The ‘QUEER AVENGERS’ MARCH was September 26th 2011 Central Wellington it started at Ministry Of Education Courtyard and went through to Lambton Key . The first political activist EWcampaign of its kind in New Zealand, to queer the schools in New Zealand.  The word ‘Queer’ was used to mash to multiple transgender diversity that was being promoted throughout NZ by the Queer Avengers and the Socialist Marxist Far Left Workers Party NZ. Byron Clark mayoral campaign in Christchurch 2007 representing the Workers Party NZ. He was a key player and wrote articles in ‘The Spark’ and ‘Fightback’ magazine published by the Workers Party NZ. He is the author of the book ‘FEAR’ that targets anyone that speaks up in opposition to NZ Govt. He names those in his book.. Voices for Freedom, Counter Spin, Groundswell Lee Williams, myself and many others. He character assassinate all those that resided Parliaments grounds. He holds seminars and workshops at Massey University and writes for the main stream news. His book is in the governments archives. Those that speak out about the governments narratives he calls ‘the hostile underworld of extremists’

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