WE WONT FORGET THIS AND AS ARDERN SAID TODAY “THIS IS NOT THE END BUT THE BEGINNING “..SHE WILL BE REVISITING these controls severe restrictions again.. these last two years have been a tester for the next variant …WAKE THE HELL UP NZ
Ardern and all those political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington share the same crappy stinky toilet seat and like all shit needs flushing down the loo….This is not going away this is not a time to celebrate….
Ardern and her political cronies are traitors to nz citizens they have chosen to destroy nz businesses and traditional dairy farming in favour of 1% of the most wealthiest corporations..largest companies on this planet. Govts.. NGOs Academia Organizations Interested Parties and even what are called Eco Churches need exposing
The Pope sold his soul to the Green Religion in 2015 and invested in large multistakeholder corporations. Just follow the greed..the power hungry..the immorality…and the indoctrination.of our children as they dumb down our children’s education.
1st January 2020 before COVID Grant Robertson..Ardern the govt was warned by the NZ Reserve Bank they were printing too much cash..hence inflation would would get less for your prices would rise..the govt chose to ignore that for 13 months one stage they were printing one billion dollars per day.
Soon you dollar will be worth jack shit… they have a plan and it’s Programmable CBDC with Expiry dates..some people have said to me this will never happen…wake up nz 4 years ago did you think the govt would demand that kiwis are jabbed as participants of a human experiment and punished if they did not comply?.
Sept 30th – 6th Dec 2021 Reserve bank looking for feedback from large investors as to CBDC from this feedback the next steps will be concluded mid April 2022. Yes next month
The leaders at the G7 Meetings last year had already set the guidelines. And globally banks agree to this. CBDC Digital Currancy to target cash and cryptocurrency..they want both gone.
CBDC will be Programmable like a voucher can only be used on certain items and services and if you don’t behave the way govt demands you too the Digital Currency that is your personal money can be frozen. Much like Chinese Social Credit System.
This not a conspiracy theory its a global..national conspiracy to control people..planet for massive e profits for 1% of the evil filthy scumbag corporations..the global elite..All about UN Agenda 2030.
The 13th June 2019 official partnership between the UN and the World economic forum to accelerate global multistakeholder corporations.. big tech .big pharma..Monsanto -Bayer. Blackrock..Nestle..Coca Cola..Pepsi Cola and the list goes on Follow the money always follow the money.
NZ GOVERNMENT ..ARDERN ALL AS GUILTY AS HELL I COULD ADD A FEW MORE GUILTY ONES TO THIS..NGOs and Self Interest Groups. Let’s open this hornets nest up.

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