Reported NZ Herald 8th May 2019: Climate targets involve huge changes to NZ’s agriculture sector . The Government  commits to what is called a “split target” – aiming to reduce all greenhouse gas emissions, aside from biogenic methane, to net zero by 2050. Methane from livestock is NOT exempt. The NZ Herald and government propaganda machine says Insurance because of sea level rises could cause billions of damage to tens of thousands of building. (The FEAR TACTIC used for COMPLIANCE and a reason to put your insurance price up) NOTE : The NZ Herald reported that ‘Insurers welcome the move’. More of your money going into those business pockets of corporation and large businesses. Follow the money, always follow the money.

The Herald article also states ‘ including reducing those gas emitting animals to reduce animal emissions.  Ardern called this as  “our generation’s nuclear-free moment”. Luxon is also a climate alarmist activist. At the time Ardern stated “New Zealanders have demanded her piece of Climate Change Legislation”. Ardern also stating that there is a consensus that has been built in Parliament ‘creating for a 30 year plan which provides the certainty industries need to get in front of the challenge’. (The whole of government Net Zero Approach) Which is said to be legally binding on the government.

NOTE: The NZ Herald reported that the Climate Change Bill was well thrashed out with the three governing bodies at the time they were Labour, Greens and NZ First. National Party was also involved for conducting the negotiations in good faith. The Zero Carbons Legislation is reported to have opposition support as well as of that of the whole government. In November 2019 National’s Todd Muller, Simon Bridges and Shaw met to discuss the Bill

THE POLITICAL CRONIES REFER TO NIWA: The Insurance Council said research from NIWA suggested 125,600 buildings would be hit by a sea level rise of between zero and one metre. These buildings would cost $38 billion to replace. They refer to a ‘Near Certainty’

NIWA: STUFF NEWS reported THAT THE COURT CHALLENDED NIWA BUT THE University of Otago pro Vice Chancellor of Sciences said that this weas stupid of the court to challenge NIWA (Aug 22nd 2010). NIWA is NZ’s State owned weather and atmospheric research body. NIWA was challenged over its so called accuracy of its data used to calculate global warming. It was alleged that NIWA has adjusted its records to show a warming trend of 1 DegC., however the NZ Meteorological Service had shown no warming during the past century. NIWA’s data was based on a 1981 Student Thesis, the student was Jim Salinger, a NIWA employee was later sacked after talking to news media without permission.

Here we go again the fear mongering of the propaganda machine that works collaboratively with these political cronies in Wellington – Newshub reports 22nd August 2019. ‘New NIWA study shows that 800,000 Kiwi’s at risk of flooding in coastal area’s. Come on people why are the wealthy purchasing properties on the coast. New apartments being built almost on the shoreline. The way these reporters write their reimagines its like a Court Victim Impact Statement for Manslaughter.

NOTE: NZ Herald recently reported that ‘Safari Group to create 46 room hotel in prime seaside location in Paraparaumu Beach. The Councils that are pushing the climate doom and gloom of the rising seas may talk the talk but do not walk the walk. ‘Kapiti Coast District Council sold joint plots of land at 26-29 Marine Parade, these had been acquired in 2019 to support development and growth (The council purchased land by the seas,  eem it was said the seas are rising), why would you then purchase land by the sea for development and growth. Uh! ) to experienced hotel and apartment developer Safari Group Ltd.,

The Safari Group have 20 projects under way or completed across NZ including thee in the Wellington region. The Council goes on to say “A key part of our vision for growing the value of Kapiti’s visitor economy is positioning Paraparaumu Beach as an entry point into our visitor experience.”.

(Emm- but isn’t the sea rising and property by the sea is at risk of being seriously damaged by the rising sea???)


OBAMA’S ZOMBIE’S: Anyone ever read about Obama’s Zombies on Climate Alarmism. The advise people to buy pet camels and to shelter under them. (The Earth Day Book) .. Crazy Shite… Pity anyone having to pick up that Camel Shite. LOL

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