The He Puapua Plan is otherwise known as Vision 2040.  The He Puapua Plan relates back to the UN Declaration Rights of Indigenous People introduced in 2007. At this time the  NZ Government was opposed to the UNDRIP. Members of the government reported that the UNDRIP was seen to be inconsistent with NZ’s Constitution, Legal System, Democratic Rights of NZ Citizens.  NZ is one of 148 countries that supported the UNDRIP. UNDRIP is a non-binding agreement, that New Zealand Govt have become committed to.

In 2007 Nanaia Mahuta questioned Art.,19 & 32 of the UNDRIP saying the declaration implied ‘Veto Rights’ of Iwi over the State and Iwi over Private Property Rights (Art 26 & Art 28 UNDRIP)Initially in 2007 Helen Clark said “If New Zealand was to sign the UNDRIP this would cause all sorts of problems” now she promotes supports the He Puapua Plan to embed UNDRIP, a UN Non-Binding agreement into all of NZ society.

2009 under the veil of secrecy Peta Sharples signed the UNDRIP on behalf of the government of the day. Under the veil of secrecy the UNDRIP . In 2009 the National Govt was in power. They had formed an alliance with the Maori party. The Maori Party had been formed in 2004 in response to the foreshore and seabed controversy.

Between 10th December 1999 and 19th November 2008 the Labour Party was in power under Helen Clark. Tariana Turia founded the Maori Party after resigning from Labour. She and Pita Sharples were high profile academics became the first co-leaders of the Maori Party.  Minister for Maori Development, Willie Jackson has announced the next steps for the UNDRIP. A partnership of Crown and Iwi. He was referencing The He Puapua plan established in 2019, which had been kept secret, out of the public eye until 2021. It came to light after an OIA Request. The plan made by Te Puni Koriki.

Stuff NZ reported April 22nd 2022  The Government were told that ‘Co-Governance not enough to satisfy indigenous rights declaration. Willie Jackson said that the government will shape, recognize its obligations under UNDRIP. Saying the Maori Health Authority can be an example for other sectors eg; Justice and Education.

The He Puapua plan was put together by a Declaration Working Group (DWG). They made their final report on 1st November 2019. Ardern was question why she had kept the He Puapua Plan a secret, out of the public’s eye during her electioneering campaign. Her response was  “ Due to the risk, it may be misconstrued as government policy”.But Ardern had already accepted the He Puapua recommendations. The drafting of a plan for ‘Division, Separatism and Apartheid’ However Ardern accepted ‘He Pua Pua Recommendation’. An Iwi political authority over all citizens of New Zealand. A plan where some NZ Citizens will be valued more than others.

He Puapua is defined as ‘The Breaking of The Waves’. Obviously the breaking of society into a separatist state, the breaking of the economu and environmental norms.

Back in 2009 John Key then PM of NZ saw the UNDRIP as ‘Non-binding and just window dressing. Don’t let the wording ‘Non-Binding fool you. Non-Binding eludes to a commitment to follow through. NZ Govt is party to at least 1900 UN Agreements, declarations etc.,  For example the UNDRIP was ‘Non-Binding’ and UN Agenda 2030 was Non-Binding, the UN Global Compact of Migration was Non-Binding, and Winston Peters even went to the Crown Law Office to publicly assure people that it was non-binding before it was agreed to by NZ.

UNDRIP is already being enacted into NZ Policy, we already have the Maori Health Authority for example. UN Global Compact Of Migration of 2018 at a recent UN speech the permanent representative of NZ to the UN reference  NZ borders opening in July 2022 and the UNGCM being part of NZ Policy.

UN Agenda 2030. Bill and Melinda Gates were hosting an event, Jacinda Ardern a guest speaker. Ardern bragged to the audience that under her leadership UN Agenda 2030 17 Global Development Goals, 169 Targets have  been entered into NZ Domestic Policy making. That NZ was the first country globally to do this. Hence all three are binding and lawful in NZ.

Through the He Puapua Plan UNDRIP is planned to be totally embedded into Education, Health, ECONOMY, Environment, the Legal System and Infrastructure.  totally embedded into all NZ Citizens way of life. Health, Education, Economy, Environment, Legal System, Infrastructure etc., etc.,  Hence the cherry picked compulsory teaching of Maori history in NZ Schools and Maori language.  All part and parcel of the UNDRIP-He Puapua, Vision 2040 Plan.  He Puapua Plan of Te Puni Koriki  is composed of 123 pages of commitments to the UNDRIP, a heavy political discourse. Parekura Tureia Horomia (8/11/1950 – 29/4/2013) was born in Tolago Bay, he later became Minister of Maori Affairs between 2000-2008.

He was part of a large family seven brother and sisters. In his early life worked really hard as a manual labourer, then a printer in the newspaper industry. Later he was appointed in supervisory positions. In the 1999 election he stood as a Labour candidate for Rawhiti Electorate. In 2000 Dover Samuels was forced to step down as Minister of Maori Affairs after criminal allegations were made against him. It was then that Horomia took his place as Minister Of Maori Affairs.  Horomia said this about the UNDRIP “It gives recognition of rights to lands lawfully owned by citizens indigenous and other. It ignore reality , it implies indigenous people should have the power of veto over parliamentary law making processes.

He Puapua is the portrayal of NZ Citizens to give control to Iwi Tribal elite over the whole of New Zealand. Nanaia Mahuta had originally said in 2007 opposing the UNDRIP “It is inconsistent with the NZ Constitution, NZ’s legal framework. The UNDRIP would be too difficult to overturn whilst retaining the fabric of NZ Society. Fast forward -she now promotes, supports it. 2019 (source- cabinet minutes). Ardern authorizes Nanaia Mahuta to change the UNDRIP into a plan for implementation- The He Puapua Plan.. All kept silent under the veil of COVID19 and Ardern’s pre-electioneering until 2021.

