This  threat to our liberties and freedoms and our livelihoods  we are facing in New Zealand and civilians across the world is extremely serious.  New Zealand’s national identity is on the line as the one script for all hastens in this what the UN calls ‘The narrow window of opportunity’

I am referring to the global elite the wealthiest on this planet and the most politically powerful. That are behind  the globalist green agenda, the massive  worldwide marketing of ‘Sustainability; Under the veil of covid19 the tyranny has escalated.

The Eco Socialist Marxist Post Modernist greening of this planet namely  the three P’s. People, Planet for Profit for the very few most wealthiest in the world.  We cannot solve the world’s ills, but we ned to start finding a way to solve our own in New Zealand.

These globalist they have the almighty power, and  massive wealth and greed. However in New Zealand there are still many more of us that will not just knock on the door of hope but faith will open that door.

In Australian just a few large corporation are busy land grabbing, names like Nestle and Walmart, Unilever appear and many more. They have ghost farms.  In NZ there are more than 29 ghost farms. Fonterra has 29 of them. Where the cattle have been taken of the land, and Fonterra sprays its factory cleaning waste water onto the land calling this nutrients.   There has been real concerns around this as to this waste water getting into the domestic water system.

The farmers get blamed, but the farmers have fenced off over 98% of their waterways now. But in urban areas wwe have factories right across NZ that dump contaminants into our waterways. Nanaia Mahuta had been told about this a long time ago, and nothing. Evidently there is a loophole in the Local Council Act where these businesses, factory owners are never fined or sued.

The Government wants to control all our basic needs- water, food, air, roof over our heads by using a top down centralized govt. Control the way we live, what we eat-our diets, what we think and how we act. Social engineering, behaviour engineering through the mainstream media (propaganda machine) influencing people minds.

We the people are the fact checkers, we check the fact checkers. We seek the truth. We must do all we can to awaken other New Zealanders up to the facts. Show them the valuable links, go direct to the source of information. You will then gain other peoples trust.

13th June 2019 The Un and WEF- World Economic Forum signed an official partnership.. a Public-Private Corporate Global Governance of the world. The collaboration of the UN that introduces its international laws, which UN Nations like NZ welcome and then intercept them into our own domestic laws. And the WEF that represents Multistakeholder Capitalist Corporations, Philanthropist, Silicon Valley, Large Investors, NGO, and leaders of governments worldwide.

Goal is destroy the global Free market Enterprise and replace it with Multistakeholder Capitalism. Destroy small businesses, farms and private property rights.  This is the decade of action 2020 – 2030, to leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age to be controlled by a one script for all.

In our own unique foot prints on this earth, our own unique individuality in respect, love and faith we must unite in love not in war.  Surely Anzac Day is a heartfelt reminder that these courageous soldiers fought for our freedom, we will not let them down, they died us so we can live because of them.

Keep revealing  the truth about the pseudo-science of the “climate change” and “sustainable development” initiatives; (and  expose the global totalitarian regime that would be established by the UN “green” agenda;. Preserve our God given freedoms and our national identity. .God Save New Zealand


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