Identity Politics deliberately skirmishes the lives of the citizens of New Zealand.

Identity Politics relates to Race, Creed, Colour.

Religion vs Atheism and Transgenderism vs Heterosexuality.

Political Identity politics also includes the very serious issue that is destroying our freedoms this includes the ‘Haves vs The Have Nots’.

Those that have been COVID-19 Injected and those that refuse to be injected.

Identity politics has become a master concept that explains much of what is going on in global affairs.

The political left embrace identity politics, what they deem as a political correctness however under this guise a minority group become favoured over the majority, therefore the majority group (population) become justified in feeling upset and angered.

A new divide has emerged, between the so-called winners and losers of globalization, that has dangerous impacts on democratic systems.

Identity politics favours discrimination and fosters a climate of distrust among citizens.

How has ‘Identity Politics impacted on the population of New Zealand?

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