SciTechDaily article publish  3rd Feb 2023 authored by University of California Jan 2nd 2022 ‘Grow And Eat Your Own Vaccines’. Using Plants as mRNA Factories. Eating salads could replace the jab in the arm where vegetable, salads could be turned into mRNA factories. Messenger RNA or mRNA technology that’s used in COVID19 jabs. The project was funded by the National Science Foundation USA… Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.  The DNA containing the mRNA jabs can successfully be delivered into part of the plant cell where it is then replicated. The DNA encoding for the protein is delivered by targeted nano materials, without mechanical aid by applying a droplet of nano formulation to the leaf surface.  The UCRs Dept of Botany & Plant Sciences San Diego  are in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon University. Vegs and salads become not just foods but  edible vaccines without the jab. Nano materials deliver nitrogen, a fertilizer directly to where the plants most need it. The plant engineering technique will make nanoparticles go to the chloroplast, which  lies within the cells of plants and certain algae- the site of Nano materials deliver nitrogen, a fertilizer directly to which a process where the sun converts the plant into chemical energy for growth.

Sept 22nd 2022 the ISAAA Global Knowledge Centre of Biotechnology published an article  ‘US Scientists Embark on developing an edible plant based vaccine. Edible plants  mRNA Vaccine factories. Stating that lettuce and spinach can produce vaccines, grown in backyards and entire fields. Where mRNA technology can currently be used to produce COVID19 vaccines in plants. The objective being the DNA containing the mRNA vaccines can be delivered into part of the plant cells where they can replicate. Thus demonstrating the plant ability to produce enough mRNA to compete with traditional  vax shots.

Science Daily reported 7th January 2014 University of Washington published an article which referenced a new type of vaccines. One that would be easier to manufacture and much cheaper. A vaccine that could be manufactured on demand for human immunizations and administered within minutes after a disease broke out. Mass jabs for an entire population, for everyone immediately as soon as an epidemic starts. Blanket vaxing the entire population as published by Francious Banys, professor of chemical engineering and lead author of the ‘Journal of Nano-Medicine’. The research was funded by a grant from the ‘Grand Challenges Explorations’ which is the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partnering the National Institute of Health.

December 18th 2019 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT News article entitled ‘Storing Medical Information below the Skins Surface’, where a specialized invisible dye is delivered along with a vaccine, that enables the patients  personal ID and vaccination history to be stored nakedly under the skin. The invisible quantum of dye is delivered by a micro needle patch.  The quantum invisible dye consists of nano-crystals, can remain for at least 5 years under the skin where it emits infrared light that can be detected by a specifically equipped smart phone. These applications mean that populations can be traced, tracked through this invisible quantum dot.

30th April 2022-Gates Foundation website ‘Gates Notes’ published an article ‘Everyone, everywhere- vaccinate the world in 6 months’ to prevent pandemics. He stated that the COVID19 jabs are safe and effective, however there are serious problems  he said that we need to solve before the next pandemic comes along and that is “those who have not been jabbed. The world needs to produce enough vaccines for everyone on the planet within 6 months of discovering a new pathogen. 8 Billion doses for a single dose vaccine, 16 billion for a 2 dose vaccine version. Steps need to be taken to accelerate the invention of new vaccines, there will be a process of a lot of trial and error. Connecting diagnostic tests to the human trial system we can automatically suggest to doctors that their patients should join a trial. mRNA vaccines could help speed up manufacturing doing away with conventional ways which are quite complex. Transferring the technology know how from one company to another. Just swap the old mRNA for a new one, its easier to transfer between companies. He added “with these advances it will be possible to achieve something amazing beyond preventing pandemics, eradicating entire families of pathogens” A world that could rid itself of all coronaviruses, even the influenza virus. NOTE The common cold is a coronavirus. No-one has ever magically got rid of the common cold. “A future without pandemics and without the flu, Gates said “now that’s worth investing in”

Gates referred to new modular technologies in the pipeline, that are easier, cheaper to build, factories that can be adapted to make different vaccines and tackle vaccine hesitancy. He made a You Tube Video on ‘how to deal with rumours, myths in India. (You Tube Video ‘Dispelling Vaccine Hesitancy in Rural India). Gates has published many articles ‘The future our grandchildren disserve’. Bill Gate’s ‘The Year Ahead 2023 CNBC published report 23rd January 2019 refers to Bill Gates and DAVOS (World Economic Forum). Where Bill Gates made some key points about his best investments where he turned $10 billion into $200 billion  by investing in global health organizations aimed at increasing access to vaccines that created a 20 to 1 return.

