TONY BLAIRS ‘North Korean’Sweeping Powers are permanent in New Zealand.. Not one political crony in the cesspit of Wellington will openly share this information with the citizens of NZ.

Tony Blair was reported in the Daily Mail News as referring to ‘Tony Blair’s Stalker Squad’. He had quietly set up a Fixated Threat Assessment Centre in the UK for those that were called ‘Suspects to be detained’ without breaking the law under an extended mental health condition namely ‘fixated’ behavior.

Fixated Threat Assessment Centre is a collaboration between Scotland Yard Police, Parliamentary Police and special Mental Health Officials, where the government has the power to detain anyone whom opposed the governments narratives. Citizens whom had not committed a crime, with was no criminal evidence. Thus being a blurred line between criminal and clinical investigations.

Because of the passing of a confidentiality legislation suspects name were not known, therefore no-one knew how any detained suspect there were, or their names.  The Atlantic Times reported ‘UK Law Bans the public from Criticizing the Government’ British subjects being detailed in a mental health unit under Blair’s little known laws’. Detainee’s had little or no right to appeal, a number of people falling prey to Blairs North Korean tactics.

Outspoken MP Andrew Lansley reported “the law can be used to target anyone of religious or political belief. The Government has widened the definition of mental health intervention”.
Evening Standard 27th May 2007 was headed ‘Shambles of Blairs Plan’ referring to Blairs draconian wartime powers. Where if citizens were questioned by police and did not comply they were issued with up to a 5,000 pound fine. The Government had such sweeping powers that Police could stop and question anyone. The government analyzed more than 10,000 suspects. No-one knows how many were or are being detained in the Threat Assessment Centres.

Detainee’s that undergo mental health interventions without having a mental health disorder. Civil matters in a private court where the govt chose an advocate to represent the suspect. The suspect not knowing that a court hearing was happening, no lawyer. Suspects could be detained indefinitely.

2017 the New Zealand Government decided to pilot Tony Blairs draconian North Korean Fixated Threat Assessment Centre in New Zealand. On the July 1st 2019 under the Labour led government the Tony Blair Fixated Threat Assessment Centre became permanent in New Zealand. A collaboration between Parliamentary Police, NZ Police and special Mental Health Officials.

An OIA request was made requesting details of how many suspects have been detained in the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre in NZ. Age, ethnicity etc., between 2017 – 2020. The response from National Intelligence NZ Police to all questions where responses were requested were given a ‘Non Applicable’ response. In other words “the New Zealand public will never know”. Kia-ora North Korea.
Carol Sakey WakeUpNZ

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