We are living in an era of globalization, which equates to profiteering by the unbridled pursuit of the filthy rich greedy elite of this world that will trample upon every aspect of a nationhood’s way of life. The UN has determined that this Nationalism threatens Multilateralism.

Nationalism is closely linked to Patriotism hence we have UN Nation Member States  persecuting, prosecuting and jailing patriot citizens in westernized nations worldwide.

According to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights recognition of the inherent dignity and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

Human dignity is about human worth, a sense of self worth. Means to be valued respected for what you are, who you are and what you believe in, how you live.

What is human dignity in the Bible determines that “ Human dignity originates from God and is of God because we are made in God’s own image and likeness (Gn 1:26-27). … Human beings have transcendent worth and value that comes from God; this dignity is not based on any human quality, legal mandate, or individual merit or accomplishment”.

Article 1. Universal Declaration Of Human Rights “The dignity of the human person is not only a fundamental right in itself but constitutes the real basis of fundamental rights”.

The 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights enshrined human dignity in its preamble: ‘Whereas recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inalienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.’ In its judgment of 9 October 2001 in Case C-377/98 Netherlands v European Parliament and Council [2001] ECR I-7079, at grounds 70 — 77, the Court of Justice confirmed that a fundamental right to human dignity is part of Union law.

Consequently none of the rights laid down in the Charter may be used to harm the human dignity of another person.  Therefore Human Dignity (Human Rights) are to be respected, even where a right is restricted.

Therefore when it comes to the Governments COVID-19 Restrictions, human rights are to be respected even though restrictions are in place.

Human rights are what make us human. They are the principles by which we create the sacred home for human dignity.

During this era of globalization the issue around Human Rights has become a complexity. UN Member Nation Governments and the Un itself pose grave threats and serious violations on human rights.

The Evil Chinese Communist Regime are busy making the UN into an image of itself and this is being promoted and welcomed.  The Chinese Communist Regime commit the worst Human Rights violations in the world. Yet they sit at the head of the UN Security Council that has the authority to investigate Human Rights Violations. No criminal court in the world has the power to criminalize the CCP for their evil crimes against humanity. The UN have rewarded the CCP permanent veto rights to do as they like, when they like and to whom they like.

The CCP have imprisoned millions of Chinese people and others over decades, tortured, forced sterilizations, forced abortions, rapes  and live organ harvesting, where they have a huge data base where they are able to search live body parts to use for their live organ harvesting.

The ACT Party recently introduced a motion into New Zealand Parliament opposing the CCP’s Genocide and imprisonment of the Uyghur Muslims in China.  The Labour Party would not agree to the motion until the word ‘Genocide was removed from the motion. Eventually it was, and the motion was passed.

Those that are perpetrating, violating human rights globally are an integration of the globalized elite and corporate institutions that are collaborating with the UN and UN Member Nation governments

Children have the rights to food, shelter, clothing, health care, and emotional well-being as do adults, and these rights we affirm as theirs regardless of actions or inactions of their parents or guardians. In particular, children must be protected from economic, physical, and sexual exploitation and abuse”. Yet under New Zealand’s education systems they are being mentally abused, indoctrinated sexualized and made to feel guilty about their identity.

Children are being taught through the bludgeoning of fear tactics. The world is going to prematurely end, it’s the baby boomers fault. Divide and conquer the family and at the same time mentally abuse the children. Human rights belong to all Humankind.

Yet the United Nations and all its UN Member Nation governments are fully aware that 12yr old children carry weapons for ISIL and are made to fight for Islamic terrorist groups. If these children try to escape they are tortured, raped and trafficked and often murdered.

UN Troops themselves have been known to rape, traffic children and women whilst in host countries where they are stationed, are involved in sexual slavery. They are not imprisoned. UN  themselves have also been known to take part in these horrific crimes against women and children. There is a growing sex slavery industry, trafficking boys and girls for labour, prostitution, sex slavery.  NZ Politicians the propaganda machines will not report on this.  All happening under the veil of COVID19, lives are being lost and destroyed, lives of children.  Wake Up New Zealand.

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