The IPCC ignored crucial peer reviewed literature showing that normalized disaster losses have decreased since 1990, human mortality due to extreme weather has decreased by more than 95% since 1920. The IPCC cherry picked from literature and drew opposite conclusions, claiming increases in damage and mortality due to anthropogenic climate change.  These are just two of the conclusion of the report ‘The Frozen Climate View’ of the IPCC. Published by Clintel Foundation

These are very flawed IPCC Reports that NZ Government and other governments worldwide are using to wreck our economies. * IPCC misleads policy makers by focusing on an implausible worst-case emissions scenario. There is also another much larger report . The IPCC cherry picking literature. The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC published by Clintel Foundation is a must to read. One that should be used to target all those political cronies in the cesspit of Wellington.

 IPCC hides good news about disaster losses and climate-related deaths
* IPCC wrongly claimed the estimate of climate sensitivity is above 2.5
°C; it is more likely below 2°C
* IPCC misleads policy makers by focusing on an implausible worst-case emissions scenario
* Errors in the AR6 report are worse than those that led to the IAC Review in 2010.

An international team of scientists from the Clintel network has analyzed several claims from the Working Group 1 (The Physical Science Basis) and Working Group 2 (Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability) reports. This has now led to the report The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC.

It has introduced a new hockey stick graph, which is the result of cherry-picked proxies. And it has ignored temperature reconstructions that show more variability in the past, such as the well-documented Little Ice Age.

The IPCC claims there is an acceleration in the rate of sea-level rise in recent decades. Clintel has shown this claim is flawed, because the IPCC ignores decadal variability in sea level. We also show that its sea-level tool – made available for the first time – shows a mysterious and improbable jump upward in 2020. On top of that, the IPCC is ‘addicted’ to its highest emissions scenario, so-called RCP8.5

IPCC has done a poor job of assessing the scientific literature. All countries rely on the IPCC reports to support their climate policies and most of the media blindly trust its claims. The Clintel report The Frozen Climate Views of the IPCC shows that this trust is not justified.
Clintel has reported the following “In our view the IPCC should be reformed, and should include a broader range of views”. Scientists with different views, such as Roger Pielke Jr and Ross McKitrick, to participate more actively in the process is a necessary first step. If, for some reason, such inclusion of different views is unacceptable, the IPCC should be dismantled

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