It was reported that He Puapua is to be compatible with NZ’s legal system, cultural practices within a tribal feudal system and to be introduced into Common Law, to ensure separatism is promoted in New Zealand. He Puapua Plan equates to the total enactment of UNDRIP into all of NZ, as will be the Treaty Of Waitangi. The Treaty Of Waitangi was introduced in New Zealand under the legal system of Common Law. A prominent NZ Judge and Law Lecturer referred to the embedding of UNDRIP and the Treaty Of Waitangi into NZ law saying that “ALL citizens became subjects of the British Queen in Parliament, to enjoy her protection”

Judge Willy is well informed, knowledgeable about the fundamental goal of Marxism. Cultural Marxism appears to be doing very well in New Zealand. Destabilizing democratic rights of NZ Citizens. Leighton Smith interviewed former Judge Willie about the future concerns for democracy in New Zealand. Willy explained “ why incorporating tikanga will make it impossible to maintain common laws of the 21st century in New Zealand is absurd”. He was referring to the He Puapua Plan. He said “To represent pre-European Maori practices as having a place in Common Law is absurd.

That “a law embraces the components of the belief’s of various peoples whom currently make up NZ Society cannot be a law common to all. The law is not concerned with making people feel better about themselves nor more or less valued. That Judges of our Superior courts who tinker with political populist nonsense are playing with fire. They do a great disservice to the law and harmony of society. In reality those seeking to introduce ‘tikanga’ into law are not motivated by public good, they are instead committed to progressing Labour’s agenda to enrich the tribal-elite”

Vision 2040. He Puapua Plan is an enlarged tribal state, dangerously threatens Democratic Rights, Human Rights the very core of our Human Dignity. Human Dignity is the recognition that ALL human beings have a special value intrinsic to their humanity, such are worthy of respect simply because they are human beings. Public debate about He Puapua is very limited as many people fear character assassination, the subject too sensitive, walking on broken glass. May be called racist, white supremacists, far right extremist. Nanaia Mahuta when question why UNDRIP, her response is ‘John Key wanted it”  She wants it even more as does Ardern and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington.

13th April 2009. (Centre of Independent Studies) UNDRIP. Reports ‘John Key was caught musing over whether New Zealand would follow Australia in signing the UNDRIP’. The report responded “Lets hope he doesn’t, NZ is already recognized the world leader of Indigenous Rights”.  The UNDRIP simply repeats the rights of  the ‘Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) extending them to Indigenous people. Strange because they like us all already are included in the UDHR.

UNDRIP Art., 14.1 states “Indigenous peoples have the right to establish and control their educational systems and institutions providing education in their own languages in a manner appropriate to their cultural methods of teaching and learning.  Hence NZ Educational system will be entrenched in UNDRIP  Art

“Every Indigenous individual has the right to nationality. “Nations can exist as one with the state (the nation-state), within states, and across states, individuals cannot choose their nationality.. anymore than they can choose their family. There is no such thing as a ‘Nation Passport’, you get a passport for a country. Sometimes a nation is primarily an administrative zone. So this absolutely makes no sense at all.

UNDRIP is about Separatist agenda’s , that has profound , unforeseen consequences. John Key had said that UNDRIP is non-binding, does not supersede NZ law.. Now it is evident that there are serious implications in committing to this non-binding agreement. That is so easily become binding in NZ Law. Phil Goff said “while there is much in the non-binding UNDRIP that Labour can support, other parts go too far.  Goff said “no government will give any group within New Zealand the right to self-government or the power of Veto over the Governments decision making” WRONG. He also said “the National Government has no intention of following through on the UNDRIP goals and requirements therefore they should not sign it”

Vision 2040- He Puapua Plan. When UNDRIP’s roadmap is to be achieved by 2040. This marks the 200th anniversary of the Treaty Of Waitangi. Beaware its already being enacted and introduced in NZ. Judith Collins called it ‘two systems by stealth’.  The reason for all the fuss is the perceived obfuscation of the report – despite being received by then minister for Māori Development, Nanaia Mahuta, in 2019, it hasn’t been released by cabinet and is only circulating now after it was released under OIA last month. Since then, National Party leader Judith Collins has used it to stoke fears over separatism, claiming it will create “two systems by stealth”.

The National Party in 2009 agreed to the UNDRIP, rationalising that its non-binding, it could not undermine any NZ policy or legislation.  WRONG.

Te Puni Koriki recommends among other things :- Maori Court System, Health System. Upper House Parliament, Protection of Maori Seats in Parliament and Maori Wards, Compulsory Maori language and Maori History in Schools, Joint Governance Bodies across ALL Govt Agencies. Strengthening the legal recognition of Te Tiri o Waitangi by entering it into NZ Law

DEFINING INDIGENOUS: ROOT WORD OF INDIGENOUS   The term ‘indigenous  ‘Having originated in and being produced, growing in, occurring in naturally in a particular region or environment. (innate, inborn)  Derived from the latin word ‘indigenus’. Old latin word ‘indu’ meaning ‘in’, ‘within’. ‘gignere’ meaning ‘to beget’ from the root ‘gene’ meaning ‘to produce, give birth, beget’.  The term ‘Indigenous’ is very difficult to define. It’s confusing because most people in the world are “indigenous” to their countries in the sense of having been born in them, being descended from people who were born in them.



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