The WHO (UN) International Health Regulations are reported to be the most important multilateral treaty that regulates the global architecture for Health, Emergency, Preparedness, Response and Resilience (HEPR Architecture). Amendment to the WHO (UN) International Health Regulations, and a new  WHO International Pandemic Treaty (Accord) will be introduced at the World Health Assembly in May 2024. Both Helen Clark and Ashley Bloom has been in Geneva working on the Pandemic Treaty and the WHO IHR 2005 Regulations.  Ashley Bloomfield represented as Co chair for the West Pacific Region. Helen Clark Co Chair of the WHO International Pandemic Treaty working council.

The WHO International Health Regulations are being amended by unelected bureaucrats representing UN Nation States. There are major concerns about the Pandemic Treaty and the amendments to the IHR 2005 Regulations. Particularly as to the enormous extended powers of the World Health Organization (UN). Art 12 (1) of the IHR 2005 gives the Director General of WHO (UN) sweeping powers to declare a Health Emergency of International Concern (PHEIC) otherwise known as an ‘Extraordinary Event’ which is determined to constitute a ‘Public Health Risk’ to other States.

A new category has been added to the IHR 2005 namely  ‘Intermediate Public Health Alert’ requiring ‘Heightened International Awareness’ of an undefined low threshold (Proposed in Article 12 (6) safeguards WHO against any  accusation of their powers to abuse the global system of Health preparedness and response. (Immunity). The Director General of WHO in response to such emergencies is to issue recommendations to States to adopt  Medical and Non-medical countermeasures this can have  far reaching implications on livelihoods, health, human rights and the economy of Member States. (Articles 15-17 and 48-49)

This can fast track, trigger development of a global distribution of unlicensed  investigational diagnostics, jabs through the WHO Emergency Use Listing Procedure (EULP). The fast tracking of emergency human trials (guineapig states). Proposed amendments (Art 12 (1)  9 and 10 increases the WHO powers over UN Nation States. Restricts States Sovereign Rights to legislate and implement legislation in pursuance of health policies set out in Article 3 (4) IHR. Also relies on the WHO powers to assess an alleged ‘Global Health Risk’ by relying on information outside of official channels. Thus giving UN Nation States only 24 hrs to verify WHO information to collaborate with the allegations that WHO have made, even if those allegations are unjustified.2

Who guards Who here, who guards the Human Rights, Freedoms of the people to voluntary consent? As citizens of NZ we should be highly concerned about losing our freedoms and rights to ‘Self- determination’ as a Sovereign Nations. The people are the Sovereign Nation. Those that reside behind the closed doors of Parliament are our servants not vice versa.  New Zealand’s I urge you to seek open public debate from those in Parliament because “if it walks like a duck, talks like a duck it probably is a duck”. We have Zilch transparency, no responsibility or accountability shown by those politicians.. the secrecy remains around the WHO Global Health Agenda. This certainly appears to be a top down dystopian dictatorship

A Global Health Architecture that covers everything in life on this earth through the embedded ‘One Health Approach’ that is entrenched in the International Health Regulations and the International Pandemic Treaty (Accord), this also includes compliance and obedience to the UN WHO Director General calling an Emergency Global Boiling Emergency (I kid you not) The ‘One Health Approach’. The control, management of ALL Human , Animals- wild and domestic, oceans, seas, rivers, estuaries, soil, plant life the whole Eco-System’. A top down unelected technocratic bureaucratic global health governance that make decisions over everyone’s lives. Using the COVID 19 Pandemic to justify this.

NZ’s members of Parliament are voted in, entrusted by the people, the people are the Sovereignty of NZ. They are put their to protect and  safeguard our freedoms, human rights, our country’s sovereign rights as a Nation State. There is no voice for the people to challenge this Global Health Governance in the public arena. Why would you trust these unelected bureaucratic, technocratic when they cannot even admit to the serious harms and deaths of all those people whom have died , seriously harmed by the ‘Human Guinea Pig Trials’ that they have supported and promoted (NZrs being used as Lab Rats). And still the COVID Jabs are rolling out.

We are looking at the WHO (UN) Director General having huge powers to monitor 194 UN Nation States populations, enabled by the political bureaucrats in Wellington. Helen Clark Foundation advisory to the Govts policy making. And Ashley Bloomfield look at their history do you trust them? A Mechanism exists called ‘The Compliance Committee and Universal Peer Review Mechanism’ refers to mechanisms to restructure our domestic health systems and the allocations of our domestic health budgets around ‘Pandemic Surveillance, preparedness & response activities. Global decision making over UN Nations States eg NZ. Through these Global Health Governance, the huge powers of the Director General of the Un and the unelected  Bureaucrats, Technocrats of UN Nation  States the proposals include a stronger push globally for immunizations (lots more lab rats- human clinical trials). With more of this authorities touting of the corrupt lying of  ‘Benefits are far greater than Risks’.. do you really trust this..

We know they are lying, they know- we know they are lying- but they just keep on lying’. Do you call this transparency.. I personally call this criminal and corrupt.  March 2022 the World Health Org., (UN) requested that ALL UN Member State authorities classify, count ‘All deaths that take place within 28 days of an individual obtaining a COVID19 test are to be classified as a COVID19 Death.  A police officer shoots and kills a man in New Lynn, this is recorded as a COVID19 death. Surely this actually is a way of masking COVID19 Jab deaths and also other deaths such as Suicide.?? New Zealand has a great reputation on the global stage for being a country of Human Lab Rats. For Human Clinical Trials  there must be many different ethic groups. NZ Fits the picture and all in one basket a small populated country on the other side of the world. NZ has the advantage over other countries.

