Interesting facts that majority of people in NZ are unaware of. All relating to the Global Commons Alliance and the Rockefeller Philanthropy, WEF and NZ Government etc., and the ‘Global Agenda’

The Global Commons Alliance is a sponsored project of Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors New York

Take-away Key Notes

1)The Global Commons Alliance is a growing coalition of scientists, philanthropies, civil society groups, businesses, innovators, enabling collective action to safeguard the global commons. The Global Commons has been described as a Socialist focus of international interest, concerning biodiversity, climate change, essential resources which may include spaces beyond national jurisdiction from a governance perspective. Reference is made to the Global Commons  referencing the ‘Tragedy Of The Commons’. Concepts shaping regulatory discourse, where common resources are over exploited because of the absence of regulation, the common heritage of mankind, which reflects the idea that some resources belong to us all, including our future generation. That we cannot be denied rights of responsibilities in relation to them

2)Since being popularized by Garret Hardin in 1968, the parable ‘Tragedy Of The Commons’ has been widely adopted to illuminate the central problems of environmental policy. This is the  tendency for public resources to be depleted, degraded, or destroyed by over-exploitation. Referencing the ‘out-growth of capitalism (free-market enterprising economy) due to environmental devastation caused by human-kind. This is a Marxist theory. The theory of the ‘Commons’ strengthening its link with Marxism, sustainable governance and Branko Horvats theory of ‘self-management in the context of Socialist Yugoslavia. Foucault’s concept of governmentality- the need for a socialist political rationale. Sustainable societies, which is a progressive global political agenda advancing a socialist governmentality.

3)Rockefeller Philanthropy leveraging the formulating of the principles of socialist governmentality that requires abandoning our reliance on indefinite growth. The Marxist theory is this indefinite economic growth seriously threatens the material base of human life. Socialism that requires ownership or control of property and natural resources. Ecological imperialism and deepening economic globalization, increasing migration worldwide, increased climate activism all part of the Socialist ‘Global Commons Alliance’ the have self interests in enabling collective action to control (safeguard?) the global commons

4)Our common cause refers to the ‘Socialist Alliance’ the Green Left, authoritative leftism. The Global Commons Alliance work with the ‘Earth Commission, scientists network to development actionable methodologies to support companies, corporations setting targets that are aligned with ‘Earths’ limits, societal sustainability goals (2030 Global Agenda (UN). To implement, collaborate with Earth HQ an international; strategic communications platform. The Global Commons Alliance and the ‘Systems Change Lab’ monitoring progress as to the worldwide transformations, to distil them so that they rapidly evolve promoting systemic change, identify critical gaps, mobilize support for coalitions as they push towards tipping point. (With Corporate engagement)

5)The ‘Earth Commission’ is convened by the ‘Future Earth’, the key authors include (UN)IPCC, the operating of space for humanity and nature by mapping planetary boundaries, interconnections between different systems (boundaries). The Rockefeller Global Commons Alliance includes a ‘Corporate Engagement’ Program of companies, consultants, industry coalitions, financial institutions that use methods, tools, guidance through Corporate Engagement. The Alliance network is to mobilize citizens (migration) companies/corporations, cities and countries to accelerate systems change.

6)Climate Initiatives Platform UN Environment Programme and the Copenhagen Climate Centre supported by UNOPS the name of this initiative is called ‘The Global Commons Alliance’ (Rockefeller Philanthropy). The business demand to set targets for the whole of the Earth System, includes a group of organizations that collaborate to form a worldwide ‘Science Based Targets Network’. The geographical coverage is described as ‘Global’. A collaborations of world leading institutions, academia, NGO’s, businesses, government, organization to transform the global economy.

