Climate Cheat Report authored by the Morgan Foundation April 2016 Refers to NZ Govt’s reputation of honesty and transparency being at serious risk internationally, as to their purchasing of fraudulent climate credits by organized crime in the Ukraine & Russia

NZ expected to use these fraudulent credit for their 2020 emissions reduction pledge, to go on using the proceeds of the crime as part of the targets of UN Agenda 2030. The NZ Govt deliberately knowingly cheating the global consensus to combat climate change until the new dawn arrives. Treating the whole process with contempt a dubious activity that was described as unacceptable. Without doubt the NZ Government was called a ‘Climate Cheat’. That NZ Govt was a willing participant in wholesale climate fraud.

In Ukraine and Russia it was overcome with fraud and corruption, they already had a bad name for this, and it was well known. But NZ became the largest purchaser of Ukrainian, Russian fraudulent credits, even when other countries backed away, they continued. This was a National led govt, and thy claimed that they were meeting international obligation through to at least 2020. NZ’s Clean Green reputation, corruption free was at serious risk as being willing participant of fraud.

The fraud sent the price of carbon units in NZ Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS) to virtually zero. NZ Govt putting $200 million in the hands of foreign criminals to avoid NZ’s obligation to reduce emissions. Reporting that there has been no environmental benefit. Some companies were issued free emissions units by the NZ Govt whilst exploiting the cheap feign fraudulent credits hence profiting from the expense of the NZ Tax Payer. Morgan Foundations report states that the fraudulent emissions credits that NZ Govt purchased from Ukraine & Russia

Have produced little to no climate benefit. Morgan Foundation suggested a three point plan to the government as to putting the hole fraud to bed once and for all. 1) Dump the Junk. 2) Burn the Bank-remove the 2 for 1 deal that govt had set up and freeze companies free allocation of NZ credits for a year to clear the backlog 3) Keep it Clean- Keep the ETS closed to international trade until the system has integrity. But in the meantime, NZ Govt could work closely with some of their Pacific neighbours to develop bilateral agreements.

It is reported that NZ is one of the most heavily exploited in the Kyoto Protocol offsetting mechanisms.  Confirming Report also refers to the Stockholm Environmental Institute publication  which paints another ugly picture relating to plausibility and questionability , the exaggerations of actual emissions reductions, a low environmental integrity

Ukraine & Russia together accounted for 90% of total ERUs issued, the percentage of dodgy credits were more than 89%. They were taking credit for projects that had already happened several years before registering for ERU’s.  For Ukraine and Russia – which together accounted for 90% of the total ERUs issued – the percentage of dodgy credits was even higher: more than 89% and 82% respectively (Figure 4).. Over-estimating emissions reductions, deliberately increasing streams of waste gases from industrial plants. Yet the UN gave Russia and Ukraine the stamp of approval.

Rules allowed countries to largely establish their own rules for approving projects without international oversight. These fraudulent emissions credits were known as ‘Hot Air’. On NZ Govts part it was no mistake, they deliberately participated as Climate Cheats. Guardian News reported ‘UN Official called this all organized crime, saying Russia and Ukraine’s carbon markets had been plagued by ‘significant criminal energy’.

 Interpol had published a guide in 2013 warning that ‘Carbon markets, like other financial markets are also at risk of exploitation by crims due to the large amount of money invested  the lack of oversight and transparency. That Russia & Ukraine have been riddled with corruption. 2011 Transparency International Corruption Perception Index ranked Russia 143rd and Ukraine 152nd out of 182 countries.  NZ Govt had purchased meaning less pieces of paper. The EU shut the gates on Ukraine and Russia but NZ did not. Therefore NZ Govt is known as the ‘worst climate cheat’, exploiting cheap dogy emissions credits. NZ the top buyer of fraudulent credits, by a large margin.

NZ Govt banked on the assumption the carbon credits they purchased would become more valuable in the future, when the flood of foreign credits got cut off. (Surely these days if that was an individual it would be called money laundering- some sort of criminal activity?) NZ Govt main purpose was actually to indirectly accumulate huge quantities of cheap fraudulent credits to meet its climate commitments for years to come in the future. They knew what they were doing was fraudulent and continued down this path. There were calls for NZ Govt to stop this but they were repeatedly rejected. The question is “Whether to NZ Govt was culpable or simply negligent?” (Morgan Foundation). Some creamed off the profits from the fraudulent cheap dodgy emissions units, others exploited them.

Many Iwi/Maori had received the dogy emission credits as part of Treaty settlements, leading to a threat of a $600million Waitangi Tribunal claim against the government, again robbing tax payers pockets.

 All in all driving profit from pollution at tax payers expense. Some companies won twice from a deal with the govt, they purchased these cheap foreign carbon credits to save them for a rainy day when they could profit highly on them at a later date when they would be worth much more. The Govt knowingly, as participants watched them get wealthier on these dodgy carbon credits. These companies win twice from this deal. Not only have they cut costs by buying cheap fraudulent foreign credits, they will also profit from using or selling the New Zealand units in a few years when they are worth more. The Government stood by and watched on, did nothing.

This was called the ‘Long Con’, who says crime does not pay. Who says the government does not act criminally.? The projected surplice remaining of these dodgy credits in 2020 was $93.6 million credits). Did the weak willed politicians ignore this. What did they do? How did they put their criminal type behaviour to bed, or did they?. NZ Geo. Com reported . The Russian and Ukraine carbon credits were quickly denounced as hot air, but NZ companies were the worlds most avid buyers. 12 top NZ Companies spotted the opportunity, snapping up ‘hot air’ credits for just a few cents, well below the domestic rate. Therefore could increase their emissions without penalty.. The fraudulent certificated eroded most of the value from the domestic market real ones.

A report from Morgan Foundation titled ‘Climate Cheats; singles out Fonterra, BP, Z Energy, Genesis, Contact Energy, NZ Steel as the biggest consumers of the fraudulent credits. The international community had already distanced itself from the Ukraine, Russia Scam.. 2020 Kyoto ended, the Paris Agreement took force, offering countries the option to carry any emission  credits forward.

Did the NZ Govt, companies surrender their credits that they knowingly purchased from climate crims.? The govt misleading the people of NZ about integrity and transparency, as they entered a dodgy carbon haven. The NZ Govt was reckless, negligent a willing party in fraudulence..The Morgan Foundation Report ‘Climate Cheats’ was about taking the govt to task for their fraudulent behaviour.. Some experts say that the govts participation in this scam , the govts policy settings made the ETS Scheme morally bankrupt and ineffective.. The whole ETS System appears to lack accountability. Obviously the Green Party were well aware of the National Party’s antics, James Shaw reported 16th August 2016 – The Green Party is calling n th National arty to trade good carbon credits for bad ones, to ensure integrity of our global commitment to cut pollution (Referring to the Morgan Foundation Report)

Greenpeace NZ climate campaigner Simon Boxer said New Zealand has continued to use the dodgy credits because they’re cheap..”The ETS was a policy that was purposefully made to sound boring and dense so people wouldn’t dig deeper into it, but in reality it does not clean up pollution, it allows companies to make a profit from pollution, the ETS scheme is a scam, a climate crime” he said. (Stuff News 18/4/2016).

Of course all the political cronies in the cesspit of Wellington knew about it, was not hidden, they are also participants in Climate Cheats, they did nothing to stop it.

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