NZ Govt Embassy warn New Zealanders visiting Qatar there is civil unrest in Qatar, avoid protests, this has the potential to turn violent, adding the crime rate in Qatar is low, but be careful travelling alone. Men have been known to physically harass women, commit petty crime, violence is rare, but be alert. Be familiar with and respect religious and social traditions, be respectful of personal dress and behavior. Same sex relationships lead to arrest. Do not show disrespect to the Govt, local authorities, taking photo’s of people without their permission.

NZrs travelling or living in Qatar must have comprehensive travel insurance policies in place, a provision for medical evacuation by air. Qatar is being reported as going through a new digital era, aligned to all other UN Nation States (Digital Global Citizenship- Digital Global Citizenship Education). And NZ Govt, and the new 3 Party Coalition are participating in this also.(The Global Citizenship Digital Future 28th February 2024). Qatar renews its support for the UN Development Program to accelerate Global Agenda 2030) A New Era of Global Digitalization.

Qatar on many occasions has been reported as funding HAMAS and they have been allegedly linked to the 7th October massacre in Israel, but on the other hand working with UN Nation States on Transforming our World, a global digital transformation. A State International Order of World Governance system. Qatar a  in a partnership with the UN/WEF as to a comprehensive Digital transformation includes Smart Cities, E Governance, Digital Identity etc.,  Qatar to be a global trailblazer in global digital transformation.

The UN has estimated UN Nation States need to spend between $3 trillion and $5 trillion (US) annually. More money is needed, that the global pandemic has added another $2 trillion a year to the annual costs, and there is a fragile looming economy worldwide. As the WEF define the world needs a shrinking rather than a growing economy, a Degrowth’ of the worlds energy and resources, reducing consumption. Shifting from growth to Degrowth. The roadmap for financing Global Agenda 2030 ‘UN Addis Abba Action Agenda to fund the Global Development Goals (SDGs), the World Bank President Jim Yong Kim signed this Strategic Partnership Framework to financially support UN Nations States to achieve the Global 2030 Agenda.

This being a catalyst for more private financing of the global agenda as the UN calls for “all hands on deck” declaring “ we cannot do business as usual” at the UN New York Summit meeting. But Qatar has over the years funded $1.8 billion (US) to the terrorist organization HAMAS. As they announce that later this year Qatar will cement a regional global financial hub to advance the Global Agenda worldwide, by establishing the Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Doha in 2024.

Qatar’s role as a permanent member of the UN/WEF global agenda backed up by Qatar’s third largest gas and oil reserves in the world. The worlds largest exporter of liquified natural gas. Qatar is powerful, wealthy and feared in the Middle East. The Qatar Emir new plant called ‘The Pearls’ turns reserves into liquid fuels, costing $18 billion and 5 yrs to build is the largest most sophisticated plant of its kind, the strategy to keep the emir of Qatar super wealthy also serves the UN/WEF Global Agenda.

Much of Qatar’s power gathering is through Al Jazeer owned by the Qatar Royal Family. The latest news is that Israel has raided Al Jazeer in Israel confiscated equipment, the mainstream media hue and cry about Freedom of Press and this is not justified. But Israel is not the only country to ban Al Jazeer because of his relations with organizations such as HAMAS. They have played a huge role in white washing the militant terrorist group, amplifying Houthi commitment to the Palestinian cause. Supporting the Muslim Brotherhood. The Houthi alliance with Iran and Qatar, Palestinian terrorist groups funded supported by Qatar for many years

And the Yemeni Houthi Militia shooting missiles at Israel blocking international shipping routes on the Red Sea. As they seize the ships the terrorist group dance and chant “Death to Israel, Death to America’ its reported. Qatar making them out to be the Robin Hoods of the Middle East robbing the rich to help the poor tactic. As Freedom of Press reporting of the real truth that is happening on the worlds stage that’s severely targeted but the UN/WEF, UN Nation States will not support them, they target character assassination them as independent journalists are imprisoned worldwide.

In NZ we have our own Government Journalist Fund, the  bearer of fake news that character assassinate those that speak the truth of course owned by significant global members of the WEF – BlackRock, Vanguard. BlackRock that has partnered our Government in a WEF Private Public Partnership to accelerate the global environmental initiative  (The 4th Industrial Revolution, the New Normal, 21st Century Cities, Agenda 21 Agenda 2030 decade of Action, the 2010 WEF Global Redesign Initiative 640 pages)

The financially supporters of HAMAS being a collaborative force for advancing Global Agenda 2030 (1/2/2024) Renews its multi-year contribution to the core funding of the Global Agenda, establishing a provision of all its financial tools project to realize the global development goals (SDGs) 2030. Qatar 2014 pledged $400 million to HAMAS. A lawsuit investigation was filed on behalf of Israeli victims between 2014-2016 against a Qatar Charity, the Qatar National Bank & the Masraf al Rayan Banks being involved in providing financial support to fund terrorist attacks, exploitation of banking ties in the US to supply US dollars to HAMAS and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Funding terrorist organizations via a US Banking System in 2016

The HAMAS investment network is being deployed across the entire Arab world. Iran sponsoring Terrorism reported to be $250 million per year worldwide. There are no sanctions in place to stop this blood money. $30 billion per year is being made by Syrians and Hezbollah in the marketing of counterfeit medicines, fake drugs etc., The world turns a blind eye to this as more money continues to reach terrorist organizations. Qatar financially supporting HAMAS transferring more than $1,8 billion over the years. Qatar a financial terrorist clearinghouse.

All UN Nation States including Qatar and China accelerating Global Digital Citizenship through Universal Digital Education. NZ participation in the acceleration of the  Global Digital Citizenship in Universal 2030 Education school curriculums worldwide. NZ Representatives attend meetings in Beijing and Shanghai – China’s Marxist cultural socialist global Education to be implemented worldwide to accelerate the Global Agenda ‘Transforming Our World’’

13th February 2024 the 2024 World Digital education Conference attended by NZ Representatives, representing the Govt. Virtual speech by the Minister of Education to the Shanghai  16th November 2023 large contingent of NZ Education Providers attended China’s largest annual International Digital Global Citizenship Education conference. 60 countries, 4,500 participants  (Education NZ) including the global media 16 NZ Providers attended the gathering in Beijing. The World Digital Education Conference Shanghai 30-31 Jan 2024. Hosted by the Peoples Republic of China (The CCP) and UNESCO also attended by Qatar

Participants; State leaders, education ministers diplomatic envoys, Heads of UN Agencies, NGO;s Presidents and professionals from universities Principals, teachers from primary and secondary schools, Representatives of digital technologies and companies. Also participation of China in Pre School Digital Global Citizenship Education with representatives from UN Nation States. NZ representatives joined the Early Childhood Global Digital Citizenship Symposium in Nanjing China and online. A global  cultural Marxist agenda to accelerate Universal Education 2030 worldwide.

Qatar renews its support to UNDP to accelerate the 2030 …

United Nations Development Programme › news › qatar-renews-its-support-…

Qatar Launches Ambitious Digital Agenda 2030: Pioneering a Future of Technological Advancement and Economic Prosperity


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