Under the veil of COVID 19 – early 2020  Ardern led govts death cult unfolded as Ardern  introduced one of the most cruellest, worst abortion laws in the world. Abortion up to birth. If abortion fails and baby is born, baby left to die without medication on the hospital table. Abortion for Club Foot, Cleft Lip. Basically can include sex selection. David Seymour End Of life Choice introduced the word ‘Choice’ everyone is seeking ‘Choice’. Beware of the language. This Act has very dangerous concepts, an assisted suicide Act that can be used criminally in a legal situation. Which can be dangerously expanded upon, amended.

Psychological and physical  entrapments continue. Ardern’s UN speech “war on freedom of speech”. As she obsessively promotes the ‘Christchurch Call globally”. Still promoting Hate Speech laws. The Christchurch Call, a massive  Socialist, Marxist political narrative to protect their insane, cruel ideological political narrative.

Under the veil of COVID19 and beyond ‘Govt uses NZ Farmers as their whipping boy, are determined to throw the farm under their tractors. No Farmers- No Food. Shutting down Marsden, coal fields and the list goes on. As NZ 2020-2021 buy in 1 million tonnes of dirty dusty cheap grade coal from Indonesia, the most since 2006. Institutionalised Doom and Gloom continue. January 2020, the war between Russia & Ukraine had not yet started, COVID had not reached NZ shores. Reserve Bank head warns to the govt about printing off too much money that would cause inflation. At one stage a billion dollars per day. For 13 months the govt decided not to heed the warning.

Moving on as Reserve Bank have meetings about a pending ‘Central Bank Digital Currency’. Programmable like a voucher, has an expiry date, what you can and cannot buy. A Chinese type Credit System is happening worldwide, in NZ. Bank Credit cards with optional access to how, what you spend your money on depending on your calculated carbon footprint. (Carbon Social Credit System)

26th September Ardern’s mandates to finish, no just a shift on the Chess Board its now up to the business owners to use the govts toolbox for all businesses. Includes flyers and notices etc., Revisiting Ardern’s 4th Wellbeing Budget- A shot in the dark. Young children to be jabbed. Putting our children at severe risk. Employees I need my job cant survive without it, must be jabbed. Coerced. And the insanity continues to threaten our nation- Young children,  any aged citizen falling prey to Ardern’s draconian authoritarian control. The dumbing down, politicizing, sexualizing our children in schools. I urge public to speak out, seek ‘moral courage’.

Dystopia in New Zealand,  where the police will not protect you and you are not allowed to protect yourself. Therefore crims and gangs run havoc and more law abiding citizens lives are put at risk. New Zealand a police state. Political policing in NZ has been happening more and more since late 2018, just prior to NZ signing the UN Global Compact of Migration. To which I submitted a 70page submission to the select committee opposing this for very good reasons. The language looks all above board, the actions are not.

Going back to the NZ citizens that resided in parliamentary grounds. This tells all. NOT ONE politician came out of that parliamentary building to speak with NZrs whom were from all walks of life, and differing circumstances. Not one voice was heard.  But they were publicly scorned by politicians and the govts purchased mainstream media. Today, even now still parents cannot wait for children in the school playground to pick up their children after school. Young children walking back from school wearing masks.. Want a doctors appointment, more and more medical consultations over the phone via Telehealth. Hospital visits cancelled. Cant say last goodbyes to loved ones.

In 2021 it was estimated that 19,000 of NZ’s homeless were young people under the age of 25. . At risk of crime and exploitation, ill health mental, emotional, medical and physical.  (Govts Human Rights Failure). Radio NZ reported 2022 ‘one in six kiwi’s homeless, 41,000 bed down without adequate access to housing. Temporary transitional motel accommodation becomes a permanent fixture. People sleeping in their vehicles because they feel unsafe in some motels. (The Govts promise- Failure=Kiwi Build)

2.Ardern “We will not mandate vaccines” she lied and she did mandate vaccines. If unvaccinated don’t expect a good summer”. Ardern and Helen Clark “No-one in safe until we are all safe”. Safe and vaccinated. The UN agencies, WHO, FDA, CDC, govts, academia, scientists, the World Economic Forum,  all repeated the same messages. (Psychological warfare) Accompanied by the war on free speech.  Lockdowns, lock ups-political policing, and Arderns daily messages, pushing the jabs, social distancing, sanitize your hands. Giving us baby talks “Now sanitize your hands”. Psycho crap day in, day out, never ending mind blowers.

