There are escalations of serious concerns as UN’s multilateralism becomes threatened by Nationalism.

For decades the cooperation and interconnectedness of many Western nations has come together under a collaborative banner of shared political and economic interests. Now social, political and economic uncertainty has wakened millions of people to the need to protect their sovereign nations, countries from this global Socialist Eco-Political monster that has severely eroded Human Rights, Civil Liberties, Freedoms worldwide.

The tide is turning as virtual meetings between the political Socialist powers of this world take part in virtual meetings, “ where to from here, and what now”? Helen Clark is a key player in building a global leadership alliance not to replace the UN, but to strengthen it.

Disadvantages of socialism include slow economic growth, less entrepreneurial opportunity and competition, and a potential lack of motivation by individuals due to lesser rewards.

Critics of socialism claims that it creates distorted or absent price signals, results in reduced incentives, causes reduced prosperity, has low feasibility, and that it has negative social and political effects.

The national economy develops relatively slowly, there is an inability to obtain profit from the use of resources and people lose the initiative to work, enthusiasm to study as doing more does not equate to more rewards. Private property and personal liberty is threatened under socialist states.
Elected, non-elected officials are knowingly are journeying into taking away private property rights. George Bush agreed to the UN Agenda 21 for the 21st century and Clinton made it US Policy. Jacinda Ardern entered UN Agenda 2030 into New Zealand’s domestic policy making, thus this international non binding UN Agenda became legally binding in New Zealand.

Ardern obsessively targets the farmers, robbing them of parts of their privately owned land making it unobtainable to be used for income. Life has become really difficult for the average farmer in New Zealand with strict audits and an over-reach in restrictive regulations. All part and parcel of UN Agenda 2030. An eco socialist political dictatorship, controlling peoples lives from the top down.

The global pandemic, the response by socialist dictatorship governments the lockdowns, restrictions to freedom of speech, freedom of movement, medical freedom and a highly noticeable political freedom have all been eroded. Isolations, social distancing human contact is a human instinct all part of human nature.
Masses of people worldwide have become spellbound, hypnotized by these ongoing messages of fear. I find it hard to comprehend people celebrating the first day of the ‘Traffic Light System’ by calling it ‘Freedom Day’

There is no ‘Freedoms Day’ for anyone, one just has less freedoms than the other person who has been vaccinated, but both lose their freedoms. The Vaccinated still have to wear masks, social distance and self isolate, they can still test positive for COVID19 PCR. Vaccinated people can be infected and transmit infection. This is all about control, I am not vaccinated and I do not wear a mask I am not an anti vaxer, I do believe in Medical Freedom.
It is people such as myself worldwide that are patriotic, loyal love New Zealand, people such as myself that demand our Human Rights and Freedoms that the UN and UN Nation Governments feel threatened by. The mass global awakening of patriotism, nationalism now threatens UN multilateralism.

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