New Zealand Government has the ability to detain you as long as they want without you committing a crime.

Just reading Avi Yemini’s Tee Shirt ‘Kia-ora North Korea’ as he entered NZ made me think of the research I had done 2 years ago on Tony Blairs established ‘Fixated Threat Assessment Centre’ (FTAC) which was reported by the Daily Mao; News on 27/5/2007 as ‘Tony Blairs Stalker Squad’. His quietly set up FTAC. Where suspects could be detailed indefinitely by using mental health laws. Those people that accuse the govt of using draconian measures of abusing human rights risk being detained. These were people who are thought to pose a risk to MP, public figures, the Royal family. Giving the govt sweeping powers to check, analyze more than 10,000 suspects

Anyone thought to have a ‘fixated behavior  or fixated way of thinking, is thought of being a risk. The governments holding the power to forcibly detain suspects in mental health units without trial, without evidence, without criminal conviction, without any crime being committed. Where the line is blurred between criminal and clinical investigations. Because of confidentiality suspects were not identified, therefore no-one was able to know how many suspects are forcibly  detained. The Atlantic Times reported ‘UK Enforces Law that Bans Public from Criticizing the Government’, describing a British citizens being detained in a mental health unit under Blairs ‘little known laws’. Allowing police power to arrest, detain anyone who voices criticism against MPs.

Blairs FTAC legally being able to detain people for indefinite periods of time without trial, without evidence, without a crime being committed, with limited rights to appeal. A number of British people have fallen prey to Blairs North Korean Communist tactic. Activist David Campon was imprisoned without criminal charges in a London Mental Health Hospital when he publicly associated himself with the International Tribunal into crimes by the Church and State against children, which held the Crown of England responsible for crimes against children. He and other activists convened a Common Law Court to enforce warrants against child abuser and convicted felons.

Outspoken MP Andrews Lansley was reported to have said “the law can be used to target anyone with religious, political, cultural beliefs. The Government is trying to widen the definition of ‘mental health’ disorders. Their intentions are questionable” where Govt can order suspects to undergo mental health intervention when they do not have a mental health disorder. The British Govt under Blair then passed a Bill in which the Courts could mandate  civil and criminal matters in a private court without suspects who were detained every knowing about this happening, where the govt chose a court advocate to represent the suspect.

State Tyranny likened to that of North Korea. Evening Standard 27/5/2007 News headed “Shambles of Blairs plan referring to ‘Draconia wartime Powers’, where anyone can be stopped and questioned about their ID and Movements. Refusing to comply would impose 5,000 pound fines. Civil liberties groups warned that just be a civil matter of dropping a piece of litter risks being detained and having DNA taken.

The arresting, detaining people just on suspicion on the grounds you may be plotting something. That was Britain 2007 under Blairs Government. 2017 NZ Government. Ministry Of Health reported due to consistent overseas research NZ was piloting Tony Blairs draconian WARTIME PLAN. July 1st 2019 the whole concept of Tony Blairs Fixated Threat Assessment Centre was established permanently in New Zealand. Yes ‘Kiaora North Korea’. This being overseen by a senior official governance group officials from three participating agencies. Parliamentary police, Special Mental Health Officials and NZ Police. The collaboration of the three just as it was in Tony Blairs Government, and as it is now. And has also been adopted by Victoria’s government (Daniel Andrews). Fixated behavior by Blairs plan referred to Newspaper adverting, posters, emails to MPs and Emails to police and many other thought led motivations, suspicions- the thought police. Predictable behaviors that do not fit a mechanism of being a criminal.

An FYI (Official request ) for information from the government for details of people detained in the FTAC in NZ was requested. For the dates between 2017- 2020. The number of people, gender, religion, age of those that had been detained. The response by Director of National Intelligence NZ Police to all questions was ‘Non-Applicable’. Therefore we do not know who may be detained, being forced into mental health intervention, treatmentTransparency Zilch. Kiaora North Korea ‘Avi Yemini is so right’ January 19th 2021

‘KIAORA’ NORTH KOREA ‘ NZ TAKES ON BLAIRS DRACONIAN WARTIME QUESTIONING..The State give themselves sweeping powers to analyze anyone under suspicion, the ‘Thought’ Police in action. Blair, Ardern and Daniel Andrews.



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