2021 UN Food Systems Summit. The UN Food Systems Summit took place during the UN General Assembly in New York on September 23. It sought to set the stage for global food systems transformation to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030.

The UN and World Economic Forum (WEF) officially formed a partnership in June 2019 forming a Global One World Corporate Government.
Everyone, everywhere at every age will be impacted by this Global Corporate Food System as everyone’s lives are inextricably tied to food.
The globalized corporate controlled food system will mean that New Zealand’s nationhood in at risk, our autonomy.
We are finding it really difficult having our Human Rights violated, its going to get a lot worse.

Right now New Zealand small businesses and rural communities, farmers we are about to have their livelihoods destroyed and every New Zealander will be severely impacted by this.

Digitalization, genetic modification, precision agriculture and chemicals, these are what reap the global multi-stakeholder huge wealth. Powerful UN Nation State Government’s are well aware of what is happening, yet not one politician in the toilet bowl of Wellington has the balls to publicly reveal this extremely serious catastrophe that is about to impact on New Zealanders lives.

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