Gates Foundation established GAVI in 1999 pledging $750 to set GAVI up. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged US $750 million to set up  GAVI is a key partner in shaping the global vaccine market. Gates biggest investment, money maker. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation play a technical and financial role in the Global Vaccine Alliance to shape global markets, gathering data, decision making, providing financial support for market investments. Gates foundation also make substantial funding available to the World Health Org., (UN), therefore he does have influential global privileges. The foundations invests in activities ranging from vaccine discovery- development-delivery financially supporting  new entrants into the market.

A the author, researcher of this article, I am personally highly suspicious of the COVID Pandemic through research finding that the World Health Org., Immunization Agenda 2030 Report which is a Global Strategy to leave no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age. The decade of action- 2020- 2030. The World Health Assembly with the support of UN Nation State Government and partners endorsed a global vision and strategy titled ‘Agenda 2030 -IA 2030 that envisions a world where everyone, everywhere at every age fully benefits from vaccines. It aims to maintain ‘hard won’ gains in immunization, recovering from the disruptions caused by COVID19, to achieve even more by leaving no-one behind-in any situation at any stage of life. It aims to maintain hard-won gains in immunization, recover from the disruptions caused by COVID-19, and achieve even more – by leaving no one behind, in any situation or at any stage of life.  A co-creation process with close engagement of countries to ensure that the vision, strategies, priorities and goals are aligned with each country’s needs. IA 2030 framework is designed to be tailored by countries to their local context, to be revised throughout the decade as new needs, challenges emerge. This also includes a framework of tailored indicators that enable use of data action to increase immunization programs at all levels. To monitor progress across all countries at country, regional, global levels. IA 2030 goals are designed to inspire action for implementation for health security, universal health coverage. Countries could set their own specific targets and milestones for the decade of action 2020-2030. This includes regional vaccination action plans. For partner organization, this could mean aligning organizational strategies and indicators to accelerate the attainment of IA 2030 goals. Putting people in the centre, led by governments and implemented through broad partnerships and driven by data. IA 2030 with strategic priorities referring to UN Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, Targets for the entire world. Extremely ambitious commitments to gain population vaccination over the 2020-2030 decade. A Decade of Action- as described by the UN WHO.

WHO published “Immunization is playing a critical role in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. Immunization to reach more people than any other health and social service, a key driver to universal health coverage. Immunization is critical to SDG3, promotes wellbeing for all ages. IA 2030 contributes either directly or indirectly to thirteen of the other SDGs of UN Agenda 2030 (Published by the WHO (UN) 1/4/2020). UN Agenda 2030 was introduced in October 2015 after the failing of UN Agenda 2021. UN Agenda 2030 is non-binding, however Jacinda Ardern was a guest speaker at a gathering hosted by Bill and Melinda Gates for WEF Global Shapers Community. Ardern boasted to the audience at the gathering that she had introduced UN Agenda 2030 into NZs domestic policies, making her the first in the world to lead the way, encouraging other countries to do the same. Once introduced into Domestic policy UN Agenda 2030 became binding and legal. GAVI Alliance created by Gates Foundation published an article on their website referring to ‘vaccine collaboration’. Titled ‘ Decade of Vaccine Collaboration’. A ten year vision of immunization for all people regardless of where they live, that was in 2010. Stating that in the next 10 years the global health community vision of a world in which all individuals and communities can be free of vaccine preventable diseases’. The Decade of Vaccines Collaboration- brought together diverse stakeholders to develop the Global Vaccine Action Plan (GVAP), GAVI (Bill Gates serves on the leadership council of the global vaccination collaboration steering committee. The Global Vaccine Action Plan IA2030. The Global Vaccine Plan (GVAP) has been endorsed by 194 UN Member State Governments at the World Health Assembly in 2012 where a framework was presented to achieve the ‘Decade of Vaccines’ vision for peoples in ALL communities worldwide. To reach vaccination targets in every region, country, community, to meet global and regional elimination targets and to develop, introduce new vaccines and technologies. Coincidental I don’t think so, the Global Immunization Vision and Strategy was launched in 2005. It was Bill Gates that provided the leadership of the Global Vaccine Plan for 194 UN Member State Govts, for every region, every community globally. Supported by their WHO (UN0 and UNICEF (UN) and the World Bank, including of course the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

In 2005 the International Health Regulations were created at the World Health Assembly which are binding for 194 UN Member State Governments, which include 196 countries. Helen Clark is the co chair of a gathering working on a plan to add more resolutions to IHR 2005, also a plan for an International Pandemic Treaty. The results of this planning to be reported to a gathering at the UN Assembly in January, last month. The World Health Assembly have set a deadline of May 2024 for putting together a draft pandemic treay and proposed amendments to IHR 2005. (IHR Binding on 194 UN Nation States). Negotiations are under way in Geneva to amend the IHR 2005 regulations, to create a new WHO convention on pandemic prevention, preparedness, response and recovery this is referred to as the International Pandemic Treaty. A rules based international order. This would go beyond legal restrictions it would be global compliancy, demands, international global cooperation.  Under Art 19 and 21 of the Constitution of the World Health Org.,, the World Health Assembly may adopt legally binding conventions and regulations.

