Government’s Central Planning Committees. ‘ CO-GOVERNANCE OF NEW ZEALAND’

The Three legislations to replace the Resource Management Act 1992 (RMA).. There has been heaps of concerns, controversary over Three Waters Reform however what is proposed now is even worse. I refer to the CCP as the Government ‘Centralized Control Panel. This is David Parker’s targeting not of just rural communities and farmers but also all land, businesses and home ownership in New Zealand, thus is similar to Nanaia Mahuta’s Three Waters reform but much worse. This refers to town planning consents and the natural environment. This is the worst elements of the Three Waters Reforms that will replace the RMA.

The silence of the MPS in the political cesspit of Wellington is deafening, the mainstream media hide what’s going on with his leftist socialist bias. No-one is really warning the people of New Zealand just how bad this is.  This is about, homes, businesses, land. We should be loudly, adamantly demanding the Government “Get off my dam land” Remember people that ‘Silence is Consent’. And the ‘Silence is deafening..Its very off-putting if you intend to read this proposed legislation as it is 891 pages long, heaps to digest. It was introduced just before the Christmas break and then there was the Christmas holidays submissions were to be in by Waitangi weekend, very  deliberately timed and silenced. This Bill is definitely not being promoted in the public sphere.  The proposed legislation of David Parker, the Environment Minister strips resource content and planning away from local councils, therefore people in local communities are also robbed of their voicers to be heard at a local level.

Co-Governance has been handed to 15 Centralised Regional Planning Committees as to the decision making around resource consents eg the deck that you may want to build at your home, new factories, businesses and the new water tank of rural property or even residential property that you may use for watering the garden. All these decisions made by non-elected bodies. Regional Planning Committees that pose  extremely costly rules, that will be strictly enforced. Owners of property whom pay their rates, having the choice taken away from them what happens on their own private owned piece of land. You own the land, the government decides what you do with it. The Government acting like a communist  style regime. 67 Elected councils will be handed over to a communist style co-governance regime of 15 Regional Planning Committee’s.

The Environment Minister himself is allowed to have a say as to who is appointed on these committees. Will ratepayers be robbed, yes they will and will they be controlled, targeted and restricted as they will. Is this a democratic process, definitely NOT, its dictatorship. There will be no hearing local communities issues, concerns because those that make the decisions will not be part of the community, they will be far away in some city somewhere. The end decision making rights will be ultimately be controlled by central govt, the political toilet bowl of Wellington. Which I call the other CCP. Central Control Panel of the people of New Zealand. They are very insulated by multi-layers of bureaucracy. David Parker has said this is NOT ‘Co-governance’. Personally I believe he is a liar, as non elected Iwi/Hapu and Treaty Of Waitangi Principles weigh very heavy within the new legislation.

1)Each local council will be allowed to have one representative on the new regional committee, therefore can be drown out by many others on that very same committee. Iwi/Hapu have at the minimum two. All Committee members must be obedient and enforce the Waitangi Tribunal demands.

2)An example given by the Tax Payers Union is “Decisions over a geo-thermal plant in Taupo would not be made in Taupo but Hamilton by non accountable, non- elected committee members. The committee will be bound by a ‘National  Planning Framework’ issued by the Environment Minister (Govt) every 9 years.

Hence there will be limits, restricts, targets land, business, house owners, owners of private property. (End Of Private Property Rights)

3) A communist planning regime embedded with the Treaty principles, made up as they go along, or those that have corruptly been endorsed by the government over time. These are strictly enforced into three new layers of co-governance.

4)Un-elected appointee’s include Iwi/Hapu whom sit on Regional Planning Committees, they have full decision making voting rights. But David Parker says this is “NOT Co-Governance”. That’s a blatant lie, and this govt should never be trusted because of their silence on this proposed legislation of ‘Central Planning Committee’s’

5)The exact number of Iwi/Hapu is just documented as minimum of two so therefore this could be much more than two. All members of the committee must be bound by the Waitangi Tribunal (Not the Treaty Of Waitangi pur-say). The Waitangi Tribunal held a meeting this resulted in “where decisions are made (referring to the Regional Planning Committees’) “Nothing less than 50/50 split to satisfy the partnership principles (There was no Partnership in the 1840 Treaty Of Waitangi)

6) A new unelected ‘National Maori Entity’ will put pressure on the new planning committee’s to ensure, enforce the Treaty principles as demanded by the Waitangi Tribunal which will have priority over public consultation on the new Regional Planning Committee’s

7)At anytime Iwi/Hapu can produce a Te Oranga Taiao (environmental wellbeing) statement dictating how the Minister of the Environment (Govt) must uphold the intrinsic relationship between Iwi/Hapu and the environment in the ‘National Planning Frameworks’. There is NO APPEAL PROCESS outlines or proposed in this legislation. BUT David Parker says “THIS IS NOT CO-GOVERNANCE”

8)Costs will significantly increase for ratepayers because of all this bureaucracy bullcrap and consents for your privately owned property will be much more difficult to obtain. This is the Governments 891 page of NZ’s Resource Management Communist Manifesto. The CCP  (Central Control Panel) An extremely radical communist type co-governance of the people of New Zealand

9) The ‘National Planning Framework’ provides direction of Regional Spatial strategies consistently managed, c controlled, an integrated co-governance framework that sets limits, targets privately owned property, includes air, indigenous biodiversity, coastal water, estuaries, fresh water, soil and other aspects of the natural environment. Identifying geographical areas are namely ‘Management Units’ Targets are namely ‘Directives’ that are mandatory environmental limits. Targets  with ‘bottom lines’ that prevent granting  resource consent.

10)The Justice Dept documented ‘Waitangi Tribunal Interim Report on appointments to Regional Planning Committees referring to Maori appoints being Maori representatives relating to the proposed ‘Natural Built Environments Act’ and the ‘Spatial Planning Act’. The proposed legislation is all part of the National Freshwater & Geo-thermal Resources Inquiry claim (The rights and interests of Māori). The Waitangi held a discrete 3 day hearing at the Waitangi Tribunal Unit in Wellington, references were made to an application from the Māori Council as per settlement of governance entities over other Māori groups.

11)Fresh-water Iwi Leaders Group, Urban Māori, representatives, Māori landowners and other participants were involved with the discrete Waitangi Tribunal meeting. They referred to the Crowns proposed new Resource Management regime, the appointment of Māori members to Regional Planning Committees as to the authorities, groups that represent Hapu/Iwi in each region.

The process of selection would be determined by Iwi/Hapu and relevant rights, interest holders eg Maori land owners. The meeting focused on the Governments consistency with the principles of Waitangi that the Waitangi Tribunal has set out. The Waitangi Tribunal concluded that the government had been compliant to Waitangi Tribunal demands as to the Treaty  (Researched By Carol Sakey-Supporting ‘ROCK THE VOTE NZ’


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