Mastercard is the part of a much larger effort that is introducing ‘social credit’ through carbon impacting products and services. Under the guise of ESG concerns (ESG-Environmental, Social, Governance). Mastercard’s ‘Doconomy’ is being used as a method of Climate Action- A Carbon Social Credit System, a way of ushering in Social Credit very similar to that of programmable central bank digital currency.  Only with Doconomy you are not forced to use this, under Central Bank Programmable Digital Currency you may not have a choice, you will be locked into the system. ‘Climate action’ to meet arbitrary ‘ESG’ standards. For carbon conscious individuals with a credit card, thus stopping them from spending money if they go over a predetermined ‘carbon’ limit. Calculated on adding up the carbon impact on the  goods purchased. Mastercard setting the global gold standard for carbon calculations.

Auckland City Council Website  8th November2019 ‘Calculate and reduce your carbon footprint with ‘FutureFit’. Understand the science and realize the urgency, calculate your own personal carbon Footprint. For example if you have used to many carbon footprints then don’t eat meat one or more days, don’t drive you car, take a bike or a hike. Or public transport. The Council’s FutureFit tool assesses the impact your carbon footprint has in various ways eg They say the biggie is ‘transport’, power, food and living. Yes Living. Fine tune aspects of your daily life. Inspire others to do the same. FutureFit sets the goals, the reminders and the actions- and mentions making up team challenges.  (Free to use, but rate payers will pay for it)

Eco-Church NZ. An A Rocha Aotearoa NZ Project – Sustainable Lifestyles, is essential if we are going to worship God. Our children must play a full part in Sustainable Lifestyles to live lightly. Planet saving tips. NZ Council give Eco Churches Grants.

How to save the world. International programmes for NZ to encourage church members to live sustainably with WWF ‘My Footprint App’. World Life Fund which is very connected to the UN and the WEF. WWF is a large international network. The WWF is documented on the World Economic Forums Global Risk Report of 2021 on ‘Climate Crisis’. The WWF (World World life Fund)  Environmental Footprint App has been introduced to Eco Churches in New Zealand. (WWF’s My Footprint App). Their website states ‘ In the face of extreme weather, forest fires and global pandemic, calculate your carbon footprint to help our planet.

Ask ”How big is your environmental footprint”? The choices you make every day- what you eat, how you travel, energy. Eco tracking your shopping habits all have an impact on your footprint

The Spectator Australia article 29th May 2022. ‘The Carbon Credit Diet Plan 2022’. The Govts solution to the pandemic, the biggest risk factor ‘overweight’ so they promote people being locked in their homes, ordering, MacDonalds, Kentucky Uber Eats, and can’t go to the Gym.  The World Economic Forum the problem is not so much the Pandemic but Climate Change is the problem, and how dare we support the farmers with our No Farmers No Food Placards.  As the Spectator describes this, people fall for the promises of Socialist warlords that keep taking power and ruling via corruption propped up by hundreds of billions in global aid programs.

Eco-Churches NZ Mainstream Green. RNZ 21st January 2022. Wellington based sustainability data company is helping British Bank customers spend in lines with their values, with NZ Banks to follow soon.

Carbon Social Credit ratings ‘CoGo developed an app to track carbon footprints of individual consumers, but now they partner with banks. They have partnered with UK bank Nat West, Australia’s CommBank, several NZ Institutions are interested in jumping on board. (Named Carbion Footprint). Cogo helps banks to empower customers to track their induvial carbon footprints, similiar to that of  Mastercard Docomony.

Westpac Website 29th October 2020 ‘Carbon Footprint Trackers lets Kiwi’s take Action On Climate Change’ NZ Bank customers can now use the spending app CoGo to analyse spending habits, to reduce carbon emissions RNZ reported 18th August 2022 Kiwi Bank customers able to track their carbon footprints, spending their money in a carbon friendly way. ASB has done the same.

2.South China Morning Post 19th May 2022. Hongkong’s Planto ties up with NZ Fintech firm CoGo to create awareness about sustainability, launch of carbon footprint tracking software for city banks, calculations based on customers transaction. Planto and CoGo partnerships with banks in Hongkong. The banks collecting the data and the firms receiving commission, depending how many customers using the software.

A technology to nudge society towards a better pro-environmental  behaviour. Travelling down the road at high speed into a Chinese Social Credit system that rates individuals based on aggregation and analysis of data, trials etc., Reward and punish systems- You are doomed if you do and dammed if you don’t comply. This is a Social Credit Scoring System- A Trojan Horse. Control, control, control every aspect of your life. The WEF ‘ Global Redesign collaborating with its partner the UN . UN Member Governments, NGO’s and all self interested parties hastily adopting this Doom and Gloom, fear mongering mind fecking insanity

This is massive worldwide re-engineering of  behavior, social engineering. Behaviour psychology, making sure the carbon social credit system becomes acceptable worldwide.  What on earth does a tonne of carbon mean on an emotional level, may really make people feel guilty.  What about the data you enter into these carbon tracking footprint apps, are they shared with third parties? Its difficult to calculate carbon footprints because of insufficient knowledge about all the contributing factors, the complexity of all processes including the  natural ones.

