NZ Government made a range of new resources to help schools about sex and relationships. Educatgion Minister Jan Tinetti said she wants “schools in Aotearoa to be safe places for all students regardless of gender . Hence pushing ‘gender fluidity’ that does not exist. She referred to lessons on gender diversity and rainbow issues- creating policies to support trans people. These people are children from the start of primary schoool age to end of senior school. Jan Tinetti spoke of ‘rainbow inclusion’

Tabby Besley from rainbow charity InsideOUT, which developed some of the resources, says more young people are coming out in the school environment and need support. chools are looking for not just lessons on gender diversity and rainbow issues but help creating policies and support groups. “We hope schools will pick up those resources, particularly the one around policies and supporting our trans young people, because those are where we get the most requests from schools. A lot of the time they ask if we have policies about how to do that rainbow inclusion or when a trans student comes out in the school, what they should be doing to support them

Schools look out for rainbow policies


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