THE TERM ‘ Paradigm Shift’ was first coined by Thomas Khun an American Historian, this refers to the theories around  contradictions, accumulations and violations of  markets in the future, yet to come

As inflation peaks, war rages and trade conflicts harden, new ways of thinking about how and why the world has changed are emerging. The lessons drawn by voters, central banks, tech titans and bureaucrats will shape economies, companies and markets for years to come. It has been more than six decades since Thomas Kuhn first coined the term “paradigm shift”. Yet the process the American historian described, where accumulating contradictions in and violations of old theories lead to them being painfully overthrown, remains relevant today ‘ The structure of scientific revolutions’ focusing on messy confrontational processes of so called scientific theory which has been applied, misused and violated  our ever changing world. The Paradigm Shift is referred to as ‘Uncertainties’ references made to corporations, business people CEO’s entering politics. The so called ‘revolving door  between  business and politics’, I just could not help but this if Christopher Luxon here with his CEO Corporate history of Unilever Canada and his associations with Gates  and other Global Leaders, mentoring by John Key. The revolving door that propels corporate executives into public office. For example in the US in 2006 Hank Paulson left a top CEO position with Goldman Sachs to become US Treasury Secretary. George W  Bush previously also ran large companies. Corporates sitting in the front seat of the political governance of a country and politicians as back seat passengers. Governments that rewards corporations as in Public-Private Partnerships of Multi-stakeholder Capitalism (or should I say Communism). The bureaucratic geopolitical regimes, and their asset manager such as BlackRock

The Iwi Elite through the Iwi Chairs Forum enter the backdoor of Parliament where Te Pati Maori speak up on their behalf, supporting them. Claire Charters of the Iwi National Forum given a position within the Human Rights Commission to push the UNDRIP into NZ’s political arena, a change in the constitutional arrangements of NZ. Claire Charters familiar with her visits to the UN pushing for Iwi/Maori Sovereignty in NZ through the revolving door of politics.



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