THE CLUB OF ROME DOCUMENTS:- ‘The Greenhouse Effect’… “In searching the new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would bit the bill…all these dangers are caused by human intervention….the real enemy, then, is humanity itself” ‘The Council of the Club of Rome 1991’

Most influential organizations begin with the meeting of a few like minds. In 1965, Aurelio Peccei, an Italian industrialist, made a speech that proved inspirational to Alexander King, the Scottish Head of Science at the OECD. The two found that they shared a profound concern for the long-term future of humanity and the planet, what they termed the modern ‘predicament of mankind’.

Three years later, King and Peccei convened a meeting of European scientists in Rome. Although this first attempt failed to achieve unity, a core group of like-minded thinkers emerged. Their goal: to advance three core ideas that still define the Club of Rome today: a global and a long-term perspective, and the concept of “problematic”, a cluster of intertwined global problems, be they economic, environmental, political or social.
At the group’s first major gathering in 1970, Jay Forrester, a systems professor at MIT, offered to use computer models he had developed to study the complex problems which concerned the group more rigorously.

An international team of researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology began a study of the implications of unbridled exponential growth. They examined the five basic factors that determine and, in their interactions, ultimately limit growth on this planet – population, agricultural production, non-renewable resource depletion, industrial output and pollution.

The Club of Rome was founded, formed at David Rockefeller’s estate in Bellagio, Italy. They described themselves as ‘a group of world citizens sharing a common concern for the future of Humanity.

The Club of Rome consists of current and former Heads of State, UN bureaucrats, high level politician and government officials, diplomats, scientists, economists, business leaders from around the world

It is the membership of the Club of Rome that has formed a think-tank that provides ‘suggestions to the United Nations that are planned to radicalise the world, transform people, planet for prosperity (profit). The transformation that is going on right before our eyes that relates to COP26, UN Agenda 21, UN Agenda 2030 and IA2030, these are no accidents, nor are they mindless, they have been carefully construed and orchestrated. The Club of Rome think tank have played a huge part in all of this.

The Club Of Rome founded two sibling organizations namely the ‘Club of Budapest’ and the ‘Club of Madrid’, focusing on social and cultural aspects of their agenda also concentrating on the political aspects

The three clubs share many common members and hold joint meetings and conferences, they are ‘all in the one same beast’. The Club of Rome established a network of 33 National Associations. Membership of the main club is limited to 100 individuals at one time.

Al Gore, Maurice Strong are just two of those individuals who are affiliated to the main Club Of Rome through National Associations USACOR, CACOR etc.,
But one must ask who and what is the Club of Rome, it is not some little group of nobody’s or greenie activists or unheard of politicians.
They are senior officials of the UN, current and ex world leaders, founders of environments organizations.

If you research Ann Bressington’s exposure of UN Agenda 21, Club of Rome.

‘The Inconvenient Truth’ Al Gore who led the US delegation to the Rio Earth Summit and Kyoto Climate Change conference chaired a meeting at the Club of Rome held in Washington DC in 1997

The following are just a few who are members of the Club of Rome:-
Javier Solana, the Secretary General of the ‘Council of the European Union, the representative of EU Foreign Policy and Maurice Strong the former head of the UN Environment Programme and chief advisor to the leader of the UN – Kofi Annan.
Kofi Annan was the Secretary General of the Rio Earth Summit and also the co-author (with Gorbachev) of the Earth Charter and the Kyoto Protocol, also the founder of the Earth Council.

Mikhail Gorbachev the former president of the Soviet Union was a member of the Club of Rome, founder of Green Cross International and the Gorbachev Foundation.

Diego Hidalgo an executive member of the Club of Rome with Gorbachev of the Club of Madrid was also the founder and President of the European Council on Foreign Relations in association with George Soros.

Founding member of the Club of Rome and also the president of the ‘Club of Budapest’ is Erwin Lazlo, he also is the chairman of the ‘World Wisdom Council’’.
Anne Ehrlich – Population Biologist is married to Paul Ehrlich, she and hher husband Paul authored many books on human overpopulation
Hassan bin Talal president of the Club of Rome and the president of ‘Arab Thought’ is a member of the UN’s Global Roll of Honour, also a former director of ‘Friends of the Earth’ and the ‘Sierra Club’

Sir Crispin Tickell founder of the World Future Council, named as the United Nations champion of the Earth Forum, a former British Permeant Representative to the UN and permanent Representative to the UN Security Council, also the Chairman of the ‘Gaia Society’.
Sir Crispin Tickell is also the Chairman of the Board of the Climate Institute and a leading British Climate Change Campaigner.

Kofi Annan – former Secretary General of the United Nations. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.
Javier Perez de Cuellar is the former Secretary General of the United Nations.

Gro Harlem Brundtland is the former President of Norway and the UN Special Envoy for Climate Change

Robert Muller is the former Assistant Secretary General of the UN, founder and Chancellor of the UN University of Peace.

The Dalai Lama, the ‘Spiritual Leader’ of Tibet. Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Father Berry Thomas a Catholic Priest is one of the leading proponents of deep ecology, eco-spiritualaity and global consciousness.

David Rockefeller is a Club of Rome Executive Member and the former Chairman of Chase, founder of the Trilateral Commission also the executive member of the World Economic Forum.

David Rockefeller donated land on which the United Nations stands.

Stephen Schneider a professor of Biology and Global Change at Stanford was one of the earliest most vocal proponents of man-made global warming, he is also a leader of IPCC Reports.

Bill Clinton the former President of the United States also founder of the Clinton Global Imitative.

Jimmy Carter – former President of the United States, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate.

Of course Bill Gates is a member of the Club of Rome. He is the founder of Microsoft, makes his wealth in investing into research that brings him billions of dollars of profit though philanthropy.

Naming a new more members of the Club of Rome including Ted Turners, George Soros, Jimmy Carter, Tony Blair, Deepak Chopra, Desmond Tutu, Henry Kissinger.
Of course there are many more far too many to mention right now, also those associated with Temples of Enlightenment and New Age Spiritual Activists.

George Matthews – Chairman of the Gorbachev Foundation Harlan Cleveland – former Assistant US Secretary of State and NATO Ambassador Barbara Marx Hubbard – President Foundation for Conscious Evolution Betty Williams – Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Marianne Williamson – New Age ‘Spiritual Activist’ and key members of the United Nations and leading professors of Academia. Eco-political and Eco-environmental.

The committee of the Club of Rome include more than 300 members. On the 21st March 2018 the Club of Rome report clled for a new enlightenment stating that is human beings do not fundamentally alter their current lifestyles and the economy planetary boundaries will soon be transgressed.
The bones of UN Agenda 21 and UN Agenda 2030 were laid out in a series of Club of Rome reports. one of the first being Limits to Growth (1971) this was mainly about ‘overpopulation

“The technetronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained by traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.”

This text is taken from the Club of Rome’s 2002 report, Planetary Emergency Plan: Securing a New Deal for People, Nature and Climate.
In that the Great Panic of 2020 (pandemic) is currently dominating the new cycle, don’t think for a minute that radical climate change alarmism has gone away. To the contrary, it is just waiting for the massive funding that will be sprung during the Great Reset


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