‘Indigenous’ social theory, the theoretical drama of ‘critical race theory’ that poses severe criticism of anyone colonial ancestry.  This is identity politics at one of its worst which causes serious risk within the nation state. However I would like to expand on this by saying what I personally believe. “If there is crisis in a nation state, a racial divide,  rebellious minority groups all demanding their own self determining rights above all others then surely the Nation State will always fail and International Roles (UN Agreements that are ratified by UN State member countries) will determine that only interdependence on the U/WEF will be able to succeed hence the advancement of globalization and the Sovereign Nation State becoming obsolete and a one world global governance (The UN/WEF Partnership Global Corporate Capture of Nation States) will succeed.  The global expansion in UN Nation States of the tyranny of human rights where revolutionary minority groups all (each one) wanting their own self determining rights over that of others has become totally insane.



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