, a national, ethical, racial or religious group.

Those Acts include killing members of a group, causing serious b bodily harm, mental harm to members of a group or imposing measures intended to prevent births within a group. Each of these have occurred in Xinjiang according to evidential multiple sources included is a mass reduction in fertility rates in Xinjiang. Obviously Ardern has the power of Veto to stop the word ‘Genocide being used in this import motion put to the House by the Act Party. All members obeyed Ardern, they lowered themselves, showed themselves to be of no opposition to Ardern’s Labour Govt.

Nanaia Mahutu referenced putting the Motion for the International Criminal Courts to investigate, knowing full well they cannot investigate this ( Transparency Zilch.) ‘The friendly mythical Taniwha and the Chinese Red Dragon- birds of the feather stick together.

The International Criminal Court has never stopped the persecution of any religious groups, the horrific tortures, forced sterilizations, forced abortions, rapes, imprisonments.  The Worlds largest global powers are not even part of the statute of the International Criminal Court so cannot even be investigated. These include, India, Russia, China, US, Ethiopia, Indonesia North Korea, Saudi Arabia Turkey and dozens of others.

So for Ardern’s NZ Governments UN  and WEF Outpost and the plundering of the nation of New Zealand. Ardern’s grabbing of International political stardom with her Christchurch Call. May I add, women in Iran are persecuted, prosecuted, tortured for not wearing a veil, head coverings. Ardern did not give one thought to them when she called Parliament to Islamic prayer. How bloody condescending.  Also not forgetting how Ardern and her political cronies have abused and harmed New Zealanders.










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