Ardern reported “Reaching 90% target would make NZ one of the most highly vaxed countries in the world” and “under-vaccinated regions in NZ,  means devastating consequences “ COVID WILL FIND YOU IF YOU ARE UNVAXED” – If DHB regions unvaccinated COVID will find you”. 90% of each DHB area must have 90% vax rate”. She reports “under vaccinated regions devastating consequences”. Police working with far north Iwi- road blocks. Auckland cordoned off. To exit Auckland must have jab certificate or test 72 hrs prior to departure.

Children, young people no attendance at school, lessons on laptops at home. Now this has led to an  increased absence from school. And a massive loss of small businesses and jobs, many businesses never to open their doors again. Butchers shops closed, liquor stores open. Unvaccinated can’t go to hairdressers, coffee shops, gym etc- unvaccinated cannot. Opening the Gym and opening food premises meant large fines, court cases mainstream media harassment and character assassination of these business owners.

The Gun Buybacks, Farmers, Gun Club members, and Gun Club owners targeted. Law abiding citizens, however crims, gangs buy firearms on black market, do not register their guns.  Law abiding citizens targeted by warrantless searches. Recently, Carl Bromley Christchurch Pastor, police watched waited for him and his wife to leave their home, then forced a warrantless search and forcefully removed his legal firearm from his locked gun safe.

Last year govt publish suicides have decreased. Another lie..Coroners office years behind in investigations as to sudden deaths. Unemployment less affected than thought reported mainstream media. Stats NZ (Govt Agency) manipulate how they access employment figures. They lie. They lie through data. Academia- Govt Collaboration-You scratch my political back and at the next funding round Govt will scratch your ‘Academia Researchers, Scientists backs’

A must to research Author Shaun Hendys book published in 201 ‘ Silencing Science’ Hendy now pro 5 g, pro govt narratives, pro covid restriction and pro covid vax. One of the few advisors to Arderns cabinet. Head of Auckland University Te Punaha Matatina. ‘Silencing Science’ includes  scientists scared to speak out publicly, not in publics interests. Tied to govt funding and commercial contracts and the damming list goes on. He partook in radio and TV interviews, and other gatherings to talk about his book in 2016. Its not going away, the 2016 footprint can still be researched. Ardern’s traffic light framework, controls, no free choice of roundabouts. Discrimination, two classes of citizens- the vaxed and unvaxed. The fragmentation of family and friends. Govt threats, coercions, discrimination, brainwashing, indoctrination. Ardern’s messages unvaccinated people put others in danger, at severe risk. All dumped into peoples minds, its mind boggling.

The Govt commits $120 million to fast track Maori Vaccination, half goes to Iwi led initiatives. Another report- 90 % of Maori must be jabbed and a further concerted effort to have the remaining 10% jabbed. 10% more means more freedom is the message. A fabrication of lies, lies, lies. Kelvin Davies announces in Parliament “close to quarter billion dollars given to Maori Health Providers”. Tax payers money. The insanity proceeds as people travelling outside Auckland must be fully jabbed, or tested 72 hrs prior to departure. Police will enforce rules. Police working with far north Iwi.  Message repeated numerously “If you are jabbed you cannot transmit the virus to other people” Another blatant huge lie. Deliberate Coercion is not voluntary consent.

Ardern states ‘Vax certificates, an added layer of protection. Aucklanders to demonstrate they have been jabbed.   Coercion is not voluntary consent and she lied. 26th September Ardern said Mandates scrapped.

