What part has Ukraine played min the the World Economic Forum’s Digital Transformation and should red flags be flying.

WEF/UN destructive global strategies being implemented worldwide.

International, national its all happening, the plundering of New Zealand has not finished yet as many Kiwi’s begin living a false sense of security.

A massive confusion, a psychological warfare. And the NZ Govt, all parties played their part in this destruction, confusion, fear, anxieties that people suffered, and are still suffering. I call this a Godless Evil that has violated, invaded New Zealanders lives. We have a huge democratic deficit in New Zealand and every memder of parliament have played their part in promoting the plundering of New Zealand.  Have become compliant and obedient to non-elected entities nationally and internationally.  Everyone of those political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington mandated the jabs, and everyone of them signed a cross party agreement with Ardern to not let hurting law abiding New Zealanders share their grief and pain with any party member that resides in parliament. For many it was dam right uncomfortable giving up their cosy beds to sleep in tents, but they passionately needed to be heard. Not one politician spared them a second of their time. This should be a lesson for every citizen of New Zealand, that those that represented you, those you voted for did not care enough to come listen to your anxieties, your grief, your job loss, the loss of your business, the harms the jabs caused to many peoples lives, the fears, the deaths.  All New Zealanders were merely guineapigs.  Lest we forget. We should never forget. As we head into 2023, year of the general election we must be prepared. We do not want second worst, we want the best of the best for New Zealanders and nothing less.

I have produced a video linked to this blog with some important information to make you aware of, the government and the purchased mainstream media (Propaganda machine) will never publish. I will keep sharing with you well researched information but we seriously must seek solutions and be prepared for the 2023 election. Please click on the link in the image above which will take you to my video. Please share, share, share. Thank you. Carol Sakey



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