Labour  Socialist Neo International Liberalism encourages, promotes superiority, inability to compromise, destroys individual innovations,  creativity and growth- leads to risks of civil unrest. Encourages prejudice people of different cultures within a nation (Apartheid)

Tony Blair and Bill Clinton were firstly the promoters of the ‘Third Way’ through Socialist International Liberalism to enthusiastically support international organizations. The Third Way introduced a new form of politics.  Centre Left meets Centre Right politics that swerves, is biased to the left wing of politics.  EG Labour and National on the same left leaning page. This was first introduced in 1935 before that Labour was wholly ‘Realistic’ However New Labour Internationalism’ The Third Way’ is enthusiastically supported by international organizations thus forming new foreign, global policies in nation states. Labour more so but also National Party.

Labour challenged its own form of Realistic theories of World Politics. In 2003 Steve Maharey in the Beehive gives an enthusiastic promotional  speech on the ‘New Third Way’. The Third Way introduced by Blair and Clinton. Helen Clark referred to the ‘Third Way.

The Third way is referenced in the ‘Information Age Of Politics’. A ‘One Size Fits All Approach’. One Size Fits all is a market ploy, no one size can ever fit all. It’s a deception just promotes a theatrical appearance.  One Size Fits all limits choices, innovation, leaves individuals issues unaddressed, fails to understand the difference between ‘risks and hazards’. Human beings being globally pushed as being a risk therefore a global hazard which has led to Degrowth Communism worldwide. Socialism on steroids.

Risk based regulations consider the exposure to hazards. The sun for instance is seen as a hazard-Global Warming yet to remain healthy you must enable to body to have a certain about of sunlight Vit D, its essential for human health.  It’s the amount of exposure therefore that matters, therefore one size does not fit all. Risk equals Hazard times Exposure, hazard based regulation is not scientific, but is a one size fits all when policy making decisions are made. Those limits consumer choices, restricts the accessing of reduced risk products. EG a huge example of this is Pope Francis message to the world.

Entire populations globally to be vaxed for COVID19, it is moral to do so.  The Third Way. One Law, one Rule to control all. One Size fits all even those all nations, population worldwide are expected to be guineapigs.

Law Abiding citizens become the criminals, and The Third Way boosts black-markets,  eg Gun Buyback. Obviously the Third Way one rule fits all is a myth the criminals run the show. Increased crime in NZ. One Size-

The Third Plan is a very dangerous one.The Third Way actually boosts black markets, neglects real science, ignores the truth and promotes predictions and assumptions through data bias. One Size fits all hurts all. The One Size fits all- The Third Way mentality is ultimately dangerous and non democratic, ignores human rights and the freedom of expression, freedom of opinion.

The One Size Fits all is embedded in the obsession of promoting racism, LGBTQ1 +1 etc.. The government obsessions with these singular groups within each group that are the ‘one size fits all’ groups.

We saw that at the Posie Parker event in Auckland. The aggression of the out of control LQBTQ towards anyone whom opposed their singular ‘One Size fits All’. NZ’s Political Third Way of International Socialist Neo Liberalism of a class society of Marxism. Socialism on Steroids. Communism. The emergence of stereotypes that have become universally promoted, applicable in govt policy making of promoting racism, sexism which is extremely harmful and dangerous in the Neo Liberalisation of International Socialism.

Everyone has beliefs, opinions, they may be similar, but never totally aligned. No-one has exactly the very same thoughts, feel and act the very same we are all uniquely individual due to a multiple of factors eg Health, characteristics, DNA, Life’s experiences that influence beliefs, actions. But one thing is for sure. No matter what a Man is a Male and a Woman, Girl is a Female.The X & Y chromosomes determines a person biological sex. XX Female and XY Male. The Third Way ignores the biological sex of  Male and Female. The Third Way also incorporates Marxist Classism. Singular groups that are radically inclines to a one size fits all. But if you lump people into one size fits all of the Third Political Way they will resent those that promote it eventually, they will resist it. When you become non compliant to the Political Third Way of the International Neo Liberalism Socialism you are quickly targeted and character assassinated.

The One Size Fits All, the Third Way does not fit well with Healthcare. Because of our individual uniqueness. The global seduction of populations into the One Size Fits All, New Labour’s Third Way of Global Socialist Liberalization is quietly invisibly played out behind the closed doors of Parliament Centre Left collaborating with Centre Right, both parties together swerving to the radical political far left.

The Labour Party 2003 Third Way centralist political position to reconcile the left and right way of politics into a radical left wing politics a progressive socialism embedded in Tony Blairs and Bill Clintons Public/Private Partnerships a Global International Liberalization radical Socialist movement. A Radical Progressive Left Centre that rejects traditionalism and imposes Political Authoritarianism. The Third Way an underlying set, way of sociological assumptions that provide theoretical gloss for political directives. Late 19th Century German Socialist Democratic Party’s and other International parties aligned themselves with Marxism an Evolutionary Socialism a gradual revolutionary change, a global transformation hence destroying, limiting free market economies for stakeholder capitalism

The Third Way  revolutionary socialists a gradual disruptive change, an accumulation od political power. Through the accessibility of political elections a singular rust is gained by electoral politics. The Third Way drawn to the revolutionary radical class structure of Marxism. The Third Way. Centre Left meet Centre Right both together become left leaning political one size fits all. One Law to rule them all, one size fits all to control them all. The Third Way. The One way that brings together the collaboration of National and Labour the left leaning centralist government of NZ.

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