The Sky Is Falling Is Falling In: Chicken Little was in the woods one day when an acorn fell on her head. It scared her so much she trembled all over. She shook so hard, half her feathers fell out. Help, help.. She shook so hard and half her feathers fell out. Help..Help.. she cried. The sky is falling I have to go and tell the King!

Selling your family into financial slavery to the UN and Multinational carbon trading minions for the next century. In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famibe and the like would fit the bill.. all these dangers are caused by human intervention.. the real enemy then in humanity itseld. (Council Of Rome 1991)

In 2017 David Seymour authored a book titled ‘Own Your Own Future’ A Liberal Vision For New Zealand in 2017. Published 2017 by ACT NZ. The following is a description of some of the content of the text written in the book by Seymour:-

We embrace markets, technological innovation  *The reason doomers get it wrong they underestimate or even ignore technological change       *If you predict the future on the basis of the current technology you will be wrong, not just wrong but wildly wrong

That a few pessimists  have gone wildly wrong over the years:- ‘Malthus on population 1798.  *Ehrlich 1968 author of the book ‘Population Bomb’ referring this to the Club of Romes Project ‘Limits to Growth. And Al Gore claiming in 2006 we only had 10 years left to save the planet.

The pessimists are wildly wrong, because we are still thriving. The past 30years we’ve witnessed the greatest reduction in global poverty in the history of the planet. Attributed to globalization, international trade and freer markets.

He referred to the innovation of ideas being highly relevant to climate change issues, referencing the plunging price of solar power, rising efficiency of large scale wind power. The energy transition that will be underway through the next 2 decades and beyond

Forecasts of global fossil fuel use based on current technologies will be wildly overstated. We should all be skeptical of the intense politicalization of climate science debates.  It’s always suspicious when scientific issues seem to line up with political positions. The Left/Right Divide tends to correlate with alarmist/sceptic positions, this is weird from whichever side you come from.

Seymour admitted “Personally I am in the ‘luke-warmist’ camp as outlined by Matt Ridley, meaning I think global warming is real, part of it is probably man-made. But I am skeptical as to the  degree to which it is dangerous. I have a moderately well informed opinion

Seymour refers to ludicrous claims of near scientific infallibility, science by nature is uncertain. The earth is warming ever since the end of the ice age, that’s true, what happens at the end of the ice age, small or big is pretty much by definition.

Saying humans had some influence on warming in recent times, say late 20th century. But its about NZ doing its bit, even though how much warming is uncertain, it’s precautionary to take some action. As time passes and knowledge improves we will find out whether NZ should be responding with greater urgency or lesser

Whatever NZ does as to the impact on global warming there will be zero outcomes, however there is a strong case for NZ to contribute as good global citizens, it’s about doing our bit, even though the contribution is tiny and will NOT determine outcomes. Saying this applies even if one  is skeptical about the more extreme alarmist enthusiasms of the climate change zealots, especially those that have built a political program around it. Referring to NZs ETS Scheme he said “the complexity, cost, the rort involved in global emissions trading Acts policy has always been to dump the ETS, it’s a policy disaster.

He said he preferred a simple low tax, then gradually increase the tax like road user charges but the govt should not make a cent out of the revenue from it. If the science suggested the risks of global warming were rising increase the tax, if the science develops the likely risks are lower, lower the tax. As far as NZ is concerned we are very much a passenger as far as global warming is concerned, we can’t have any influence on outcomes.

We could gradually increase tax over time, if the science suggested that the risks of global

1)David Seymour obviously is very uncertain about the global warming debacle. He is in the luke-warmist camp. Accentuates we do not have enough knowledge about global warming as yet, but NZ must do its bit to be good global citizens although will have no effect on outcomes.

That extreme global warming alarmist enthusiasms of the climate change zealots have built a political program around it. That the Emissions Trading Scheme is a disaster-complex and costly.

Seymour refers to the ‘doomers’ Thomas Malthus, Club of Rome’s Project/book ‘Limits to Growth’ and the Population Bomb, all being those that practice, believe in the Malthusian theory. That human population will far out grow resources need for the global population to survive, therefore this would bring wars, famine and disease. Not taking into consideration the advancing of technology and the decreasing of populations as is happening now throughout the world. Replacement level of many countries are below 2.1, a population level as set by the IMF & The World Bank (Thomas Malthus Essay 1798 ‘Principle of Population’).

That today the threats of climate change, water scarcity, lack of arable land, energy crisis,famine and endless human population growth fuels the concerns of a ‘Malthusian disaster through a Malthusian Crisis/catastrophe’ that is looming in the 21st century. (The carrying capacity of a species).

Since the end of World War11, the UN FAO (Food & Agriculture Organization has been collecting world agriculture stats, using this data to study, implement policies to reduce hunger according to specific targets. The FAO developed a definition of ‘Food security’ (FAO, IFAD, WFD 2015). A population that has achieved ‘Food Security would therefore have a PoU of ZERO.

The Oil Crisis on 2008 sparked the beginning of what you see happening today, the uncertainties of the global food market and its ability to feed populations and the Malthusian catastrophe has ,in my opinion been a justification for the Klaus Schwab’s baby ‘Stakeholder capitalism to replace the worlds innovative ‘Free-market Enterprising Economy’ (Corporate Capture.

The signing of an Official partnership memorandum between the UN and WEF is documented as, the partnership officially came about to accelerate, advance UN Agenda 2030. The WEF membership has huge political clout and massive funds to support this advancing of UN’s Agenda 2030.

Environmental Malthusianism being the idea that the human population growth is the primary driver of environmental harms and population control is a prerequisite to environmental protection, hence sterilization programs, birth control programme’s and International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Margaret  Sanger, a Socialist Activist and believer in Eugenics. Rockefeller Jnr was an early advocate of Sanger’s pioneering work, she originally founded the American Birth Control League which later became the US  Planned Parenthood Federation. (IPPF is affiliated with NZ Family Planning Association)

Slowing down the world’s population by using women’s rights to productive decisions, greater access to education and political decision making can effectively slow down population growth (New York Times 19/08/1994). The third UN sponsored International Conference on Population & Development held in Cairo organized by Margaret Sanger. She was willing to employ ‘Eugenicist and ‘Malthusian’ justifications for birth control. Sanger was granted funds from the Rockefeller Foundation

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