3.The political hit list still remains. Now businesses must take the controls. The Govt provides the toolbox for owners of businesses to use on their employees. (Flyers and Posters). Employers must now decide on COVID restrictions. The Govt provides toolbox to help business owners, flyers and posters. Govt gives message “Its still critical that NZrs are jabbed”.  Sect 11 NZBORA employee’s must giv e voluntary consent for medical treatment, vaccines in any situation. Vaccination Status, personal information is protected under the Privacy Act 2020. Employee’s has bring a case of personal grievance against their employer.

Oct 2022 Govt still reporting  “The broad population is protected with high vax rate”. Overseas news-media report that NZ had one of the worst, restrictive COVID lockdowns. Hospital visits cancelled. Telehealth- consultations with the doctor on the phone’. A Trip down memory lane Arderns ‘Go Hard-Go Early’. The suburban Newspaper cancelled earlier on in 2020 – may catch COVID from Western Leader, but NZ Herald still got delivered. Govt purchase mainstream media. .The influencer, indoctrinator, brainwasher of the populations minds. Goebbels did similar in Germanys Hitlers horrific regime saying it was out of concern for the people. Another of this being kind to the people. Hitler also introduced an Emergency Act to control the German people, made out he cared.  Ardern introduced an emergency Act namely COVID19 Response and Preparedness Act. Massive restrictions and control over NZrs, accompanied by a voice of so called empathy for NZrs..  Majority of  New Zealanders fell for it, were sucked in and blown out in Ardern bubbles.

Next the children were to be jabbed. And then “Get the whole whanau jabbed”.  Followed by rewards and payments for doing just that. Money for sports clubs for each member jabbed. Freebies etc., Have you McJab in McDonalds carpark.  For every member of sports club jabbed money to the sports club. The fact is these are not even vaccinations they are Therapeutics. The term vaccine is used to enforce the ‘Vaccine effort’. The Govts Reward and Punishment Framework.

NOW THE TRUTH EMERGES FROM THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMNTARY HEARING: The worlds media are reporting it, the fact checkers are trying to dismantle it. 10th October 2022 Executive President of Pfizer’s International Markets testifies- Janine Small,  as she is questioned by Netherlands Lawmaker Rob Roos. All the evidence of the hearing on You Tube Video. In Rob Roos’s questioning of Janine Small he asked “if the company (Pfizer) tested its mRNA vaccine on stopping transmission before rolling it out”. He added                    “If not, please say it clearly. If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee?. And I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I’m looking forward to it”. Janine Small responded  “the company did not have time to see if its vaccine would stop the spread of COVID” And “regarding the question around, uh, did we know about stopping the immunization before it entered the market? She said “NO”.

Small added  “no tests were conducted because the world was facing a health crisis”. She also cited a study from the Imperial College London. But the college has been heavily criticized for alleged inaccurate modelling, She testified that “We had to move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market and from that point of view we had to so everything at risk”..Rob Roos urged that  the court hearing to be publicised globally. The video of the Court hearing has been viewed at least 11 million times.  (Not by NZ mainstream media though). He said “there was never a legitimate basis for vaccine mandates or vax passports”. He called this massive institutional discrimination, shocking and criminal. Fellow Eu member Cristen Terhes of Romania also said this calls to question other actions by the pharmaceutical giant”. In a tweet asked “what are they hiding

Pharmaceutical companies, governments, health officials, political leaders worldwide hailed the COVID Vaxes as powerful and effective. Its reported ‘Pfizer gained $37 billion in revenue from its COVID vaccine in 2021’. The Sydney Daily Telegraph reported the latest news as shocking and criminal. Once again I repeat:-  On the 10th October 2022 a European Parliamentary hearing was held, ‘Pfizer Janine Small testified that the COVID vax was never tested to see if vaccinated people transmitted COVID to other people before their jab entered the global market place. Asking “If not, please say it clearly. If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee? And I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I’m looking forward to it.”

4.“Were Pfizer Vaccines tested for transmission before entering the market, as to whether they stopped transmission of the virus”?In response to Roos’s question Janine Small answered : “No. We had to really move at the speed of science to really understand what is taking place in the market”.

