SOCIAL JUSTICE- REALLY??  SOCIAL JUSTICE focuses on one segment of the population and disregards the interests of others are not the immediate focus of discussion, but who nevertheless less everyone pays the cost of decisions made , this is called by State and leftist cultural Marxists as ‘ Equal’ treatment of people by the State (Government’ sometimes called the Crown’ (the word Crown which distances the Government itself from being accountable for its actions). The State of Cultural Marxism. There are no benefits, just trade off’s.  The Common Good for All Utopia. There is no Utopia, and there will never be, and there will never be ‘equality’ either just ideologies to divide and conquer. The dark side of politics. The term that keeps being pushed on the population of New Zealand, its actually making mass civil unrest and sufferings and anxiety for the people of the nation.

The State is pushing Social Justice by including correcting injustices, imposing an arbitratory cost on another’s innocent person. UNJUSTIFIABLY serving an INJUSTICE on innocent people. There is no Justification for this, it is purely an ‘entitlement’ to various types of compensation. Welfare benefits are an example of ‘entitlements’ where there is no incentive to work, only gives the State more control over the people. The problem with a Socialist Government eventually they run out of peoples money, and the wealthy are not putting their hands in their pockets it’s the tax payers of NZ that always pay. Those that are productive are punished to serve the non-productive. Surely the best thing would be is to support small businesses, that create innovation for their employee’s. Build self worth into peoples lives, for them to become self empowered to help themselves. Labour and National Political Parties becoming to look one on the same. Both promoting fear around climate alarmism, both want to hit the rural farming community and both promote mass migration, both promote toxic agriculture. Targeting small businesses, farmers of New Zealand promoting large foreign businesses, land owners in New Zealand.

This is Socialism on steroids, De Growth Communism that call this promoting Social Justice that actually require fatal radical legislations. Social Justice warriors often value their own ego gratification over people benefits. They invest in Social Justice narratives. They create for themselves a ‘vested interest’ in incapacitating other people. Developing a tendency for people to feel like victims, helpless and vulnerable and not responsible for their own actions. The self-styled rescuers of the victims that created. This promotes a defeatism mindset, the labeling victim vs offender. Oppressor vs oppressed. Divide and Separate more power to the state to control the citizens of NZ. The ego’s of the anointed, the immunity of corruption, the immunity of deceit, the creators of civil unrest. NOT the wellness and betterment of all people to live with each other in peace and contentment. Social Justice is NOT a corrective solution the costs of this so called Social Justice hugely outstrips  benefits of the people, creates serious costly damage of real injustices at the hands of  Central Government and Local Govt. Social Justice and Cultural Marxism- Socialism-Woke- people are forced to take sides or just run in fear from the battlefield.

Public debates, speeches ending up in intimidation and aggression we saw the out of control crowd mob at the Posie Parker Event, where people were hurt, severely harassed as police looked on. Where is Social Justice in that may I ask? This is unjustified and criminal.  When I complained to police that were looking on that I had been assaulted 4 times, my  expensive phone stolen , water thrown over me, steel fence thrown at me.  Asking police to arrest the offenders, pointing to whom they were. Police response “Well they are very passionate in what they believe in” My response being “And so are Murders and Rapists”.  This is called Social Justice in New Zealand.

This is Marxism, socialism on steroids its communism, it’s a run-away freight train the passengers, the Govt and the paid of Main Stream media, that is used to influence peoples minds and behaviors. It’s Nazism, it just what Goebbels did in Hitlers Germany controlled the media. Used intimidation, harassment. This is a political and spiritual warfare. Anti western, targeting westernization, traditions, family structures and conservative Christianity. The Communist Manifesto “Communism abolishes external truths, it abolishes religion, it abolishes morality’. It also abolishes biology. In school ABS equates to LGBTQ+1. No XX and XY. Marx penned, what he saw as a teenagers letter saying “This heaven I have forfeited, I know it full well. My soul was once true to God, its now chosen for hell”. Marx referred this to the ‘Abolishment of Morality’. Marx explained that “the path to Utopia included the end of religious gatherings, the re-writing of history, brainwashing of the ‘uninformed’ and shutting down free speech” this being the “forcible overthrow of social conditions”.  The followers of Marx philosophy killed over 100 million people in the 20th century.

Nikolai Bukharin founding editor of the Russian Communist newspaper wrote “We must take our religion at the top of a bayonet”. Stalin 1929-1953 entirely cleansed Russia of all Christian churches. The Mao’s China motto was ‘Keep people stupid” this was launched in 1966 during a Social Education Campaign demanding that every citizen wake up in the morning and to worship the statue of Mao, the so called Sun God. The biggest mass murder in history were perpetrated by Hitler, Stalin and were outdone by Chairman Mao Zedong. From 1958-1962 his Great Leap Forward policy led to the deaths of over 45 million people. Mao initiated a new religion and he demanded that he was the God of this religion.

I was drawn to an article written by the NZ China Friendship Society 17th January 2013. A woven feather cloak was to be returned to New Zealand. It had been gifted to Chairman Mao Zedong by the 5th Maori King on April 23rd 1957.  There was no justice, equality in China at that time. The Mao era was a very cruel one. All in all he murdered over 60 million revolutionaries. The Maori cloak ‘Korowai’ traditionally a mantle of prestige, honour, leadership. Ardern wore a Korowai when meeting the Queen to show her leadership of New Zealand

Chairman Mao Zedong that murdered a million people given a Korowai. All in the name of leadership, a mantle of prestige and honour. Do you call this  Social Justice? “ALL THE HORRIFIC INJUSTICES THAT ARE TOTALLY UNJUSTIFIED” AND HONOURED   –  SOCIAL JUSTICE and EQUALITY -Does NOT Exist.


Carol Sakey


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