S & P Global – Seek and Prosper CNN Business reported March 31st 2021 An Irish Startup can work out your carbon footprint from your grocery receipt.  And this is happening more and more across the world.

Wellington City Council -Calculate your carbon footprint and offset remaining emissions that you are unable to reduce . The Website reads ‘ Achieving a Net Zero will rely on you reducing your carbon footprint’, carbon foots they say are generated by your behaviours, transport choices, food you eat energy you use. Stating ‘Keep in mind we need to act locally and globally to half our carbon by 2030”. What is the composition of your diet.  On their website they advertise, promote –‘FutureFit, Toitu’s Freen Carbon Calculators. Toitu parent company is Our parent Manaaki Whenua – Landcare Research . This was originally part of the Dept of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) was an independent organization when the Crown Research Institutes were created in 1992, as part of that process they commercialised and now operates as a govt owned company rather than a govt dept,

What about the outsized carbon footprints of the global elite, these socialist doom and gloom politicians that go fleeting around the world. Those that gather at DAVOS annually in their private jets.  The billionaires that promote and act upon the WEF Global Redesign. The billionaires who are making huge wealth from carbon capture. The worlds most wealthiest are driving ‘the doom and gloom climate alarmism’. Greta Thunberg ‘How Date You’ wrote in the Guardian in 2019 “The bigger your carbon footprint, the bigger your moral duty”

People have also started to consider the impact of their diets, leading to a boom in plant-based meat and dairy companies. ” Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Richard Branson led a $90 million investment into vegan meat. The meatless burger. The Plant based pizza.. The Guardian reports that ‘plant based a by far the best investment as alternatives to mayonnaise, milk, icecream, meat and the list goes on. Sustainability the global advertising campaign for Corporate Governance. People-Planet for massive profits for the wealthy few.

Massive wealth is being made by the promoters of Climate Alarmism, doom and gloom. And a worldwide social credit system are hurriedly  being ushered here with carbon social credit systems worldwide.  Control of diets, behaviours, travel, society, consumption etc., Control, control, control

Real Meat is good for you. No farmers- No Food. Meat is plentiful in Vit B12, essential for preventing issues like fatigue, brain fog, nerve damage and a decrease in brain volume for older people. Its reported that inadequate levels of B12 correlate with memory loss.

The brain accounts for 20% of our body’s energy use, requires many nutrients to keep the brain functioning well. If lacking Vit B12 can cause cognitive decline. B12 is found naturally in proteins sourced by real meat. Proteins in meat and dairy play a fundamental role in a child’s brain development,  Helps neurons, cells that transmit information to other cells . Meat and poultry contain protein, important for growth & development and other nutrient needs for your body. Eg Iodine, Iron, Zinc and Vit B12  (better health Website Victoria Govt Australia)

Vic Govt Website reads:-Fact Sheet- Meat and poultry contain protein, which is important for growth and development, and other nutrients your body needs, such as iodine, iron, zinc and vitamin B12. That meat & poultry are great sources of protein, provide a lot of nutrients and essential fatty acids. Its good to eat meat and poultry each week as part of your balanced diet.

No Farmers-No Food. Support NZ Farmers now. NZ government and the Iwi Elite are throwing our farmers under their tractors, are using them as their whipping boy.  The removing of the RMA, replacing it with three new Acts. More control by Central Govt and  Iwi Elite over our farmers.

Carbon Offsets are a scam’. A book keeping trick, tree planting window dressing, global green washing and don’t be fooled. A classic con. Greed and power drives it all. Massive profits over populations worldwide. Preys on fear.

RNZ reports 14th July 2021 NZ Imported more than a million tonnes of dirty dusty coal from Indonesia. Dusty dusty coal where twice as much would have to be burned than say if we still had the consumption of our own NZ produced coal.  Last time this much coal was purchased was in 2006. More loss of jobs. More people reliant on welfare state. More people controlled by the govt.

The Human Induce Climate Change Fraud of the 21st Century article by NZ Centre for Political Research 9th February 2022 an interesting article. Many politicians, journalists, so called scientists and climate activists, greenies are pushing the climate alarmism theory. The alarmist lobby have totally disregarded the vast natural forces that actually do drive climate.

They report ‘Science is settled’ No science is not settled. There is no climate emergency. Pollution does kill but CO2 is not a pollutant.  Carbon Dioxide is plant food and the life blood of the plant and animal kingdom, CO@ underpins all life on this earth .the pillar of supporting all life forms on this planet.

CO2 is NOT a Greenhouse Gas. This is all a Global, Regional, National, Local Scam. WAKE UP NZ. How do you feel about paying the govt to scam you, and at the same time re-engineering your behaviour, with the planning of a communist carbon social credit system

Bezos, Gates back fungus fake meat as next big alt-protein




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