Building Back Better is about Re-inventing Capitalism.  Big ideas using Big Data to redesign the globally economy, to re-engineer behaviour to accept corporaate capture whilst destroying small businesses, jobs and the livilihood of farmers etc., A global inclusive collective action to accelerate a worldwide systematic changes in times of crisis through the powers of political demands on populations worldwide.

23rd July 2021 Labor Party to unlock new industries to ‘Build Back Better’.  14th April 2022 Spinoff News NZ  reported ‘Build Back Better’, a repeated message  Ardern publicizes not only to Kiwi’s at home but also on the world stage.  Build Back Better refers to the Post COVID19 era.  Ardern’s Budget 2021 sharpen the focus on NZ’s Economy sge said “To Build Back Better”

At the opening of APEC Ardern’s speech referrred to “A sustainable inclusive global economical recovery to ‘Build Back Better’.

A World’s Politics Review article documented  ‘Build Back Better’.  The Green COVID Recovery Plan, the ‘Build Back Better Plan’.  Dan Andrews,  Boris Johnson, Trudeau,  Ardern, UN Agencies, NGO’s, Governments, WEF, WTO you name they are also quoted the same old phrase, jumping on the bandwagon of ‘Build Back Better’    The Neo Marxist, Socialist catch phrase.   Biden also referenced the term of ‘Build Back Better’.

Yes Ardern captured the world’s imagination but she has severely  failed New Zealand’s citizen’s, there is no  sign of remorse..no conscience, takes no blame and feels no shame. A person with no conscience in the seat of power without a shaddow of doubt is very dangerous.

Just one example of how NZ Citizens are being effected by Ardern and her political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington…Food Grants 2017 WINZ went to 100,000 people, todate this  now amounts to 500,000. Add increased suicides, increased poverty, increased rents, increased mortgages, increased inflation and increased mental health issues. So how’s that ‘Build Back Better’ going? Definitely not in the interests of NZ Citizens.

Build Back Better plan is for post COVID19 Pandemic.  The plan and the solution had already been made, all they had to do was to put the plan in action, wait for it all to destroy populations around the world economically socially then announce the solution is to ‘Build Back Better’

‘Build Back Better’ equals high corporate investments post crisis events. Namely Climate Alarmism and also the Plandemic.   ‘Build Back Better’ be aware of Marxism, Socialism and dangerous negative impacts on society at large.

Investopedia- The socialist system all legal production, distribution  decisions are made by the Government individuals rely on centralized government for everything they need for basic survival from food, water, roof over their heads to healthcare and education etc.,  All the name of ‘Build Back Better’.  Destroy local economy, small businesses, farmers livelihoods then ‘Build Back Better’ .  Land Grabs, end of Private Property Rights all in the name of  Corporate Capture.

Super powerful forces are at work globally to ‘Build Back Better’. Local businesses risk bankruptcy.

‘Build Back Better’  incorporates Central Bank Digital Currency’. The International Settlements Bank has published a report, pilots are already being deployed and initiated. This is going to have short and long term negative impacts on society.   8th February 2022 NZ Reserve Bank Concepts of Design for CBDC. The key to NZ’s future, the future of money is at a crossroads this is necessary to build a sustainable future they report. The technology exists to ‘Build Back Better’

The World Economic Forum laid the groundwork for explaining the Central Bank digital Currency at a meeting at the DAVOS meeting in February 2020 the theme being ‘ Financial Inclusion’ . namely the ‘CBDC Policy Maker Toolkit’ a collaboration with Central Banks, Governments, International Organizations and Financial Institutions to ‘Build Back Better’

The Goal to accelerate the UN Agenda 2030 Global Development Goals by way of managing, monitoring, controlling everyone’s behavior on this planet.  ‘To Build Back Better’ hence prioritizing corporate wealthy interests and bugger the interests of the general public.

The UK Government   ‘Build Back Better’ Council main interests were in favour of  HSBC,  Blackrock  and other corporates.  ‘Build Back Better’ the revolving door between politics – economy- finance. Influencing governments worldwide.

The communies ressponse to the UK Government ‘Build Back Better Council Plan’ :-  “As long as big corporations are guided solely to churn out greater profits at the expensive of the collective environment of the populations wellbeing  they will keep on passing through the corridors of power, we will never be able to break free from the endless cycle of destruction.  Governments need to embrace small businesses.  Small businesses have been shut out for too long. Corporate Capture must be exposed for what it really is”

‘Build Back Better’ must be exposed for what it really is.  Yes Building Back Better is great as long as the citizens of New Zealand are planning the ‘Build Back Better”.  To ‘Build Back Better’ firstly lets drain the swamp.. Obviously all the political cronies in the toilet bowl of Wellington are very aware of the planned ‘Corporate Capture’ of the Governments ‘Build Back Better’ plan.  Hence they are all allies of the ‘Build Back Better’ global plan. Building Back Better means they must leave the political halls of power and never return again.

Ardern’s ‘Build Back Better’ includes destroying democratic rights, increased surveillance to monitor, control make NZ Citizens  compliant whilst a Corporate Capture of NZrs  takes place.

‘The Three Waters Reform, He PuaPua an Iwi Co-governance. The Iwi elite, the Maori Party, the Maori Health Board, all part of the government’s ‘Build Back Better’ Plan.  The Governments Disinformation Plan, Identity Politics- Critical Theory all have been introduced under the veil of COVID19 namely to ‘Build Back Better’.  I equate it to deliberately setting up New Zealanders to destroy each other.  Hey, but the Government have had egg thrown in their face as we all cultures, ethnic groups in solitude and peace come together to stand up to this evil powerful force.

Matthew Tukaki who represented Australia at the signing of the UN Global Compact is more than aware  what is happening, the land grabbing corporate capture of New Zealand.. In an overview of one of his 6 books little books he wrote he had a good relationship with thousands of Corporates.  That would be right.

World Trade Org., (UN) represent those  stakeholder corporates that are rewarded by the UN Global Compact.  Tukaki calls out Racism, however he has Maori blood yet look at what he is doing to other NZ Citizens with Maori Blood.  Every culture, ethnic group collectively have been name called, character assassinated as being ‘The River Of Filth’.    ‘Build Back Better’, yes lets expose it for what it is and ‘Build Back Better’, on the peoples terms not on the governments. Drain the Swamp would be to ‘Build Back Better’

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