Here is one of the biggest porkies on CO2 Greenhouse Emissions.

Countries worldwide rely of IPCC Assessment Reports in the decision making around Climate Change Policies, decision making, regulations. I have researched IPCC where I have found information that states ‘high accuracy of atmospheric CO2 concentrations were initiated by Charles David Keeling in 1958, that constitute the series of documenting the changing composition of the atmosphere. This has iconic status in climate change science as the evidence of human activities on the chemical composition of the global atmosphere.

Keeling’s measurements on the global carbon cycle are used effectively today and record the burning of fossil fuel.  To record fossil fuel emissions, demonstrate long term changes in the exchange of CO2 between the atmosphere, biosphere and oceans. The Keeling Curve is necessary in IPCC Assessments. The Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii measures the carbon dioxide molecules in dry air. Data collected is namely the Keeling Curve. This has been a critical measurement in climate science since the late 1950’s. The location of the Keeling Carbon Dioxide Detectors are on a site high on the slopes of the Mauna Loa Volcano. The CO2 measurements globally are measured on the high slopes of a Hawaiian volcano. The elevation level is 3,400m top of the volcano elevation is just over 4100m

Volcano’s emit carbon dioxide, thus the carbon dioxide measurements cannot be trusted, therefore they do not know whether global atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration is rising or not. The Mauna Loa Observatory has played a critical role in record gathering for more than 60 years by charting inexplorable rise of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.  But now the lava is flowing, the volcano erupted in November 2022, cut access and power to the site, halting critical monitoring. Detailed record taking since the late 1950’s, says Ralph Keeling son of David Keeling who is the Director of the CO@ Program at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  He said “Of all the evidence scientists have collected about our planets health, none is more important than a long running climate record gathered at the lonely post a top of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Volcano”. Saying “Its played a critical role in understanding global climate change by charting carbon dioxide in the atmosphere

Its reported that the Mauna Loa Observatory is the world’s foremost monitoring site for Carbon dioxide and other altering greenhouse gases, CO2 monitoring has now been put on hold. Peiter Tans former scientist with NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory stated “there is no other CO2 monitoring site with the same advantages as the Hawaiian Observatory, it’s the worlds foremost observatory for Greenhouse gases. This has caused climate scientists huge concern. He also said the Mauna Loa record loss increases uncertainty of relationships of tracing CO2 and drought, and other climate anomalies on a seasonal and annual basis.

What Climate Scientists measure is about the sum of all their predictions wrapped up in an erupting volcano going up in ash, and lava slivering down the sides of the volcano. The Mauna Loa eruption of 1855 began in a similar location and sent lava flowing down the side of the volcano. That one lasted for six months. Its reported the  prospect of a similarly long pause in operations makes efforts to establish interim solutions all the more critical. For now, seismic activity is continuing beneath the currently active fissure, according to the U.S. Geologic Survey. The ground continues to rumble because magma is still rising up into it. When it will stop is anyone’s guess. But IPCC Climate Change Report was released on 2oth March 2023. The 2023 Global Stock take under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report.  The  measuring of Carbon Dioxide in the air globally, where methane emissions are significant.

A US Geological Survey (Gov) update reported the Mauna Loa Volcano as fast moving lava flows that happen on average every 6 years. Since 1843 has erupted 33 times. However, IPCC, Climate Scientists states that the Observatory on the Volcano is crucial in measuring Carbon Dioxide globally, green house emissions, chemicals in the atmosphere? Surely this is enough proof that you are being told a whopping porkie. This is about control of population worldwide. Its about the dilution of sovereign nations (countries) to a one world of global corporate capture. Of Stakeholder Capitalism to destroy farmers and small businesses. To destroy the Free Market Enterprising economy. Free market (Freedom to choose). It’s about Mass Migration implemented through a global Migration Task Force. It saddens me to hear at the Farmers Groundswell gathering at Ellerslie yesterday that so many farmers have bought into this global warming crap. I totally support the farmers, so I feel very sad about this.






Research by Carol Sakey


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