7)The Global Commons Alliance has four focus areas: The Earth Commission, Science Based Targets Network, Earth HQ and Systems change (A Socialist Global Transformation – Eco-Socialism-Communist Degrowth). The 62  Non-Governmental Organizations include CDC-Biodiversity France, Future-Earth Belgium. Rockefeller Philanthropy, Deakin University Australia, the World Economic Forum, The UN Environmental Programme, Club Of Rome, Centre Of Global Commons Japan, C40 Cities,  Globaia New Zealand, Global Covenant of Mayors- these are just a few.

8)Globaia New Zealand is a participant of this global socialist agenda. Described as having exciting projects in NZ, enhancing collective planetary awareness. Work built on powerful thematic pillars. Referencing the Neolitic Revolution to the Great Acceleration and beyond as global change, transformation. The planetary stewardship of imagining, modelling, visualizing data driven pathways tto global sustainability and a regenerative future by 2100. Referring to a ‘Utopia and Idealism’. A new world view.

9)Globaia was established by Felix Pharand-Deschenes in 2009, to influence the current & future existence on Earth. Combining design, art, film, data, philosophy, geoscience. Pioneering new ways of visualizing our past, present, future. An approach that enables novel ways pf presenting complex data, ideas as to the focus on planet earth. Felic Pharand’s work has been published and used by the World Economic Forum, Leo Decaprio Foundation, the UN and the Earth Summit, Rio+20. In 2018 Felix became a member of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship

10)Another key member of Globaia is Anne-Marie Doucet. A Primary and Intermediate teacher of 15years. She has worked in Quebec, Yukon and NZ. She’s reported to inspire countless students to become environmental stewards of earth, the creating of a sustainable future. (Agenda 2030). Her role with Globaia is being responsible for new partnerships and more educative tools for sustainable development.

11)Manno Andrade Franca another member of Globaia. Manno is an expert in geospatial intelligence and business strategy. Has worked as an advicor to the govt of Brazil, where he implemented, oversaw biological corridors. He is a leaders of developing news systems , deforestation, platforms, environmental knowledge. He is a director, trustee, advisor to various cross-sector organizations in the UK, US, Switzerland, Brazil, Argentina and NZ. 2019 he became a member of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship

12)Omar Fayed another key member of Globaia has an expertise in business strategy, environmentalism. Executive Vice Chair of Harrods Group until it was sold in 2010 He is a Research Fellow at the Institute of Ecotechnics UK and US. He works in the realm of Corporate Leadership and sustainable ;living, is at the helm of EarthX a company that he co-founded, focuses on advanced data, visualization technologies. Integrating ecology with technology. He is the chair of Synergetic Press. Has a portfolio that influences commercial and ecological sectors.

13)The Advisors, key members of Globaia are referenced to policy making, societal transformation, global sustainability. Vicky Robertson is a key person noted on the globaia website as the Secretary for the Environment and CEO of NZ Ministry for the Environment. Leading the development, implementation of environmental policy since April 2015. Cited as having a very strong track record of delivering impactful solutions for Climate Change, biodiversity, water, waste, urban issues. Key achievement include leading the development of NZ’s Zero Carbon Act. The Emission Reduction Pla, the National Adaption Plan. She has advocated for local and global action to reduce greenhouse emissions.

14) Her background is in Law, economics with 8 years as Deputy Secretary at the Treasury, responsible for overseeing public finance management, tax, regulatory and competition policy. She has worked at the Ministry of Economic Development and is described as passionate about the ‘Maori World View’- diversity & inclusion. Another NZ key member of Globaia is Matthew Monahan, he is described as as having a resolute commitment to fostering social impact. In 2016 he entered the entrepreneurial world by co-establishing the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, to activate the Global Impact Visa effectively. Fostering an environmental of thinkers and visionaries towards creating an inclusive prosperous sustainable future (Agenda 2030 Global Agenda).

