The IPCC was established and endorsed by the UN General Assembly in 1988
The last IPCC Assessment report was 8,000 page synthesis. 264 scientists with findings on physical climate science * 270 scientists on impacts, adaption and vulnerability to climate change, 278 scientists on climate change mitigation. (Synthesis report is the combination of different parts to make up the whole).

The Grim Reaper Secretary General UN Tedros announcing to the world “Global boiling has arrived”. That humans are responsible. Tedross stating in a stressed mannerism “The air is unbreathable, the heat is unbeatable, the level of fossil fuel profits and climate inaction is unacceptable”. The latest twist in the fear mongering as Guterres stated “Confirming that July 2023 has become the hottest month in the past 120,000 years”.

IPCC Section 4, ‘Near-term Responses in a Changing Climate’, assesses opportunities for scaling up effective action in the period up to 2040, in the context of climate pledges, and commitments, and the pursuit of sustainable development.
This is the era of ‘Global boiling, accelerated climate action by government leaders- policy makers, those that the public are not allowed any public debate about. Guterres the “era of global; warming has ended” we now have an “era of global warming”. Using fear and the pandering to ignorance I guess is a different kind of coercion, how ever coercion using fear is now a familiar one. Do as your told, change your behavior or you may get scolded or even scorched.

Persuasion far left socialism with controlling communist demands to impose their narratives on the whole population, where are the elements of the truth? Oh, that’s right = non-debatable.
Pushing, increasing fear is a well known tactic of promoting propaganda to support a narrative. Note in IPCC reports certain words such as ‘could’ this context has no content and what about likelihood of a referred event?

Political bullies that push the ever increasing lies to mislead and frighten people until they submit to whatever policies the government intend to impose. Agree or not agree they impose them anyway. Think about it ‘global boiling, scorching, scalding oouch steam burns, boiling water second degree burns eem touches the nerve endings. Of course its not global boiling. Oh, wait a bit, they are saying science is settled but they want you to feel frightened and unsettled.

UN Members Nation Governments worldwide have done their utmost to frighten populations of citizens into anxiety and distress, one crisis after another yep it does your head in. So you go silent, can’t deal with it anymore, bugger ‘Silence is Consent’. Loss of freedom is one of those responses to fear that the government has conjured up. Climate cooling, global warming, climate emergency, global boiling the only threat to existential humanity are the evil bastards that are playing this all or nothing fear mongering game with peoples lives.
There is no evidence of global boiling but there is evidence of the various scenarios adopted, embedded in the IPCC Assessment reports. This is all hot air and media hysteria the world is not on fire and the polar bears ae doing very nicely thank you.

Oh, by the way whom are behind the international climate governance beyond the State, these include individuals, companies, corporations, international organizations, industry associations, indigenous peoples, civil society organizations. The non-state actors involved in the UNFCCC system include environmental NGOs, activist groups, intergovernmental organizations, city networks, oil companies, consultancy and legal firms, carbon brokers, indigenous communities, trade unions, women’s groups, youth organizations and religious communities
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The IPCC use certain scenario’s some are widely and aggressive. For example RCP 8.5 generally taken as a basis for the worse case scenario, is proved to be overestimation of projected coal outputs. It is also used for predicting mid century and earlier emissions based on current and stated policies

RCPs are space, time and dependent trajectories of future greenhouse gas concentrations and different pollutants caused by different human activities. RCP 8.5 is the highest baseline emissions scenario in which emission continue to rise throughout the 21st century, therefore much more severe than RCP4.5. This is quoted as being a ‘business as usual’ scenario, meaning the likely outcome of society does not make a concerted effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions

Researched By Carol Sakey

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