Yet the World Health Org (UN), CDC, FDA and Govts worldwide professed vaxs would stop transmission, by endless public messages and global, domestic news media.   WHO reports “No-one is safe from COVID until everyone is safe, this is why we must vaccinate health workers”.  Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance reports “No-one is safe until everyone is safe”. UN Org., “No-one will ever be truly safe until every is safe” (UN). Amnesty International UK “Nobody is safe until we’re all safe”. Transforming Society. Co.UK ‘No-one is safe until everyone is safe’. Global, National News media report “No-one is safe until we are all safe”.  They all lied.

Pfizer to continue collecting data on safety and effectiveness for next two years (New Scientist 19th/10/2020). Unvaccinated still seen to be unclean.  .The New Scientist “the vaccine trials tell us less than we assume”. Back to 2020 Beehive website reports  “Govt purchases enough Pfizer vaccines for whole country’. An advance purchase agreement. NZ Govt signed a binding agreement to secure COVID19 vaccines. And extensive jabbing is still happening in NZ , around the world.

I question are many New Zealanders now living within a false sense of security, I personally believe. NZ Govt, Governments worldwide, UN, WEF, Academics, Scientists and all their cohorts discuss the strengthening of the World Health Organization by introducing an International Pandemic Agreement. Helen Clark is the Co-Chair of this International lunacy to control the people, planet for massive profits for the already wealthy global elite. Yes they are talking the next global pandemic. A plan that risks controlling all humans, wild and domestic animals, plants, soils, waterways etc.,

If that’s not enough the Govt and Iwi Elite have for years been planning the entrenchment of the UN Declaration for Indigenous Peoples Rights into the Constitution Of NZ. I suggest people research the Minister Of Maori Affairs- Horomia’s speech in 2007. He gave a warning message to  New Zealander opposing the UNDRIP, not to adopt it in NZ. And its happening. Arderns Govt and Iwi Chairs Forum collaboration. Horomia referenced Iwi controlling all the land, water, two classes of citizen, Iwi veto rights and not compliant with NZ legal entity (He Puapua Plan of 2019)

Through all this anxiety I am not forgetting the farmers of NZ, farmers around the world. The govt persecuting farmers, using the farmers as their whipping boy. No Farmers- No Food. Farmers that live in isolated communities as the govt add more and more restrictions. Now Fart and Belch. Ardern the first in the world to introduce this, and reaching world headlines. Prince Charles (King Charles) promotes and awards monitory prize for producer of face mask for cow belches. Next the royal stamp of approval for cow diapers. Prince Charles that launched the ‘Great Reset’ with Klaus Schwab at the World Economic Forum.

The introduction of Eco Socialist Social Credit system through credit cards, meatless days. Councils promote eco apps tracing you carbon footprint. The Social Credit System of controlling peoples lives hits NZ Shores. NZ the World Economic Forums Guineapig State. The UN Outpost. And its not over-rover.  The swamp needs draining. The political toilet bowl in Wellington needs a complete overhaul. All politicians are following the global UN-WEF narrative.  Crunch time. Time to get rid of the crap in Parliament that’s destroying NZrs lives.

How will the Govt act or will they even respond and will NZ Mainstream media respond, report on the admittance of Janine Small of Pfizer’s testimony? I believe not. The response had already began and continues and its namely ‘Ardern’s National, global Christchurch Call’. Misinformation, disinformation- hate speech to shut public truth sayer’s down. As Ardern promoted in her speech recently at the UN “The war on freedom of Speech’. The cost to New Zealanders lives is already far too high. New Zealanders are living in a Democratic Deficit, as the Ardern led govt has run rough-shot over our lives, caused havoc, pain, harm, anxiety. Families fragmented, for some they were unable tgo say their last goodbyes to loved ones.  We have been robbed and pillaged, and New Zealand is still being plundered. This year was Ardern’s Wellbeing Budget which has caused massive grief, emotional, physical, medical, mental torture. Scandalous, cruel, horrific, criminal, godless, severely  reckless We will not forget. We MUST NOT FORGET. Carol Sakey

5.See European Parliamentary Court International Scandal Pfizer testifies- You Tube link:

NOT A CONSPIRACY. Watch the Video – widely reported-globally.

View the evidence of the European Parliamentary  hearing on video and world -wide news


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