First Lee Williams was race baited, then his job was targeted and then his bank account suspended, why not because he opposed Maori, Lee has Maori blooded friends. No the soul purpose was to shut him up, to stop him exposing publically what was going on behind the closed doors of parliament.

Now its Karen Brews turn as Matthew Tutaka targets her for speaking out. Tutaka is calling our publicaly to whanai to get Karen Brewer exported from New Zealand. Karen is a Australian Citizen and he wants her gone. Again he uses the same ploy saying she was against Maori. Wrong Karen Brewer has many Maori blooded friends. This is just pure egly race baiting to stop a person from using speaking out against the governments narratives. Who next will they target?

Divide and Conquer is the name of the game. Time to say it as it is. I too a person who speaks out have friends from many cultures, my own family are from many cultures my great grandchildren with Maori blood. Stop the Race Card Game. To the fracturing of our nations. Stop the have’s and have nots. Stop Identity Politics.

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