9August 9th 2016 UN Watch.Org) .UN and US OFFICIALS ON JIHADI THREAT IN 2023 (June 8th 2023) U.S. officials warned about multifaceted threats from ISIS and al Qaeda in 2023. ISIS expanded its global network, brand, and operations, especially in Africa. “There is no military solution to save those that have become victims of ISIS, the ISIL detained populations. Those US Officials call this a “vile ideology remains unconstrained.”
During the Gaza war of 2014, despite UNDP’s duties of neutrality and impartiality, the organization noticeably sided with Hamas against Israel, whitewashing the systematic subversion by Hamas of homes, schools, mosques, and hospitals, to hide weapons, install rocket launchers, and cover up entrances to terror tunnels as well as terrorist command and control centers. Known by UN Officials.
In August 2014, UNDP published a Preliminary Assessment: The publication fails to mention Hamas warfare once—the word Hamas simply does not appear in the 30-page document. Emotional language is used only against Israel. The word “shocking” refers only to Palestinian damage, never to the thousands of missiles fired at Israel by Hamas, nor Hamas use of civilians as human shield
UN Scandal; “Cash for Kim” in North Korea. (Jan 24th 2007) – (Source UN Watch.Org).
The Wall Street Journal reported that the UN Development Program has long been paying hard currency directly to North Korean dictator Kim Jong Il’s government, contrary to UN rules and with lax or no monitoring of how the money is used. From at least 1998 the UNDP program for North Korea has been “systematically perverted for the benefit of the Kim Il Jong regime”
But the problem is bigger than just UNDP. As investigative journalist Claudia Rosett notes, the UNDP, while serving as coordinator of U.N. programs in Pyongyang, is “just one of about a half dozen U.N. agencies that have been operating in North Korea, including UNICEF, the UN Population Fund and the World Food Program.” Combined, these agencies have poured “close to $2 billion worth of resources into North Korea over the past decade or so, according to U.N. records.” All of them appear to conduct their work in North Korea in much the same way as UNDP. (Indeed, Associate UNDP Administrator Ad Melkert, responding to last week’s allegations, tried to justify UNDP’s actions on the ground that other UN agencies operate similarly in North Korea.)
Gen. Mark Milley, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
In House testimony on March 29: “Terrorist organizations such as Al-Qaeda, ISIS, Al-Shabaab, and others continue to export terror, destruction, and destabilization. Unless the root causes of instability that give rise to these types of groups are resolved, terrorists will continue to take root around the globe, threaten others with attacks, and undermine legitimate governments.
NZ political cronies and their govt paid main stream media are negligent in sharing important news from New Zealanders, they try to keep Zealanders in a bubble of silence out of reach from what’s happening in the world beyond our shores unless its some sort of crisis event that will breed fear.UNDP Chief Helen Clark (UN News 9/8/2016) Administrator for UNDP, candidate for the UN Secretary Generals job) reports on the pervasive subversions of UN funds to terrorist Organization HAMAS. An UN Aid Agency involved in hiding weapons for a terrorist organization, that is a murderous regime that have weaponized schools, homes and hospitals. Using fear tactics and murder through the HAMAS regime
NOTE: Helen Clark was in charge of UNDP Funds.

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