Associate Prof., Sarah Ross Victoria University compiles online poems Avia Tusiata’s poems are included. I am making reference to the controversy of her poem that was produced for the Auckland Arts Festival the 250th  anniversary of Captain Cooks arrival in NZ. No this is not clearly a historical remnant of his arrival in New Zealand but is clearly very graphic rudimental wording white hatred.  Stuff NZ published the poem and should have been taken over the coals by the Race Relations Minister and other MPs representing different Govt Agencies. Tusiata’s poem has caused much anger throughout New Zealand. I note quite a number of her poems are in the Governments National Archives.

Tusaita Avia’s poems content for the Auckland Arts festival includes a group of brown girls planning violent revenge on Capt Cook and white men. The poem is highly provocative and hateful the seeking of revenge referring to Capt Cook or white men like him that might be thieves, kidnappers and rapists or murderers. These are Tusiata’s murderous hateful words to be spoken and published by the Auckland Arts Festival. Her Savage Coloniser Book was published in 2020 it won the Ockman Book Awards in 2021 despite the hateful white men content within the book. This is what the judges said about Tusiata’s book “In a year of outstanding poetry publications that respond to Covid, Black Lives Matter, the Christchurch Massacre, and ongoing violence against women, Avia expresses the outrage shared by many, while maintaining faith that love helps the healing process,”

Stuff NZ then states in its media publication, in the same article about Tusiata white hatred of men poem that seeks revenge on white men and Capt Cook that the poem was condemned and circulated by racist hate speech right wing You Tuber Lee Williams and Sean Plunket (The Platform). Stuff NZ using the opportunity to attack anyone publicly speaking out publicly about the governments agenda or the wokeness it deliberately pushes. Of course Stuff NZ is like other mainstream news media are getting their share of the government journalist fund, they work for the Woke Governments Agenda (Gender Diversity-Sexualizing Politicizing NZ Children in Schools ).  People get sucked in all these Woke messages that are lies, told enough to the public through the propaganda machine ‘lies told continuously and often enough become the truth in peoples minds, and tghey act on those lies because they believe its the truth)

As Sean Plunket said “publicly-funded art must serve the national interest, and should be positive rather than critical”. Studd Ne that Stuff NZ does not support or promote free speech which the reporter calls Sean Plunket a ‘free speech advocate’, its  clearly obvious that Stuff NZ opposes the NZ Bill Of Rights 1991 and other International laws that include freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom to choose your own political ideology.  Democracy does not exist in NZ, however institutional racial apartheid does and is promoted by the woke far left cultural Marxist Socialist community. I question are we living in a totalitarian state in New Zealand, I personally believe “We sure are and I have no doubt about it”. When the State promotes support ‘brown girls rising up and killing white men (Tusiata’s Poem) and you clearly evidentially see the increased political policing of law abiding citizens, the sovereign people of New Zealand we are definitely living under a Authoritarian Regime of Tyranny.

When the State targets the very young by sexualizing and politicizing them in schools we are on a slippery slope to living under a communist type regime.  It is our duty for the love dignity caring and respect of our children that we as descent law abiding citizens speak out publicly in an effort to protect your children and future generations to come.  One day they may ask you “what did you do to stop us being slaves to this communist regime”. how will you respond? Will you hang your head in shame, or will you stand proud and respond “I did everything in my power to stop this volatile state abuse of our children”. Surely enough is enough, already the state has gone too far. Time right now to NO, NO MORE_KEEP YOUR GRUBBY EVIL HANDS OF OUR CHILDREN NOW”.

Tusiata received an Order Of Merit by the Govt of NZ  for her book ‘The Savage Coloniser’. Its unbelievable NZ taxpayers now pay for Diversity Police Officers in the NZ Police Force.


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