Not as eerie as you may think, no they are not haunted either.  I believe there are 29 Ghost Farms in New Zealand which are owned by Fonterra.

When Fonterra cleans its vats and machinery etc., they pipe this dirty factory water onto paddocks of farms that they have purchased for this purpose. Then this water is sprayed over paddock where , what is called ‘Cut Grass’ is grown, which is then sold for cattle feed. It is very high in Nitrates and has cause many neighboring farmers huge concerns because of the risk of this water getting into their bore water. Farmers have complained about the unacceptable levels of nitrates in their bore drinking water.

Fonterra says it owns 29 farms for the primary purpose of nutrient management. Water coming from manufacturing plants is irrigated on these farms. Fonterra gets away with this because they call it ‘ A circular model for nutrient management.’ Yet farmers would be crucified for this by the government. This appears to be acceptable because this government advocates for a ‘circular economy’. Fonterra have said they monitor the levels of nitrate and offered to install filters to farmers.

BUT and there is always a BUT, how does Fonterra get away with this and the Farmers are used as the Governments Whipping Boy?

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