NZ is the first country to see the first light of day. NZ lacks many medical drugs and some are too expensive for many NZrs to obtain. (Therefore NZrs make good guinea-pigs). Human Clinical Trials time wise much  quicker in NZ, therefore much cheaper than other countries. The government has been putting much more funding into Research over the last few years Research in New Zealand is funded by Government Grants, Scholarships, Corporations and Private Companies, also Global and NZ Foundations, Trusts, Charities and other Institutions. In 2020 alone NZ Government spent $1 billion on research and development in several sectors.

The MPI (Govt) have an annual Research Budget of $130 million. MBIE (Govt 2021 budget in research $56.12 million. The Tertiary Education Commission (TEC) in 2020 $50 million for Research and Universities NZ  funding on top of this is unknown. On top of this is Non-Government funding for Research Agriculture research funded by Dairy NZ, Zoetis Ltd., Corporation Ltd and Meat & Wool NZ Ltd.,  of course there are others too. There are huge amounts of funding being put into Animal Free Agriculture.

University of Invercargill received funding from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Bill Gates lends a hand to Massey University Research into Ebola. The Global Cabal are making their mark locally…Gates Foundation funds research reports the Beehive (21/9/2020) $$27 million. (Speaker of the House is Winston Peters). He was referring to COVID19 Jabs development through global COVAX Facility. Peters said this will act as a pre-purchase of vax if successful. Winston Peters said “It’s important that all countries are able to access sufficient amounts of vaccines to protect their populations and contribute to getting the pandemic under control on a global level.

That “joining the COVAX Facility is complementary to other strands of COVID 19 Vax Strategy, which includes advance purchase arrangements with  pharmaceutical companies, investing in global research and increasing manufacturing capability” (Source Beehive Website) UN Member States are to vote on the amendments to the Health regulation and the International Pandemic Treaty behind closed doors, thus diminishing the right of Self-Determination of Democratic participation. Member States risk losing their sovereignty. WHO in two legal instruments include ‘non-questionable leadership in health matters. WHO will have mass power over ‘ Health Emergencies of Public Concern’ (Article 13 (a) )

Artic 13A A power of mass power of health emergencies of public concern ‘One Health Approach’ is every thing. Level of CO2. Permanent measures declared by the WHO. Will have the right to declare recommendations declare, impose all kinds of restrictions, experimental treatments.

Art 18 Non binding is eliminated and is now binding vaccination. Will be able to decide all information including censorship and surveillance. IHR and the new pandemic treaty. No-one can challenge the WHO whether it be govts or the people.. the imposing of the regime of experimental jabs. (A No Stop  Button) . Self declare, authorize itself a public health concern and impose it as long as they like. Surveillance of the people and of the member state. No science, no legal court proceedings, no court of justice, no scientific process- no democracy. Basic principle that we have as human beings the right to know what we consent to is diminished. IHR by definitions of WHO are qualified as Binding regulations. Originally were non-binding, this has been scrubbed out replaced with  Binding. Thus a violation of Informed Consent. Self Determination of the People.. ( referred to in UN Charter 1946.  Human Rights) not protected, no checks and balances. Benefits will always be recorded that Benefits over risks even if the risks are much greater. A dystopian dictatorship future

Article 1 of the IHR 2005 amendments reference  ‘Health Products including therapeutics, vaccines, medical devices, personal protective equipment, diagnostics, assistive products, cell and gene based therapies and their components, materials or parts.. health products that include medicines, health technologies and know how. Includes organized set or combination of knowledge, skills, health products, procedures, databases, systems developed to solve a health problem, those also related to development or manufacture of health products or their combination its application or usage ‘Health Technologies’ are interchangeably used as health care technologies will be imposed upon  by the power of WHO . What was non-binding advice is now crossed out to say Binding

A principle has been removed from the original IHR as to “full respect for the Dignity, Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms of Persons”. This has been replace with:-The implementation of these regulations shall be based on principles of equity, inclusivity, coherence and in accordance with their common but differentiated responsibilities of the States Parties, taking into consideration their social and economic development. All rubber stamped by NZ Government,.

The WHO International Health Regulation Amendments and the WHO International Pandemic Treaty (Accord) Articles 13(3) and (4) equates to the World Health Org., (UN) Director General having huge powers over UN Member States during a PHEIC.By deleting the phrase “At the request of the State party” and replacing  ‘MAY’ with ‘SHALL’ assistance offered by the WHO to a  ‘state in the response to public health risks becomes the default option.  If a state does not accept such offers for assistance within two days, it must justify this by declaring the ‘public health rationale for the rejection’ to all other WHO member states, potentially resulting in far-reaching economic and financial consequences for the rejecting state.

WHO assistance offered includes ‘Mobilization of International Assistance’, including on-site assessments, supported further by suggested amendments to Article 15(2) IHR, allowing the WHO Director-General and the Emergency Committees set up by him/her to recommend ‘the deployment of expert teams’ to states experiencing a PHEIC.   The interfering powers violating Sovereign Rights of the people of the Nation State. 300 Amendments have been proposed to the IHR (WHO). All to be concluded in the World Health Assembly gathering in May 2023



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