The deceits, corruptions, of authoritarian UN/WEF  globalist puppet States. A shot in the arm has become a shot in the head. The World Economic Pupeteers. The Puppet Masters that pull the strings. Pope Francis joins the globalist corporate elite and Big Pharma.   The New York Times the Pope blesses ‘business plans’ . The partnering of BIG BUSINESS (CORPORATE CAPTURE)  with a new initiative bringing together the head of the Vatican with the globalist elite. A new partnership was signed the accelerate, influence environmenta;, social global governance, ESG practices in businesses worldwide.

The Council for Inclusive Capitalism is a group of businesses, investors and other groups, organizations that represent $2.1 trillion in market cap and over 200 million employees that have made pledges to environmental sustaible business goalls with the blessing of Pope Francis. There are 27 leaders of the Inclusive Council they are known as ‘The Guardians of Inclusive Capitalism’, these include Mastercard, Saleforce, Bank Of America etc., Pope Francis and Cardinal Peter Turkson lead the Vatican Dept dealing with global social issues

The Council of Inclusive Capitalism was established by the brainchild Lyn Forester de Rothchild, business woman backed by ventures to promote inclusive capitalism in the wake of the 2008 financial crisis. (WEF Global Redesign Iniative- Klaus Schwab report 600 plus pages long) Inclusive capital partners an ESG focused activist hedge fund

Yes, Pope Francis has willingly formed a partnership with the noble banking family namely the Rothchilds. This is all related to ‘The Great Reset’. the ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030.. Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab and the ‘Global Multi-stakeholder Capitalist Order) Or should I say the Global reset to Disorder. Its is documented that the Council  align themselves with the World Economic Forum, advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN Agenda 2030)

In announcing the deal with the Vatican, Lynn Forester de Rothschild declared, ‘This council will follow the warning from Pope Francis to listen to “the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor” and answer society’s demands for a more equitable and sustainable model of growth.’.. The Globalist buns rush trying to convince  ascedptical world the same people who created the post 1945 model of IMF led globalisation and giga corporate entities more powerful than governments, to destroy traditional agriculture in favour of agribusines, dismantling living standards and majority of populations worldwide believe this globalist corruption.

Who is this Lady Lynn Forester de Rothchild, she is the wife of 90year old retired mega millionaire head of Londons NM Rothchilds Bank, she has some very influential mentors from Wall Street. She appears to be very interesting, as she is reported, alledged to be on the list of names that flew on a private jet of convicted child trafficker Jeffrey Epstein.

Lady Lynn is interesting as well beyond her famous husband. According to the list of names of those who flew on the private jet of convicted child sex trafficker and reported Mossad operative Jeffrey Epstein, one name that appears is ‘de Rothschild, Lynn Forester.’. When Epstein was arrested she quickly dissolved a non profit organization that was related to Epstein. Lady Lynn Forrester De Rothchild is a long term friend of Hilary Clinton, such good friends that the Rothchilds spent part of their honeymoon as guests at the Whitehouse of the Clintons. Lady Lynn became a major fund raiser in 2008 and 2016 for a possible Hillary Clinton bid as president. She advised Hillary Clinton on her economic programme.


Back to the Rothchild venture with Pope Francis, the co founder of the Council for Inclusive Capitalism includes hand picked money mongrels and their selected foundations that call themselves the ‘guardians’. Now partnering with the Pope call themselves the ‘Moral Guardians’. Included in this so called new ‘Moral Guardenship’ is Rajiv CEO of the Rockefeller Foundation, former partners of the Gates Foundations AGRA scam to introduce ‘Genetically Modiefied Organism Seeds in Africa. The Rockefeller Foundation has been involved in pandemic lockdowns since 2010, they are key to the WEF Great Reset agenda.  The Rockefeller Report ‘Reset the Table’ Meeting the Moment to Transform the US Food System.

Rothchild’s guardians include Darren Walker Chief CEO of the Ford Foundation. Rockefeller and Ford have helped shape America’s Foreign Policy and note the creation of Rockefell funds GMO crops. Head of Depont, a GMO giant and chemicals group is another guardian of the scandal ridden vaccine and drug companies, Merch and Johnson & Johnson. Merch lied about the arthritis drug Vioxx until more that 55,000 users died of heart attackers. Johnson and Johnson have been in numerous frauds, including the negative effects of Risperdal… the illegal presence of cancer causing asbestoc in baby powder, and other legal actions as leading suppliers of the opioid Purdue the deadly prescription painkiller OxyContin

Lynn Forester De Rothchild Inclusive Capitalist Council that has partnered with the Vatican Leader includes  other guardians including Mark Carney former Bank Of England head, an advocate of the cashless digital central bank currencies, he is now a special envoy for climate action and finance for the UN and a Board Member of the World Economic Forum. The head of State Street Corporation, one of the world’s largest asset management companies with $3.1 trillion under management, is another guardian

GREEN INVESTING: January 2020 State Street announced it would vote agaignst major stock indices that do not meet new target of ESG changes. (Green Investing). The WEF board members like Larry Fink of BlackRock (BlackRock Management Asset for Kiwi Investment Funds). This is the key to the  ‘inclusive capitalism agenda of Rothchild’s and the WEF and other collaborators. Their website claims that the guardians manage more than $10.5 trillion dollars and control companies that employ 200 million workers, and is now in partnership with the Vatican leader Pope Francis.

Pope Francis giving groups of elitist mega stakeholder capitalists moral crediability. The Council for Inclusive Capitalism  and the partnership between the Vatican and  Lynn de Rothschild shoud be closedly scrutinised and publically debated. The Vatican’s link with Klaus Schwab and the Global Elite is hardly ‘Holy Moly’ or ‘Morally Christian”


New Eastern Outlook, December 22. F William Engdahl is a strategic risk consultant and lecturer. The New York Times the Pope blesses ‘business plans’ .





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