THE WORLD HEALTH ORG., (UN) REPORTED 15TH MAY 2023  the orchestrated framework of policy makers, for Education and Health authorities and specialist the ‘Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe’ this is to apply to all UN Nations, International communities. To over-ride the teaching practices of ‘sovereign nations; in Europe and the wider International communities to Sexuality Education’. We already have this Sexuality and Relationship in every subject in NZ School curriculum but now it seems that the World Health Organization wants to extend on this. As they document a message for parents that ‘sexuality’ education starts at birth. Many European Nations have already complied to the UNs seeking to expand an already ugly evil sexual deviancy in school classrooms worldwide. The UN have now produced the International a ‘ Guide to Sexuality Education’ which was produced by UN Education 2030.

Yes, 2020- 2030 The UN Decade of Action, to leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age.. including a new born baby at birth. And the WHO are actively promoting this globally. Mid April 2023 the Commission on Population Development (UN( failed to reach a consensus on this strategy however they were given a reprieve for now. It was the Un (UNESCO) that introduced the Sexuality and Relationship School Curriculum into New Zealand and other countries worldwide, and this has been adopted widely throughout the world.  Where children talk in class about sexual desires, encouraged to watch pornography, and told they can be any sex, gender they want to be. Shh Shh we wont tell mum and dad. WHO Vision is ‘Sexuality from Birth”, the development of advocacy and training  educational teachers to teach children about ‘child fiddling, this is psychopathic control of children’s health and wellbeing, its criminal, its cruel and its evil.

 If an adult was do this to a child prison would be the only place for them, incarcerated for a very long time. But here we have the State has perpetrating sexual childhood abusers. (This is my personal take on this). It makes me feel sick to the core. WHO documentation states clearly its intentions are to empower children, for children to be respectful of healthy relationships with family members, peers, friends romantic or sexual. The framework teaching “children assume consent consists of meaning ‘they can consent to sex’. That a baby holding a parents hands is about the baby having sexual feelings, sexual pleasure.  What sick evil bastards.

That ‘Sexuality education starts at birth, is firmly based on gender, equality and the acceptance of diversity. I personally believe these are Global Childhood Sexual predator and the NZ Government the puppets of these evil sexual  predators and if childhood educators that comply and agree to this sexual deviancy in the school curriculum they too are guilty by association.  WakeUpNZ. Carol Sakey


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