Bio-Digital Convergence is described as the intersection, the merging of biological and digital technologies. Bio-digital technologies include mRNA substances that have been jabbed into majority of populations arms worldwide. Global populations of Human Lab-Rats. mRNA substances used to treat  coronaviruses (Coronavirus 2019) Corona viruses form a large family of viruses that can cause a range of illnesses. They can even include the common cold and your so familiar seasonal flu that often is not seasonal at all, and can cause other serious illnesses.

Bio-digital Convergence (Bio-digital technologies) include mRNA substance, the Canadian Govt (Horizons) since 2020 have produced digitally controlled surveillance insects, micro-organisms genetically engineered to produce medicinal compounds and much more. In an article that focuses on Indigenous Peoples views on Bio-digital Convergence (Indigenous Peoples coined phrase spread throughout the world in the early 1970’s).

Bio-digital Convergence from a Haudenosaunee (Cherokee) perspective which suggests that insights from Indigenous Peoples philosophical traditions are specifically regarding rationality and territory and this by many governments, judiciaries have said “this may be necessary for humanity to adapt to profound, existential changes implicit in Bio-Digital Convergence”

It was reported that the Indigenous Peoples will incorporate everything into conservation of their lands, territories. Indigenous People are reported to be a leadership necessity to successfully transform economy, society  ‘ as fit for purpose for the 21st Century’. The re-engineering of society, a new corporate capitalist (Communist) Global Economy. Therefore there must be a holier than though of re-imaginings, re-story tellings to fit the global agenda, the International Global Order. .. No matter what race, colour, creed the creeping westernized Chinese credit system will seek you out. The plan of transformation includes that all peoples, leaving no-one behind, everyone, everywhere at every age become Global Digital Identified Citizens. The massive Digitization during the Pandemic years of tracking, tracing etc., and those PCR tests, personal information given was a real gift to those that want to control us.

We must be aware of the risks of Bio-digital Convergence, as the world becomes even more connected than it is now, more data driven being awakened to the elements of trust and privacy, censorship and control. I wonder how many people are keeping a watchful eye on the known and unknown risks of Bio-digital Convergence. Bio-digital Convergence has become a part of making structures work, security and global society. Vigilance is critical. Bio-digital Convergence is the most intimate form of connectivity, that is connectivity to machines that collect human data, and that human data belong to a company not to the human user that generated it.

Think of all the ways you are connected to mainstream network platforms and other social media platforms eg., your car, smart TV, your watch, online applications, smart phones etc., and the behavioral data you also provide. Your personal data being fed into a personal information network. Sharing your data with 3rd parties being open to criminality, surveillance of your privacy and censorship. We share data everyday perhaps absent mindedness we put ourselves at risk.

If consumers choose to stay of social media, always drive Manuel cars, don’t purchase smart phones, smart tv’s, smart fridge’s etc., entirely disconnecting they would probably feel like quite isolated and alone as they part from the massive, busy body, factual and legally fictitious world of digitization, therefore for most people shutting down data systems to protect privacy is not an option

We don’t have to fast-forward all that far to see a world in which there is a near-complete convergence between man and machine. It’s work buildings replete with sensors that track energy use. It’s smart cities. It’s cloud-connected fitness trackers that are not just wearable but embedded in your body, like a pacemaker. Bio-digital convergence challenges the notion of trust and what it means to be human. If data is shaping how we live, we are forced to consider who actually controls our decisions and behaviors. There will be winners and losers.

Bio-digital Convergence is not new, it has been evolving quietly yet persistently. The boundaries between biological entities and digital apparatus have become increasingly blurred. Today we are at a crossroads where digital technologies can alter the very code of life, and biological processes that creates an interdependence of the bio-digital landscape. The Societal Implications of the integration of digital devices into the human body, eg brain-computer interfaces, bio-metric sensors introduces vulnerabilities, issues of privacy, autonomy, security. Biological entities that can be hacked, monitored, controlled digitally.

Do you want to live in a world where our biological functions can be manipulated or enhanced artificially. Think of the many risks involved, the ethical dilemmas, the concerns about eugenics, consent and new forms of discrimination, the prospect of designing organisms or altering human traits and moral quandaries.  The potential of Bio-digital technologies to be weaponized, used maliciously, criminally, evasively. The ethical debates, the ‘Do No Harm’, the bio-hacking, genetic espionage, bio-terrorism and the Internal Global Rules, regulations, the governance structures, geopolitical complexities. The health implications, unforeseen health repercussions. The manipulation of Eco-systems creating of synthetic organisms.

How on earth would we navigate all this, just thinking about it does my head in, just imagine what this Bio-digital Convergence could do. There must be moral, ethical standards, the protection of our health as the global cabal are advancing and harnessing the transformative power of Bio-digital Convergence for the 21st Century and beyond. Is it time to demand ‘enough is Enough’ that we have had enough as humanity continues to be targeted by a Global International Rules Based Order.




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