15)He co-founded Mangoroa Farms, being the director of the venture, driving the mission of the organization, a food hub, resilience education centre situated in Wellington. He co-founded the Biome Trust in NZ. The philanthropies entity is rooted in ecological sustainability. He also launched Ma Earth a community led movement to align economic incentives with planetary health. Referenced in Edmund Hillary Fellowship in an article ‘Crowdfunding land stewardship in Regional Aotearoa’

16)He has been described by Bloomberg as the Silicon Valley Whizz Kids that headed to the bottom of the world. Stuff NZ wrote an article on the Monahan Brothers the young, rich, silicon valley idealists who have come to change the world from NZ. They came to influence Migration Policy, and what’s in it for us stuff?  The American Monahan brothers and Yoseph Ayele, the CEO of their start-up Kiwi Connect, a networking platform for international entrepreneurs and investors., pursuing opportunities in NZ. Matthew Monahan stating “we are humbled to be invited to having a conversation with the government”

17)The genesis of a new visa and NZ Immigration Policy and Matthew Monahan, he was told NZ Govt was not happy with the visa’s and wanted to find a different way. In US they were also lobbying govt ministers. They met with Steven Joyce and Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse. July 2015 John Key Prime Minister of NZ announced that the Govt was looking at developing a ‘Global Impact Visa’ to attract entrepreneurs with global networks. In 2017 the private partners of NZ Work Visa scheme was named as Edmund Hillary Fellowship, a new partnership between Kiwi Connect and the Hillary Institute, an international leadership charity founded by Sir Ed himself. Helen Clark is the Patron of the International Hillary Institute.

18)Stuff NZ publishes an image of; Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse, centre, at the launch of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship in February, with EHF chief executive Yoseph Ayele and Catlin Powers, founder of a solar energy start-up and fiancee of Brian Monahan. There are other key members and advisers of Globaia all are referenced to World Economic Forum, the UN Climate Action Summit, Food and Community transformation, societal re-engineering. Designing global transformation- real world change. Sustainable and Resilient Cities. Committed to the Earth Charter. Tuariki Delemare stated “You have business policies where out of the blue suddenly comes this thing called ‘global impact visas’ where the government have decided to allow a bunch of foreigners to hand out visa’s. Global Impact Visa’s were called radical. Sir Edmund Fellowship application from 52 countries, 18 investors, 293 Entrepreneurs.

19)GLOBAIA NZ. The founder of Globaia being Felix Pharand Deschenes attended the UN Rio+20 Summit, the World Economic Forum, Davos, the Stockholm Resilience Centre, he was involved in co-leading the Rockefeller Foundation and societal transformations supporting a sustainable equitable world – digital disruptions for sustainability agenda- research, innovation and action. The digital revolution to transform society to enhance globalization to forge multistakeholder partnerships to foster global actions, to make this vision a reality. He visited NZ in 2004 as a Masters Student, referred to as creating multimedia stories to transform our relationship with Earth. Described as a citizen of Canada referring to ‘Global Impact by digital storytelling to improve our connection and understanding of planet earth

20)Felix stated envisions a world where everything is interconnected, has a strong alignment with indigenous people, and the Edmund Hillary Fellowship is an unique opportunity to integrate indigenous perspectives in Blobaia and beyond. Founder Of Globaia, references to the Un, WEF, Hillary Institute- Patron Helen Clark and NZ Global Impact Visa, NZ Government, Rockefeller Foundation. Resilient 100  Cities Rockefeller Project which includes Wellington and Christchurch Cities that joined C40 Cities, Auckland City as since spread to cities across NZ. Felix Pharand Deschenes Founder of Globaia in NZ referenced to C40, Resilient Cities, Mega Cities, Smart Cities.

21)The magical touch of Globaia. 30th October 2017 and the World Mayors Council on Climate Change and the Climate Leadership Group (C40 Cities) The magical touch of Globaia and Felix Pharand-Deschenes. (as referenced in the Ontario Courts– Federal and public policy greenhouse gases) pdf 296 pages.  Interesting facts that majority of people in NZ are unaware of. All relating to the Global Commons Alliance and the Rockefeller Philanthropy, WEF and our govt etc.,

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