Especially in politics you hear ‘For The Common Good’, but who is it that determines this. Are they appealing for the ‘Common Good’ when defending their own positions of interests. Universal health care, the jabs are mandated for the ‘common good’ eem of whom? Yes and this is usually about restrictions of the rights of individuals to freely choose what they believe is good for them. “The many outweigh the needs of the few”.  Yes there are significant dangers with this conception of the ‘Common good’ and the curbing, limiting of freedoms, the freedom to make ones own individual choice.

UNESCO and World Health Org., (UN)  Education 2030 All UN Nation States have enforced an Sexuality and Relationship Education in every classroom universally. The universal sexually grooming of children the watching of porn in children’s classrooms, how can this be for the universal common good of all humankind, its not its just sheer evil and extremely criminal but they get away with it. We are yet to be shown the full fallout from this in mental heal, physical, emotional, medical health impacts, I shudder to think and it still continues. How can these politicians allow this to happen to our children, thank God I pray that this coalition government of New Zealand will stop this in its tracks. The prior government, and that includes two of the coalition should own up to their part in this sexuality grooming of our children. The Local Government, Auckland Council for the Drag Queens in Libraries story times for young children. Drag Queens are for ‘Grandpa Happy Road’ not the grandkids. Shame on you Auckland Council. Tell me “do you believe this is for the good of all children”? (Shame, shame on you’s)

The ’Common Good’ can be the ‘Commonly bad’ the expansion of government power and the loss of individual freedoms. More power to the authoritarian government and more harm to the people. The ‘Common Good’ for the Elite class and those that seek power to control and destroy others. (Known as the Ruling Class and the Dictators of this world). The “Common Good” is invoked to expand the power of rulers at the expense of the ruled, but it gives the process a veneer of morality.

J.R.R. Tolkien illustrates this danger in his classic The Lord of the Rings. After the wizard Saruman’s defeat, he begs Gandalf to join with him so together they can overthrow Sauron and rule Middle Earth. Note how he tempts the virtuous Gandalf:

“Much we could still accomplish together, to heal the disorders of the world. Let us understand one another, and dismiss from thought these lesser folks! Let them wait on our decisions! For the common good I am willing to redress the past, and to receive you. Will you not consult with me? Will you not come up?” (emphasis added).

What Saruman really wanted was power; he was using the Common Good to advance himself, not the people. However, the result is greater power to those who are supposed to serve us, but instead rule us. Individuals and families lose their rights, and the government gains power. So here I am referring I guess to the ‘Ruling class good) those whom have self interests those that will benefit the most, it’s definitely not about the rights and freedoms of individuals to choose.  11th December 2020 Oxfam reported they were disappointed NZ Government at the time would not back a peoples vaccine for coronavirus (Oxfam New Zealand’s Communications and Advocacy Director Dr Joanna Spratt said

“In the name of the common good, public authorities are bound to respect the fundamental and inalienable rights of the human person” (CCC 1907). It is only by respecting individual and family rights against government expansion that the Common Good can truly be achieved. The Jacinda Ardern responded that the government had the purchasing power to persuade pharmaceutical corporations to voluntarily share their COVID19 intellectual property and technology saying ´  “There simply comes a time when humanity’s common good must take precedence over private profit. This is that time. The only way we can truly put an end to the coronavirus pandemic is by providing a free vaccine to everyone in the world who needs one.” Dangerous very sad times “For the Common Good Of All” Just how many people died from the COVID Jab, I would say far, far too many and how many serious injuries, there is zilch transparency maybe for the common good of all, all being them the politicians themselves.. FOR THEIR COMMON GOOD. And Ardern wanted to jab all of humanity on this planet (Source of information Oxfam NZ Media Release)

Carol Sakey


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