‘Traffic Light Response Framework’ is much much more than Jacinda Ardern is letting on, it is a performance tracker.
The World Economic Forum several years ago introduced a new asset class to compare this with UN Agenda 2030 SDG’s as a comparison.
The Traffic Light Response has been around for almost a decade and is used as an indicator to track personal data. This personal data is used to measure transformational change from a freemarket economy to a multistakeholder capitalist economy.
To replace the old normal with the new normal (The Great Reset)
The World Economic Forum and the UN officially signed a partnership together in 2019.
The UN and WEF Partnership means that the World Economic Forum, that represents these Multistakeholder Capitalist Corporation now have the ability to advise the UN, thus becoming a One World Global Corporate Governance…..
But it does not stop their the worst is yet to come..

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