The World Health Assembly therefore is composed of representatives of UN Member States, often ministers of health who meet once a year to vote on resolutions and decisions. So the final decision on what is adopted rests with Member States themselves. (Helen Clark is co chair of the latest proposed amendments to IHR 2005 and the International Pandemic Treaty). Article 60 of the WHO Constitution states that different voting quota’s apply to the adoption of regulations approved by the World Health Assembly. This requires 2/3rds majority of the Member UN States present and voting in the Assembly.  Under Art 60 regulations can be adopted by a simple majority unless the representatives classify them as ‘important issues’ on an ad-hoc basis, then this required 2/3rd majority. However, despite the differences in the provisions requiring the necessary majorities and procedures for entry into force, agreements and regulations are in practice, generally decided upon by consensus in the plenary sessions  of the World Health Assembly. Agreements can be adopted on any matter according to Art 19 of the WHO Convention. Art 2 WHO enumerates 22 functions of the organization, first is to act as the ‘governing and coordinating body of International Health’. WHO deals with the regimes of  International Law for example ‘access to medicines’ due to intellectual property rights and environmental health (A One Health Approach- for everyone, everywhere at every age). Agreements become binding once they have undergone the entire ratification process.  Under Art 21 of the WHO Constitution, the World Health Assembly can adopt legally binding regulations on States unless they expressly reject them (opt out), however once the period specified in the regulations for rejecting or formulating reservations has elapsed, the rules in question are binding all UN Member States that have not expressed any objections. In January 2022 the US Government submitted a proposal to amend 13 provisions of IHR 2005. Also an initiative where WHO (UN) could declare a public health emergency of international concern without first consulting the affected UN Member States, the creation of a new mid level emergency declaration

NOTE: The One Health Approach of the WHO (UN) Convention. The World Health Assembly includes environmental, food and animal health to be included. (Food, animals-wild, domestic- soil, plants, air etc., every living organism. If these new amendments are adopted, if an International Pandemic Treaty is established all UN Member State governments must increase their funding towards this, this will be considerably much higher than contributions to WHO by UN Nations States now, hence more money from tac payers pockets and massive control over our health, a One World Health Governance for ALL. Leave No-one Behind, everyone, everywhere at every age.  Helen Clark Twitter “GAVI are making vaccine available to ALL, so that no-one gets left behind”

8th March 2021 NZ Herald published an article – vaccines are expected to arrive in New Zealand during the second half of the year,” Jacinda Ardern said. “This brings our total Pfizer order to 10 million doses or enough for 5 million people to get the two shots needed to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.. “.8th March 2021 Stuff NZ reported “The government’s new order brings New Zealand’s total for the Pfizer vaccine to 10m doses. Because the vaccine requires 2 shots to be effective. On the 10th March 2021 The Beehive reported  “New agreements secure access to 7.6 million doses from AstraZeneca – enough for 3.8 million people, and 10.72 million doses. We are setting out the plan today after securing enough Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for everyone in New Zealand to get the two doses they need”

NOTE: A Texas Court has ordered FDA to shares thousands of Pfizer documents that were received by FDA prior to the authorization of the Pfizer jab on the open market. Pfizer had refused the request stating no-one would view this information. However the thousands of pages of Pfizer info will not be available to the public or anyone else for at least another 2-3 years. Pfizer admitted in the European Parliamentary Court they did not test the Pfizer jab to see if it stopped transmission of the virus. Early 2022 the WHO (UN) requested that all UN Nation Governments align the way they reported COV ID deaths with the way WHO does. If a person has a COVID19 Positive Test and dies within 28 days of that test this is counted as a COVID19 Death, that window on 28 days can be extended. In UK it has been known at times to be extended to 60 days.  Therefore the man that got shot by police in Auckland where the mainstream news-media called this a COVID death this is the reason why. Therefore suicide number, post jab deaths etc., etc., can magically disappear within the data.

The intentional deliberate plundering of NZ through UN Immunization Alliance 2030 Collaboration The World Bank, UNICEF and WHO (UN) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.  Reference to speech in the House “We are setting out the plan today after securing enough Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for everyone in New Zealand to get the two doses they need “ Two new vaccines secured, enough for every New Zealander .

Covid-19: Pfizer vaccine purchase order made for 8.5 million … › .
8th March 2021
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10 March

We are setting out the plan today after securing enough Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine for everyone in New Zealand to get the two doses they need …
Two new vaccines secured, enough for every New Zealander ›


Decade of Vaccines (DoV) Collaboration

Global Vaccine Action Plan (

Gates ‘Dispelling Vaccine Hesitancy in Rural India is on You Tube 30th April 2022 30th April 2022



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