CNN Reports 19th June 2015 ‘The Pope’s 10 Commandments on Climate Change. Pope Francis released a sweeping statement about the environment calling on a ‘cultural revolution’ to change all our lifestyles. The document being 184 pages long. The Pope saying that “everybody can follow to stop the “disturbing warming of our planet”. What kind of world do you want to leave your children to  2) Embrace Alternative Energy Sources  3)Consider pollutions effect on the poor  4) Take the bus  5) Be Humble  6) Don’t become a slave to your phone  7) Don’t trade online relationships for real ones 8) Turn off the lights, recycle and do not waste food  9) Educate yourself 10) Believe you can make a difference

However, the Pope goes way beyond his new set of Green Commandments as big companies join Vatican- affiliated council pledging inclusive capitalism (8th December 2020) as Pope Francis partners with Corporate titans to make ‘Capitalism’ more inclusive. Corporate Virtue Signaling. The Corporate titans, the council boasts over $2.1 trillion of market capitalization and 200 million workers in 163 countries. The so called ‘Guardians’ are the council members, top executives of the world’s leading corporations involved in global intended actions involving environmentalism, social and governance matters worldwide. Corporates such as MasterCard, Dupont, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothchild, the managing partners of the Inclusive Capital Partners, that has partnered Pope Francis ‘The Vatican’

Included are the CEO’s of Merck, Johnson &Johnson, Estee Lauder, BP, Bank Of America, State Street and the president of the Rockefeller Foundation. According to Forbes, Marc Benioff, the CEO of Salesforce, is worth nearly $90 billion. William Lauder, the executive chairman of Estée Lauder, has a net worth of $3.5 billion. Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild is the founder of the Inclusive Capital Partners that partners the Pope (Vatican). She is married to Sir Evelyn De Rothschild, one of the world’s wealthiest family dynasties, estimated to be worth $20 billion. The Pope supporting the wealthy corporate shareholders, CEO’s that have massive wealth. Supporting those that accumulated huge wealth during the COVID19 Pandemic. They continue to bask in media favorable embracing attention portraying to be wonderful and caring, saving the planet. (People-Planet and a Huge wealthy Profit)

New York Times Pope Francis blesses Business Plans. Pledges towards environmental and sustainable goals that fit into the ESG Movement, gets Francis’s blessing. The Business Insider reports8th June 2020 Pope Francis joins with CEO’s of Fortune 500- De Rothschild Council. The Council for Transforming Societies, a coalition of large investors. The most globalist and interventionalist Pope since the Crusades of the 12th Century has formalized an alliance with the largest figures in global finance with the noble banking family Rothschild. The Alliance is a joint venture they call ‘Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican’ The venture is being called one of the more cynical and has given the actors being of the most dangerous frauds being promoted since DAVOD Guru and Henry Kissinger, Klaus Schwab began to promote the ‘Great Reset’ of the world’s capitalist order.

On the Council for Inclusive Capitalism website they proclaim the typical UN doublespeak. This is a movement of the World’s business and public sector leaders, all part of the globalist master plan. The Council members make actionable commitments aligned with the World Economic Forum’s International Business Councils  to advance UN Agenda 2030 Global Development Goals. The WEF Global Redesign Initiative of 2010. Giga corporations that a more powerful than governments, that destroy traditional agriculture in favour of toxic agri-business, dismantling living standards. The ‘inclusive’ capitalist corporations joining forces with the Vatican, the Pope. Lady Lynn De Rothschild  is a very interesting person in the public eye of some media magnets of the past, according to the list of names who flew on the private jet of convicted child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein, a name that appears is ‘de Rothschild, Lynn Forester’ . A British friend of Lady Lynn is reported to be a complicity in child sex trafficking as the partner of Jeffrey Epstein.

Lady Lynn has another long term friend named Hilary Clinton, whose husband Bill is reported to have also logged on Epstein’s Lolita Express private jet around 2 dozen times. Lady Lynn and her husband spent their honeymoon at the Whitehouse during the Clinton presidency. The Rothschild venture with the Vatican is reported to include hand picked money moguls and select foundations that call themselves ‘guardians’ . The now ‘Moral’ Guardians as they are now friends with the Pope, the Vatican.

The Guardian member list includes Rajiv Shah CEO of the Rockefeller Foundation, former partner of the Gates Foundation AGRA Scam that introduced Genetically Modified Organism Seeds in Africa. The Rockefeller Foundation has been involved in promoting a ‘pandemic lockdown’ since 2010, is a corer part of the WEF Great Reset, releasing a Rockefeller Report ‘Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the US Food System’. Included also is the CEO of the Ford Foundation. The Ford and Rockefeller Foundations shaping the imperial American foreign policy, including the funding of the failed Green Revolution in India and Mexico, and the creation of Rockefeller funds of GMO Crops. Also DuPont, a GMO giant and chemical group is another guardian of the Council and scandal ridden vaccine and drug companies Merck and Johnson & Johnson. Merck was reported as lying about the risks of its arthritis drug Vioxx until more than 55,000 users died of heart attacks.

Johnson & Johnson have been involved in numerous frauds, including negative effects of its anti-psychotic drug Risperdal, the illegal presence of cancer causing asbestos in its baby powder, and thousands of legal actions for its role as a leading supplier of the opioid Purdue Pharma’s deadly prescription painkiller OxyContin. Other Council members, guardians of the Council that partner with the Pope, the Vatican are CEO’s of Mastercard, Bank Of America Allianz Insurance, BP. In 2016 Visa along with the US Agency for International Development was behind the catastrophic Modi experiment to introduce a ‘cashless’ economy in India. Also Guardian Mark Carney the former Bank Of England head, advocates for a ‘Cashless Society’, digital central bank currencies to replace the $. Carney is now UN Special Envoy for Climate Action and Finance. Carney is on the board of the WEF. The promoter of the Global Reset of Capitalism to impose the dystopian Agenda 2030 ‘Sustainable’ economy.

Several of the Rothschild’s guardians are on the WEF board, also founder of Cloud Computing, and  ex Credit Suisse CEO is on the International Business Council; of the WEF. All guardians within the Council that partners with the Vatican, Pope Francis. Pope Francis chose to give the Rothschilds group of mega capitalists ‘moral’ credibility, as he has embroiled himself with partnering, being involved with those involved in the largest financial scandals, fraud. Pope Francis was declared a ‘new pope’ in 2013 his main task involved cleaning up the scandal driven  Vatican finances. Some have said that the financial corruption within the Vatican has worsened. The somewhat new 2020 Council for Inclusive Capitalism with the Vatican of Lady Lynn de Rothschilds clearly is the plan of much bigger things to come, the Global Redesign Initiative of the WEF, the Great Reset, Corporate Capture.

They shamedly call this the ‘Moral’ Compass. I personally believe it’s a trade off with the devil, the devil incarnate. The Pope joining forces with the Global Order. Pope Francis and his partnership with the wealthy and the most corrupt.


Pope Francis journey’s way beyond his ‘Ten New Green Commandment’s’ as the Vatican, Pope Francis partners with corporate titans, blessing their business plans, Pope Francis supporting, collaborating with wealthy corporate CEO’s, shareholders that have accumulated huge wealth during the pandemic. This has been credited with the Pope calling this partnership a ‘Moral Compass’ Researched By Carol Sakey

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