Scary by image, design, text, front page propaganda that depicts that the end of the world is nigh. Scorching earth, wild fires, floods, sea level rises. Domestic migration residents must move away from the coastline where they live, including those in cities by the sea.

Yet here they are building retirement villages by the sea some priced at $2 million dollars for a small apartment. Wealthy individuals live in their mansions by the sea. But others are to move into Smart City, C40 Cities, to be controlled to be spied on everyday by camera’s facial recognition.

They want to take away your cars whereas those that are wealthy can own as many cars as they like, have a launch moored at the waters edge. Political leaders still fly all over the world whenever they like, are immune to these restrictions, regulations and controls.

Chicken Little- help, help, help the sky is falling in they will have you believe them, they announce ‘Trust Us’. Trust the tiny algorithms that you cannot see with the naked eye, trust the data and computer modeled information you cannot understand, that you may never ever view for yourself.

Ardern introduced the first Algorithm Charter in the world which all govt agencies have access to and use. Trust the scientists, researchers that rely on corporations, organizations, governments and philanthropist organizations that fund them out of their own self interests. Leading politicians want you to TRUST THEM..

Political leaders that scare the hell out Leaders of political parties scaring the hell out of children, vulnerable people. Children screaming with placards held high and voices of climate alarmism.

National Health in England have named Climate anxiety as a mental health disorder, young people, children having nightmares, anxiety attacks, feeling depressed because of the scary image driven victimizing text educational authorities dump on children in classrooms everywhere. UNESCO..WHO (UN) EDUCATION 2030 worldwide education from birth upwards.

Dishonesty, Misinformation Projects funded by Governments that allow politicians themselves to have corrupt, dishonesty immunity. The UN Secretary General Guterres announced ‘Global Boiling’.

Its not the climate that boiling its populations that have been placed in the Climate Cooling waters that have now been sucked into the corrupted global boiling pot.

The robbing of taxpayers, ratepayers and consumers both domestic and commercial of millions of dollars that could well end up being billions of dollars, there is no end to it, this ‘ambulance chaser propaganda journalism.

With no conscience, they go out of the way to capture the publics attention, their imagination with dramatic words, with unimaginable effects. The Ozone scare established in the 1980’s, blaming manmade CFC’s /HCFC’s  as they refer to the Ozone hole.

The so called ‘Ozone Hole’ makes it sound so dramatic as the hole is reported much larger than the size of Canada, and then the largest its ever been, and then its healing is getting smaller to the UN Montreal Protocol part of the Vienna Convention of 22md September 1988, the object of the Montreal Protocol of 1987 must be working.

The so called ‘Ozone Hole’ that is widely reported is not a hole but the thinning of the Ozone layer. The terminology ‘The Ozone Hole’ is just a metaphor for the ozone layer thinning. But this massive Ozone Hole’ sounds so dramatis and overwhelming to some people. (Psychological warfare)

As for the thinning of the ozone layers during the North and South Poles, this happens in the South in the winter months.

The stratospheric ozone is created when UV radiation (sunlight) hits oxygen molecules, which combine with other oxygen molecules to form ozone. No ozone layers are created at either the North Poplar or South Polar  Poles during the winter months in those regions

The ozone layers are created in the summer months, however ozone is a naturally unstable compound that has an average half-life of approx.., 2-3 months. In the warmers ozone layers, its half-life may only be a few days.

This means that every polar winter approx.., 50% of the ozone disintegrates , the ozone layers thins out, this is a natural event. However the US State Dept, Congress in the 1980’s hijacked, targeted the CFC’s, then the HCFC’s as a criminal agent.

The ozone alarmists only looking at recent history rather than long term history where the Ozone layer has waxed and waned got larger and shrunk.

They do not tell the public that CFC’s are 5-7 times heavier than air. Put some in a balloon and see what happens. With sufficient winds some CFCs may make it to higher altitudes, until they sink again. Only very small fractions of CFCs ever reach the stratosphere.

CFC’s do not destroy the ozone layer Chlorine does. Stratospheric UV (Sunlight) radiation has to first break apart CFC molecules to release chlorine. The problem is that mother nature produces far more naturally occurring chlorine than humans or animals could ever could.

There are more than 1,000 natural sources of chlorine much of this comes from plants, insects, oceans, solar storms but the most largest comes from volcanic eruptions. Studies from Harvard, France, Russia, Australia and many science center’s are raising the warming flags

During the CFC scare the earth was experiencing was higher than average volcanic eruptions. One single large volcanic eruption has leached more chemicals in the stratosphere than humans, animals that generate in many years of CFC human production, which is barely miniscule.

But nature will always do what nature always does not what International UN Laws dictate and mandate. Naturally if nature wants to annihilate our ozone layer at anytime and it virtually did 250 million years ago, this is the time of a massive prolonged Siberian super-volcanic eruptions that lasted for many years.

Approx., 95% of the ozone layer disintegrated, this is long before the extinction of the dinosaurs, this was called ‘The Great Dying’ approximately of all life finished. There was no fossil fuels then or Human made CFCs or CFC’s.

Natural Chlorine the Romans did not fossil fuel chariots when the climate was warmer then then now. Global boiling, some laugh, some cry, some become very scared and scared and anxious

However,eg corporations, environmental organizations, corporations, foundations, enviro environmental activists, vegan societies, agri-businesses, UN/WEF puppets- UN Nation State Governments they have legitimized the global agenda.

From the theory of Malthusian, to the Population Bomb, to Population to De-population. From the Eugenics of Socialist Margeret Sanger, to the Rockefellers, to International Planned Parenthood affiliated to Family Planning NZ.

From the Gates foundation that is one of the UN Agencies biggest funders to scaring, indoctrinating, manipulating young minds through UNESCO Agenda 2030 collaboration with wealth seeking Corporate Capture of WEF Schwab’s baby “Multi-stakeholder capitalism’, and Schwab’s 604 page Global Redesign of 2010 to the Great Reset-The narrow window of opportunity

If one has not learned from history then it is likely that one is condemned to repeat it..

1)Thomas Malthus -Population vs Natural Resources  (2) The Club Of Rome and the 1968 ‘Population Bomb’-Prof., Paul Ehrlich (3)Rockefeller Foundation and Population related fields (4) Margaret Sanger Eugenics-A Socialist Activist- founder of the International Planned Parenthood whom collaborated with Rockefeller of the UN Population Div.,

Global Cooling  (6) Global Warming, (7) Climate Crisis (8) Climate Disaster (9) Climate Catastrophe we must urgently act now   (10) The Ozone Hole Corruption (11)Corporate Capture and Political collaboration – Public-Private Partnerships. (PPPs)PPP- People – Planet and heaps of Profit. Corporate Capture. Smart Cities, Environmental Refugees’ and the worst fraud in human history Climate Corruption.. Massive Climate Crime by the way of simply book-keeping, no checks, no balances.

And New Zealand Government has the reputation as being the  ‘worst climate cheats in the world’. Climate Criminals That is my next video.

Researched By Carol Sakey



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