In 2013 The United States Navy predicted  a summer ice free  Artic by 2016. The US Department of Energy backed research was led by US Navy Scientists. They reported that the Artic could lose all its summer  sea ice as early as 2016.  The project, based out of the US Naval Postgraduate School’s Dept of Oceanography, they used complex modelling techniques that make projections more accurate than others.  (Source of information was acquired from The Guardian December 9th 2013. )

2008 Al Gore warns of Ice Free Artic by 2013. He predicted the North Polar Ice Cap would be completely ice free in five years. Gore made the prediction on German TV at the COP15 Climate Conference.  (Source of information Assosiated Press June 24th 2008)

Al Gore said at the UN Climate Conference in Copenhagen the Artic Ocean may be nearly ice free in summer 2014 (Source of information ‘USA Today’ 2009)

20th October 2009 Gordon Brown ex Prime Minister of England reported “We have few than 50days to save our planet from catastrophe” (Source of information The Independent 20th October 2009 )

In 2009 Prince Charles says only 8 years to save the planet, Prince Charles is a key main player of the World Economic Forum that represents Wealthy Multistakeholder Corporations. (Source of Information Environ>Green Living by Robert Verkaik 9th July 2009 )

2004 The Pentagon tells Bush “Climate Change will destroy us” he added “Britain will be Siberia in less than twenty years”  A secret report, suppressed by US Defence chiefs and obtained by The Observer warns that major European cities will be sunk beneath rising seas as Britain plunged into a Siberian climate by 2020.

The Ford Motor Company dumped more than 35,000 tons of toxic paint sludge onto lands occupied  by tribal clan, poisoning ground water with arsenic, lead and other harmful chemicals.   43 Years later after the dumping ended those toxins are still in the ground water and threaten the reservoir that provides drinking water to millions of residents.  Ziad S. Ojakli was a Ford Motor Company group vice president of … In 2006, Ojakli was named a delegate to the World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders.

Pharmaceutical plants are often incapable of filtering out all the chemical compounds used in their manufacturing process and as such, the chemicals will seep into the surrounding freshwater systems and eventually into the oceans, lakes, streams, and rivers.

US Geological Survey study revealed contamination levels downstream from two drug manufacturing plants in the state of New York, which were between ten and 1,000 times higher than those at comparable facilities in the country.  (So for looking after the rivers and streams, environment)

Environment and renewable energy, wind energy for example:- Unpredictable, cannot be produced consistently.  Threat to wild life through the turbines.  Noise. Not that nice to look at and there are location limitations. (Noise and Visual pollution)

Carbon Taxes in New Zealand and  across the world will rise significantly so. Further increasing energy costs. In 2020 Arderndeclared a climate emergency thus committing to urgent action to reduce emissions. In 2019 NZ Govt passed the Zero Carbon Act which aims to reduce cardon to net zero.

Ardern has warned NZ Farmers to cut carbon emissions, has given them till this year to make changes, if they do not the NZ Government un der Ardern’s watch has threatened farmers who are already going through very tough times to make them pay higher taxes as part of the plan to achieve Zero Carbons by 2050.

I am not a scientist, or a climatologist but this climate alarmism looks very suspect to me.. I tend to think of it as another fear mongering torture that will seriously effect small businesses and the farming community. More about the ‘New Normal’, the re-engineering of society, human behaviour.

As for Eco Churches and Zero Carbons by 2030 is concerned of course Entertainers, those we trust, church leaders will be top of the list to indocrinate their communities. The World Health Org., (UN) Report advised publicising of COVID19 Vaccines to take place in the community by people the public trust, naming church leaders and entertainers.


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